Relationship between childhood stress and chronic illness

This is old news in terms of research and science, but it’s still difficult to break into the mainstream media and areas I feel I have to reach … This video was inspired by the book Scared Sick-The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Disease. I then read a small passage and outline many and too common illnesses and chronic conditions that are literally associated with being a “scary illness.” It also describes how students are healed in different ways by “simply” working at a fundamental level, such as persuasive stories and experiences of the nervous system and body. .. Resources that complement this Vlog:-Scary Diseases-The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Diseases Some Resources on Epigenetics:-Rachel Yehuda’s Work-Michael Meenie’s Work-Bruce Lipton’s Work-Explanation of Polyvagal Theory: -Dee’s Story-Scary Illness-The Role of Childhood Trauma in Adult Diseases_ Thank you for watching this video and continuing to follow us on our YouTube channel. Please leave a comment and let us know how this affected you and what you learned. ► Subscribe to my channel here: ► Check out my website here: __ Irene Lyon, MSC. A nervous system expert, he teaches people around the world how to work with the nervous system to change trauma, heal the mind and body, and lead a fulfilling and creative life. To date, her online program has reached people in more than 63 countries, with Elia Mrak in her signature Up & Down workshops and hikes along the mountains and Pacific Ocean in her hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia. I often teach together. She holds a master’s degree in biomedical sciences and health sciences, and also has tips to help us all understand complex information and apply it to our lives. She has extensively studied and practiced the work of Dr. Moshé Feldenkreis, Peter Levin (founder of somatosensory) and Kathy Kane (founder of somatosensory). __ Follow Irene online: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: LinkedIn: Medium: SoundCloud: Website: Work with Irene and her team: ► Self-study course: ► Intensive 12-week program: ► Up & Down Workshop: __ Contact us by email: or support@irenelyon.com__ Start your free resource from my site here: This is one of my most popular electronic guides that comes with audio exercises :.

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