The main diseases of the old horse – Marie Delerue

The diseases of the old horse are numerous. The most frequent are Cushing’s disease as well as diseases of the digestive and locomotor systems. A horse is considered to be old from around 15 years old. However, this age can vary between horses depending on their previous use as well as their lifestyle. As is the case in humans, certain diseases are more common in older horses than in young ones. The best known is Cushing’s disease, which affects nearly 40% of horses over 30 years old. Diseases affecting the digestive and locomotor systems correspond to the most frequent reasons for veterinary consultation in old horses. We will see in this webconference what are the diseases of the old horse and how to prevent them when possible. We will also see how to recognize the first clinical signs so that we can call the vet quickly, early treatment often being the key to success for a good longevity of old horses. Webconference held on September 13, 2018..

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