Treatment and Prevention of Kidney Disease in All Communities by Vivek Jha

Our website: Subscribe to and review podcasts on iTunes: Follow: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Vivek Jha, a nephrologist for over 35 years, treats kidney function and diseases such as dialysis and kidney transplantation. Are discussing. He said that the listener: 1. Relationship between renal function and most other organ systems, 2. Differences between acute kidney disease and chronic kidney disease, 3. It will help you understand the efforts to bring the best treatment for kidney disease to the disadvantaged community. Vivekanand Jha is the Secretary-General of the George Global Health Institute in India. Chairman of the Global Kidney Health Committee, School of Medicine, Imperial College London. And the president of the International Kidney Society. In this podcast, he covers the basics of late-stage efforts such as kidney function, kidney disease, and dialysis treatment. He addresses all these issues, educates the population and discusses ways to bring better medicine to all, with a view to global inequality in effective treatment. In fact, he tells listeners that these inequality also made him a nephrologist. He also explains why biology was intriguing to him: kidney function presents an “internalized medical microcosm.” In other words, the kidney affects all other organs, and as a doctor, utilizes all the elements of internalized medicine to deal with kidney problems. He describes the complex and essential properties of kidney function, such as the biology behind these tasks such as filtration, adaptability to various solutes, hormone production, and nephron function. He teaches listeners about the transition between kidney and blood pressure control and talks about how early-stage kidney disease is usually asymptomatic. He advises listeners on tests that regularly look for people at risk and touches on the goals of dialysis treatment. Finally, he talks further about the need for government policy changes in addressing health inequalities in a holistic way. For more information on global kidney health, please visit website of the International Society of Nephrology. For more information on his team’s work, see his page at the George Institute for Global Health: Available in Apple Podcasts: #nephrology #kidneyhealth #kidneydisease #Findinggeniuspodcast #Healthpodcast # InternalMedicinepodcast # Biosciences podcast.

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