The 10 Best Exercises To Get Rid Of Torso Fat

Ok, your favorite shirt is a little tight. Maybe you haven’t been very active. Or maybe you recently had some heavy snacks during the evening. Whatever the reason, now you have to deal with fat on your chest. Face the truth, it’s time to hit the gym and try those chest exercises! The easiest exercise you can do at home is push-ups. They target not only the muscles of your torso, or the pecs, but also the triceps and shoulders. And they will firm up your torso area. But there are many types of pumps. You can choose the best exercises according to your overall fitness and endurance, and you can alternate them during each workout. But, of course, push-ups aren’t the only exercises that can help you shed chest fat. There are other awesome exercises for accelerating fat loss and building a muscular torso. Other Videos You May Like: Secrets To Building Muscle By Doing Pushups A 10 Minute Push-Up Workout For Muscular Arms What If You Do 100 Push-ups A Day? Time stamp: Standard push-ups 0:50 Push-ups with hands apart 1:25 Arrow-shaped push-ups 1:56 Push-ups with a slap 2:17 Push-ups with a slap on the torso 2:55 Push-ups with arms staggered 3: 21 Elevated push-ups 3:47 Dumbbell lift 4:43 Dumbbell lift on incline bench 5:16 Barbell lift on incline bench 5:52 Bench press with dumbbells 6:25 Throw ball against wall 7:02 Pulley bird exercise 7:28 Dip exercise 8:06 #musclesdutorse #pompes #Sympa Summary: – # 1. Get into a plank position, standing on your toes, with your arms outstretched, and your feet should be 30 centimeters apart. Now bend your elbows, inhale, and lower your torso so that it is below your bent elbows. Exhale, returning to the initial position. – # 2. Place your hands on either side, more than your shoulder width apart. The greater the distance between your hands, the more tiring and effective this exercise will be. – # 3. To achieve them, adopt the position of normal push-ups and tuck your elbows at a 45 degree angle so that your body forms an arrow. Now continue doing normal pushups. – # 4. From a push-up position, begin to lower your torso. When your torso is slightly below your bent elbows, push upward with enough force so that your hands are off the ground and clap your hands under your torso. – # 5. From the standard push-up position, lower your body, then jump into the air to clap your hands on your chest, forming an X. After that, quickly put your hands on the ground to perform the next push-up. – # 6. Assume the position of a standard push-up, but place one hand higher than the other and a little more apart than your shoulder width. Start by lowering your torso as low as possible. Extend your arms to return to the starting position and reverse the position of your hands for the next push-up. – # 7. The higher the surface, the more strenuous the exercise will be. Now adopt the position of a normal push-up, but place your feet on the elevated surface that you have chosen. Keep your elbows at an angle of 45 ° C and continue, as with normal push-ups. – Performing a workout consisting of all these types of exercises, and any type of push-up 3 times a week will bring you visible results quickly. However, keep in mind that you cannot get rid of the fat on your torso without losing the fat on the rest of your body. Music by Epidemic Sound To not lose anything from Sympa, subscribe !: ———————————- ———————————- We are not only here but also on: Facebook: 5-Minute Crafts Youtube: RIDDLES IN 7 SECONDS YouTube SAM THE SLIME YouTube Stock of files (photos, videos and others): —————————- —————————————- If you want more, take a walk here : .

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