Michigan Hair Transplant Doctors Share a Journey to Hair Loss and Hairline Restoration

Doctors are undergoing hair transplant repair surgery that will change the lives of their patients. Thanks to Dr. Diep for helping him reach his goals and convincing him that he is definitely possible. Restorative transplant surgery is natural and dense. With the advent of new instruments and hair surgery techniques, these two goals can be easily achieved by a skilled surgeon. An early flocking mantra was to establish a highly mature hairline so that the hairline naturally recedes as the client grows older. However, some surgeons create very high hairlines beyond the normal level of natural appearance. The idea of ​​a mature hairline is not unusually high and will be accepted as long as you get more undo attention. Hairline restoration is an artistic form that requires not only surgical skills, but also artistic and aesthetic details to ensure natural and detailed results. As an innovator and artist, through years of experience, he has performed thousands of surgeries, studied, observed and measured thousands of hairlines, and created hairlines as well as average heights from eyebrows to average hairlines. I concluded that it should be done. Build your own hairline for each individual facial structure, not just for each ethnic level. Each person has his or her own hairline that matches the structure of the face and uses it at an estimated level that proportionally frames the face and divides the face evenly into three parts. For uniform framing of the face, the estimated levels from the hairline to the center of the eyebrows, the length from the center of the eyebrows to the tip of the nose, and the measurements from the tip of the nose to the tip of the chin must all be approximately equal. .. Through observations and studies of thousands of people around the world, Dr. Diep said that Asian and African hairlines average about 6.5 cm to 7.5 cm, Hispanic and Middle Eastern hairlines are about 7 cm-8 cm, and white hairlines. I found that it was estimated to be about 7.5 cm-8.5 cm. Again, this is just an average estimate of the hairline of each ethnic group. Not everyone fits the average hairline. It is important for Dr. Dieppe not only to create hairlines for each ethnic group, but also to repeat the process of creating hairlines for each individual facial structure at a level that allows the face to be divided into three equal parts. When the height of the hairline is achieved by accurately measuring both sides, the hairline arches backwards towards the corners. The narrower the face, the more arched the hairline is and the sharper the angle. The rounder and larger the face, the flatter the hairline. Another important factor in ensuring natural results is the ability to create “zagged” frontal hairlines. If you look straight without Zizag, the hairline looks too artificial. To create a soft, natural hairline, Dr. Dieppe strategically transplanted all single roots to the anterior, then towards the back of 2 follicles, 3 follicles, and 4 follicles. I will transplant it. To make the hairline even softer, Dr. Diep randomly places a single follicle in front of the hairline as an outlier. Dense packing is in orderly but random hair roots to maximize hair growth. On average, the angle of hair exiting the scalp in the frontal region begins at about 35-45 degrees for Asians and Caucasians and 15-25 degrees for African Americans. By adhering to these artistic and aesthetic details invented by Dr. Dieppe, also known as Dr. Dieppe’s Eight Rules for Hairline Restoration, a natural and detailed ethnic hairline is brought to life with new modern techniques, instruments and beliefs. It can be realized with. It is very important to carefully choose the hair transplant surgeon who specializes in and invented the art of natural ethnic hairlines, not just the price. Dr. Diep is one of the hair transplant surgeons specializing in FUE, hair follicle unit extraction, hair transplantation, and ethnic hairline repair surgery, and is a leader in the hair transplant industry, along with well-known celebrities and professional athletes throughout the United States. States and well-known wealthy people from different parts of the world, including England, South Africa, Egypt, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Iran, China, Singapore, Taiwan and Australia. Call Dr. Dieppe, the most trusted and best surgeon, about the need for hair transplantation and repair today! ..

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