Rhinoplasty Tunisia: cosmetic surgery of the nose to reshape position shape & volume

#rhinoplastie #chirurgie_esthetique_nez #chirurgie_correctrice_nez Rhinoplastie Tunisia is cosmetic surgery of the nose which allows to modify the size and position and correct aesthetic asymmetry. To consider reshaping the appearance of the nose in order to obtain a result in harmony with the face, it is essential to discuss with your surgeon who will identify the right morphology for your future nose. For the youngest, this operation may be possible from the age of 16 or 18, because you have to wait until the nose has finished growing. It is also the most popular plastic surgery operation among adolescents, since a nose considered “unsightly” can have a negative impact on the psychology of the young individual. There are three types of rhinoplasty: Corrective: purely aesthetic, this rhinoplasty aims to modify the morphology of the nasal bone pyramid to improve the appearance of the nose. Functional: purely medical, with the aim of treating breathing difficulties caused by a deviation, a deformation of the nasal septum or swelling of the turbinates. Restorative or reconstructive, following a trauma with fractured nose or a congenital malformation. Before the operation: One and sometimes two preoperative consultations are essential before carrying out the intervention and this to study the request and the motivations of the patient while talking about the advantages and the risks of this intervention. During the operation: Under local or general anesthesia, the operation lasts between 60 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the surgical procedures performed. If the operation is aimed at remodeling the nose on its tip, then to refine it the surgeon will either reduce the alar cartilage or add cartilage grafts to redraw the shape of the nose according to the patient’s requirements. If the goal is to correct an annoying bump on the nose, then the surgeon will remove the excess bone, making the nose both straighter and slimmer in profile. The surgeon, depending on the case and the patient’s morphology, may consider cosmetic chin surgery which will modify the shape of the latter for an ideal result and to maintain the right balance between the different parts of the face. After the operation: Once the operation is completed, a splint is placed to protect and secure the nose. Wicks (absorbent dressings) are installed in the nasal passages. These devices will be kept in place for several days (3 or 4 days). Complications: Even they are very rare, complications following rhinoplasty must be taken into consideration: the nose remains fragile for four weeks, hence it is necessary to avoid any physical activity. The patient may suffer from headaches and breathing difficulties, as well as infections which signify persistent pain, and which require immediate consultation. Some bruises may appear but will fade quickly. Operative follow-up and result: Following cosmetic surgery of the nose, the patient will feel some pain with the presence of discomfort in nasal breathing which will quickly disappear within a few days. The nose remains swollen for another ten days. The patient must be off work for at least 10 days while forbidding any physical effort. A rhinoplasty in Tunisia gives a new shape to the nose, the final appearance of which is appreciated after 6 months. What is a functional rhinoplasty? The purpose of functional rhinoplasty is to improve the physical role of the nose. Indeed, it makes it possible to remedy nasal obstruction by reorganizing the morphological structures of the nose. What is a medical rhinoplasty? Also called non-surgical, medical rhinoplasty, is a new technique that consists of modifying the appearance of the nose to give it the desired appearance without resorting to surgery. What is ethnic rhinoplasty? It is cosmetic surgery of the nose in Asian or black-skinned patients. Generally, the existence of nasal specificities specific to individuals of Asian or African origin such as a flat nose or large nostrils justify the use of ethnic rhinoplasty which will make it possible to refine and reshape the nose. For more information on rhinoplasty: To directly contact Ms. Faiza Amouri, medical and cosmetic surgery consultant in Tunisia: Email: contact@medesthetic.net Phone: +216 54 025 402 (WhatsApp) Phone: +33 7 60 577 477 Website : .

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