Revised abdominoplasty [ 2020 ]

If you are not satisfied with the results of your first tummy tack, corrective surgery for your tummy tack can help. Many patients come to see Dr. Bernard Beldholm of FRACS for revision surgery. As an experienced and professional body contouring surgeon, he can significantly improve the outcome of his first surgery. The nine most common reasons for abdominoplasty modification are:-Needs navel liposuction-Still loose skin-Tummy tuck scars / bad incision-Separated abdominal wall muscles Repair-Skin around the incision does not align well-Future skin loosens Pregnancy-Weight gains and then loses weight-Navel correction Abdominoplasty problems can occur for a variety of reasons .. Choosing an inexperienced surgeon is one of them. Choosing the wrong surgical approach is another. For example, some patients undergo standard abdominoplasty when they really need abdominoplasty with liposuction or abdominoplasty with muscle repair. I might have had a mini tummy tack, but later I realized that it would be happier to remove all the loose skin on my tummy, not just my lower abdomen. Poor wound healing and scars from abdominoplasty are other factors. Perhaps the incision is bent or too wide, or the flaps are not evenly aligned. Or, depending on how the skin healed, the scars on the abdominoplasty may have worsened. Skin infections can also cause poor scar healing. You may also need to fix your navel. The navel should not look too round! Second, there are lifestyle factors that can affect the outcome of the first tummy tack. For example, you may become pregnant unexpectedly and your skin may loosen again. In the future, gaining a significant amount of weight and then losing it can have the same effect. Modified abdominoplasty can also correct age-induced sagging skin if you had abdominoplasty decades ago. Dr. Bernard talks about what to expect during abdominal wall plasty and some special considerations that you should know before proceeding with revision surgery. Safety and aesthetic results are also covered in the video. Take a look to learn if revised abdominoplasty is right for you. Complete Blog Article: This YouTube channel aims to educate and hopefully entertain you. Check out Dr. Beldholm’s website: Subscribe to this channel for all the latest videos. We look forward to your comments! Want to talk? Call: (02) 4934-5700 30 Belmore Rd Lorn, NSW 2320 Australia * Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. All surgeries carry risks. Before we can move on, we need to ask for a second opinion. The opinions expressed in this video are those of Dr. Bernard Beldholm. Dr. Beldholm’s opinion may differ from that of other doctors. ..

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