Vertical face lift + rhinoplasty + liposuction: 6 days later (part.3)

Post-operative 6 days after the operations. (part. 3) My interventions in Tunisia, my age: 51 years old. Vertical face lift or MACS lift + Rhinoplasty + Liposuction in Tunisia. Vertical lifting: It gives a very natural “good-looking lifting” result and a real rejuvenation of the face. The scars are much more limited and hidden than in a classic facelift. Rhinoplasty: correction of the tip Liposuction: belly and hips Post-operative: – For the face, the first days, apply ice cubes morning and evening to the face, then, “effleurage” massage with an oil based on essential oils such as WELEDA with arnica. Three to four days later, put petroleum jelly on the scars to soften the scars and relieve skin tension. Ten days later, replace the weleda oil with apricot kernel oil, it is particularly suitable for tired skin, it revitalizes, nourishes and softens the skin. You can then apply your skin care cream. – For the nose, wash the nose several times a day with a physiological solution of filtered seawater, type Stérimar. Then apply a small dab of petroleum jelly in the nostrils to soften the crusts. – For the body, massage with WELEDA massage oil with arnica, making circular massages from bottom to top. Apply petroleum jelly or cicatrizing cream such as Cicalfate, on the points of liposuction. – The drugs that I have been prescribed (ask your doctor for advice): – Klipal or codeined doliprane in case of pain – Profenid 100mg (anti-inflammatory): twice a day for the first few days and then you can do it. take in case of too strong itching. The threads are reabsorbed after about fifteen days, if they are resistant and do not cause inflammation, it is not necessary to have them removed, they will gradually fall. During the recovery period, you will feel more or less itchy, it can be unbearable, so take an anti-inflammatory to relieve yourself. To do this, ask your doctor for advice in order to prescribe the medication that is right for you. INTERVENTIONS PRICES: By carrying out several interventions at the same operating time, You benefit from an attractive price. Detailed interventions: Vertical lifting: 2400 € Rhinoplasty: 2100 € Liposuction: 2000 € 3 Interventions at the same time: Vertical lifting + rhinoplasty + liposuction: 3800 €.

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