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The cost of Gynecomastia Male Breast Reduction Surgery depends on Surgeon’s Qualification, Operative facilities, Technique of liposuction, Gland excision needed or not, Stay Required or not, Anaesthetist Experience, Type of Compression garment & Post care facilities given to patient.

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Gynecomastia surgery in Pune

Today since appearance matters so much , no one wants to live with any undesirable traits. Having male breasts can be an embarrassing situation for any man.  For all those who want to get rid of the unwanted man boobs or moobs (as widely called), a number of cosmetic surgery centres are now offering gynecomastia surgery options.

Understanding gynecomastia

In adult males, gynecomastia is the overdevelopment of one or both breasts. This renders them a female-like appearance and often this leads to many embarrassing situations. Many guys seek plastic surgery as a result of this humiliating problem.

Excess fatty tissue (pseudogynecomastia) rather than breast tissue can cause enlarged breasts, which can often be treated with diet and exercise alone. Liposuction along with glandular excision will most likely be required to address the swollen nipples associated with gynecomastia. A board-certified plastic surgeon will choose the appropriate treatment for gynecomastia surgery based on your physical presentation, i.e., your options will be determined by your condition.

Is gynecomastia a serious illness?

Gynecomastia is not a serious health ailment; it is just a body condition that causes overgrowth of breast tissues mainly owing to hormonal imbalance. It does more harm psychologically and socially than it does physically.

Gynecomastia isn't a life-threatening disorder, but it can be difficult to live with. Men and boys with gynecomastia may experience pain in their breasts and feel self-conscious. It's possible that gynecomastia will go away on its own. If the problem persists, medication or surgery may be necessary.

What happens in gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition in which a boy's or man's breast tissue swells. When the balance of two hormones in your body is thrown off, this might happen. You have a separate ailment called "pseudogynecomastia" if you have larger breasts due to fat deposits.

Despite the fact that men's breasts do not develop in the same manner that women's do, all boys are born with a little amount of breast tissue.

The hormone testosterone is produced in the majority of boys' bodies, and it is this hormone that leads their sexual development during puberty. Males sometimes, on the other hand, produce oestrogen, the hormone that controls female sexual development.

The balance of the two hormones shifts when a kid reaches puberty or when an older man's body produces less testosterone.

A larger proportion of oestrogen can cause male breast tissue to expand when this happens.

What are the main symptoms of gynecomastia?

A bulge of fatty tissue under the nipple could be the first sign of gynecomastia. This bulge might be uncomfortable or painful at times. This could make you concerned that you have breast cancer, which affects a small percentage of men. Although gynecomastia is not always an indication of cancer, your doctor may order testing to rule it out.

The breasts may swell in different ways, with one becoming larger than the other. Tenderness in the breasts is also a possibility.

If you feel swelling, pain, or tenderness in your breasts, or a discharge from the nipple of one or both breasts, then at that time, you need to see your doctor.

What factors cause gynecomastia?

There are a number of reasons that cause gynecomastia, of which hormonal imbalance is the primary factor. This hormonal imbalance can be caused due to a number of reasons. Many factors might induce the hormonal imbalance that causes male breast growth, although the actual cause is often unknown.

This may include several factors like body changes due to puberty and ageing. Testicular injuries or disorders may also impact the testicles, which produce testosterone.

Thyroid issues can also be another factor as the gland's hormones regulate growth and sexual development.

Cancers including lung tumours, pituitary gland tumours, and adrenal gland tumours, can also cause the hormonal imbalance which may result in gynecomastia.

Other conditions that may contribute to breast enlargement include adrenal tumors, alcoholism, liver disease , Kidney disease or kidney failure or Klinefelter syndrome (an inherited condition).

Certain medications also trigger the hormonal imbalance in the body. Gynecomastia may also result from taking medications to treat anxiety and depression, bacterial and fungal infections, enlarged prostate, heartburn and peptic (stomach) ulcers, heart failure and high blood pressure, male infertility  or even by substance abuse (by taking methadone).

Apart from the above medical conditions, certain drugs like  can also be a contributing source to male breast enlargement. Anabolic steroids which are used to build muscle, lavender oils and tea tree oils (found in herbal supplements and skin care products) also cause the hormonal imbalance in estrogen and testosterone among men.

Diagnosis of gynecomastia:

Your doctor will assess your symptoms, perform a physical exam, and go through your medical and family history with you. A blood test to evaluate hormone levels may also be recommended.

Because breast lumps can be caused by both gynecomastia and breast cancer, your doctor may recommend a: Breast ultrasound to get comprehensive photos of breast growths.

A mammogram is used to look for abnormal growths or alterations in the breast tissue.

Treatment of gynecomastia:

Gynecomastia is rarely caused by major medical conditions, and its aetiology is rarely determined. However, because some medical conditions might induce gynecomastia, your first step should be to consult with your family doctor to rule out this possibility.

The purpose of gynecomastia treatment is to diminish the size of men's breasts who feel self-conscious about them. Liposuction, cutting off excess glandular tissue, or a combination of liposuction and excision are all options for weight loss. Gynecomastia can be properly and safely improved or repaired when treated by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

When to consider gynecomastia treatment ?

If you are hesitant to swim, participate in sports, or workout at a gym without your shirt on, then you may look for gynecomastia as an option.  If you wish to improve your body proportions in general. If you're bothered by the psychological effects of "man boobs" or huge breasts, then you can consider this treatment option.  It may help you to boost your social-confidence.

Pros and cons of gynecomastia surgery

There are a number of pros of gynecomastia surgery. You may show off your chest contours whether you're clothed or not. You can boost your social side and can expect long-term results.

While there is undenying benefits of gynecomastia surgery, there are a number of cons as well. It's possible that scarring will make you feel self-conscious. You may not find the result up to the mark. Weight gain after surgery may jeopardise the outcome.

Gynecomastia surgery procedure

Gynecomastia surgery aims to restore a normal male breast contour while also correcting abnormalities of the breast, nipple, and areola. Liposuction, excision (surgical tissue removal), or a combination of the two are surgical alternatives. Because glandular breast tissue is denser than fatty tissue, liposuction is not recommended.

The likelihood of skin redundancy following surgery influences the surgical approach chosen. Skin shrinking is more common in younger patients than in older ones.

The intra-areolar incision, or Webster incision, is the most usual method, and it runs around the perimeter of the pigmented half of the areola.

Your incision length will be determined by your anatomy.

Skin excision (surgical removal of a portion of an organ or structure) and nipple transposition (shifting the nipple) may be required in cases of severe gynecomastia.

The popularity of minimally invasive gynecomastia surgery techniques has grown. A very small incision (about 5 mm) is made at the areolar edge in the "pull-through procedure." The glandular tissue from the overlaying areola is pushed through the incision after liposuction. The smaller incision is the main benefit of this technique. This method is utilised on patients who have been carefully chosen.

The effects of gynecomastia repair have improved thanks to ultrasonic liposuction. There is reduced blood supply impairment, nipple deformity, and areola slough with liposuction-assisted breast reduction. Furthermore, this procedure has less postoperative problems than open surgical resection; however, liposuction-assisted breast reduction does not address glandular gynecomastia. Before surgery, your breast's fatty and glandular components must be evaluated. Only a small percentage of individuals can be adequately treated with liposuction alone.

Counselling before surgery:

You will have the opportunity to discuss your cosmetic goals at your initial appointment. Your surgeon will determine whether you are a good candidate for gynecomastia surgery and explain what the operation can achieve for you. Alternative and additional treatment options may be investigated based on your goals and medical condition.

The surgeon may ask you questions regarding your medical history like whether you have any medical conditions or sensitivities to certain medications or do you have any medical issues that need to be addressed. He may want to know if you’ve had a surgery before. Information regarding what drugs, vitamins, and herbal supplements are you currently taking, may be sought by your expert.  He or she may want to know what are your current drinking, smoking, and recreational drug habits, what are your previous experiences with noninvasive cosmetic procedures and most importantly what are your expectations for the surgery's outcome and what is your main reason for having gynecomastia surgery.

Your surgeon will share recommendations and information with you based on your goals, physical attributes, and the surgeon's training and expertise, including an approach to your operation, including the type of procedure or combination of treatments.

He or she may inform you of the expected outcomes as well as your financial investment in the operation. Risks and consequences, as well as anaesthesia and surgical location possibilities.

Your specialist will explain what you need to do in order to prepare for surgery and what to expect afterward.

He may also show you before-and-after images of similar situations and answer any questions you have.

What to expect on the day of gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery can be done in a hospital, a free-standing ambulatory clinic, or a surgical suite in your office. The majority of gynecomastia operations take one to two hours to perform, although they can take longer.

During the surgical procedure, you will be given medications to help you relax.

During your gynecomastia surgery, general anaesthesia is frequently used, while local anaesthetic or intravenous sedation may be preferable in some cases.

Various monitors are utilised to examine your heart, blood pressure, pulse, and the amount of oxygen circulating in your blood during the procedure for your safety.

You will be transferred to a recovery area after surgery, where you will be closely observed.

On the day of operation, dress comfortably and loosely. Wearing  loose clothes that open from the front is advantageous. Make sure your compression garment fits properly before surgery and bring it with you on the day of operation. Unless you and your plastic surgeon have established alternate arrangements for your immediate postoperative recuperation, you will most likely be allowed to go home after a brief observation period.

Recovery after gynecomastia surgery

Your recovery period after gynecomastia surgery is determined by the severity of your disease and the procedures performed on you. After a week, the usual patient who has had liposuction and breast gland tissue excision will be able to return to work. Gynecomastia surgery often has a short recovery period.

It's critical that you follow your surgeon's patient care recommendations stringently. Wearing compression garments, taking care of your drains, taking an antibiotic if required, and the degree and type of activity that is safe will all be covered. Your surgeon will also give you extensive instructions on how to deal with the common side effects and any potential complications.

It's crucial to remember that the time it takes to heal differs substantially from people to people.

Side effects of gynecomastia surgery:

After surgery, swelling and bruising are to be expected. Bruising can present in a variety of forms, ranging from minor to severe. It can either be limited to the breasts or spread throughout the chest and belly. It will develop more intense for the first three to four days, then fade and turn yellowish for the next week or so. In two to three weeks, the discolouration should be gone.

Gynecomastia surgery in Pune

At the point when men foster bosoms, the condition is called as Gynecomastia. Numerous guys during youthfulness foster bosoms because of hormonal changes happening that time. This is called physiological gynecomastia. A larger part of these die down all alone, however in a little minority, they endure. Gynecomastia in guys is more normal than you might suspect. Presence of gynecomastia could be exceptionally humiliating to the individual and may influence his confidence and assurance.

There are numerous different foundations for the improvement of gynecomastia, for example, liver disappointment, testicular disappointment, ongoing medicine with steroids, cimetidine, digitalis and so on. You genuinely must ought to get a legitimate meeting with either an endocrinologist or plastic surgeon who can preclude any instance of the condition. You presently don't have to experience this condition as logical advances in Plastic Surgery permit us to dispose of the man boobs without making an imprint. Tragically, there is no non-careful method for disposing of man boobs yet.

Male chest reproduction or male bosom gynecomastia medical procedure is a surgery to masculinize the chest by eliminating the chest tissue or adjusting the areolas and aureole. Any in great shape male who has essentially enormous bosoms, enough to humiliate him is a contender for careful revision. We need you to have an agreeable and sure outlook on each part of male bosommedical procedure, it's a critical choice, we'll give you all the data and time you want to consider it. Also, we'll be here, really focusing on you at all times.

Cost of gynecomastia surgery in Pune

Ordinarily, the medical procedure can be booked for some encouraging or particular cases. There is an assortment of conditions that impact the Gynecomastia medical procedure cost. With a mix of top tier offices and excellent surgeons, we guarantee to convey unrivaled results at reasonable costs. We give both comprehensive and elite Gynecomastia Surgery bundles. Our male chest fat reduction medical procedure method cost incorporates the expense for activity theater, clinical consumables, patient room, and the surgeon’s charges. We follow a straightforward expense structure where our comprehensive bundles comprise of development factor treatment meetings and pre-medical procedure blood examinations for minimal price.

Nonetheless, not all Men's gyno surgery procedure is something similar, and a total conversation is needed with the restorative surgeon who will perform boobs reduction medical procedure which relies on different factors like the degree of the transfer method, accessibility of surgeon in your space, the experience of the surgeon, and the careful strategy picked.

Techniques used in gynecomastia surgery

There are different entry point methods utilized in Gynecomastia Surgery.

Intra-areolar Incision: This is the most by and large utilized procedure in Gynecomastia medical procedure. Here, an entry point is made around the pigmented part broadening the lower half piece of the areola perimeter. Nonetheless, the length of the entry point will vary from one patient to the next.

Skin Resection: This kind of cut is done in a more basic situation where the surgeron needs to carefully eliminate a piece of the bosom structure alongside the areola interpretation whenever required.

Get through Technique: This entry point method is less obtrusive than different systems and incorporates a tiny cut at the edge of the areola. The glandular tissue is pulled utilizing liposuction.

Ultrasonic Liposuction: This system is utilized when there is an accessibility of abundance greasy tissue in the bosom area. However not all patients need to go through this strategy as most individuals go through a blend involving extraction and liposuction.

Need for gynecomastia treatment

Gynecomastia is a type of extended or overdeveloped bosoms in men that can happen at whatever stage in life. During pubescence, hormonal changes take a spot in the body (low degrees of male chemicals or unopposed female chemical) because of which bosom tissue broadens in certain men. This might blur after some time, however assuming it doesn't, the leftover bosom tissue and fat together structure the male bosom. This can possibly be taken out tastefully by utilizing specific extraordinary instruments. This is named Gynecomastia or "Keyhole Male Breast Surgery." The objective of the boob’s methodology is to frame the male bosoms into a characteristic and proportionate shape.

Grade III gynecomastia case

Some time ago men with grade III gynecomastia were being treated with enormous noticeable monstrous scars. The bosom would go however it would leave behind the disgrace. Around here at our clinic, the doctor has refined his procedures to have the option to address such distortions without a noticeable scar. The procedure is called scarless keyhole Gynecomastia remedy with VASER. Prudent utilization of VASER works with the keyhole evacuation of the organ. The joy on the essences of these adolescents posts medical procedure is a sight to be seen. This is groundbreaking medical procedure, that frees men from lifetime of wretchedness and modesty.

Benefits from gynecomastia

It is feasible to eliminate the organ and overabundance skin leaving a practically ordinary looking chest. The scars are not apparent if by some stroke of good luck liposuction is utilized. In different procedures, the scar is scarcely apparent. This system is probably going to give an increase in certainty to your character.

Ideal candidates for gynecomastia

Any in great shape male who has critical bosoms sufficiently enormous to humiliate him is a contender for careful adjustment. Male bosoms could be gentle, moderate or extreme. Gentle bosoms for the most part have a glandular construction under the skin, comprised of fat and stringy tissue. There is normally no abundance of skin. In moderate bosoms, alongside the organ, there is some overabundance of skin, which can contract later the organ is taken out. In extreme gynaecomastia, the overabundance skin might need to be eliminated too.

The customary procedure of eliminating Gynaecomastia was through a cut under the bosom or areola. This procedure has a higher danger of intricacies, for example, scarring, reversal of areola, tying and saucerisation. Consequently, we utilize the more current scarless strategy utilizing liposuction. Through a small keyhole we suck the fat and greater part of the glandular piece of the bosom from under the areola.

Can gynecomastia be cured permanently?

Indeed, if treated appropriately. Treatment relies upon the reason for gynecomastia. That is the reason vital to meet an expert will clarify you and guide you through your treatment. Our surgeon is a notable gynaecomastia expert specialist in Pune.

When Is Male Breast Reduction Necessary?

When there is unnecessary development of the male bosoms (fibro-greasy tissue), it projects and looks bigger, nearly taking after the female bosoms somewhat. This, be that as it may, is an overall case with particularly fluctuating causes. This medical procedure can be picked both corrective and clinical reasons and becomes vital in men who:

  • Can't dispose of their man boobs through exercise and elective clinical medicines for quite a while
  • Have created gynecomastia subsequent to experiencing liver disappointment, testicular disappointment, cimetidine, digitalis, or from a symptom of ongoing drug like steroids.
  • Have created negative mental and social changes like instability, tension, seclusion, or wretchedness.
  • Are fit overall yet need to get in ideal shape for proficient reasons.

Male bosom decreases can assist with building fearlessness in people who are humiliated by their appearance and cause a sensational change in their viewpoint towards themselves.

Essential questions toask during the Gynecomastia Surgery Consultation?

At the point when you'll visit any superficial surgeon for your gynecomastia treatment in Pune or anyplace in India, the surgeon will initially direct a careful conference meeting to take in additional with regards to your assumptions from this medical procedure. Be that as it may, many elements identified with your gynecomastia medical procedure will be extraordinary to your circumstance, so we prescribe you to be reasonable and pose the squeezing inquiries to the surgeon straightforwardly, for example,

  • What restorative medical procedure do you spend significant time in, and how long have you been rehearsing for something similar?
  • Am I the right possibility for this strategy?
  • Are your careful rooms and gadgets broadly or globally certified by an association?
  • What measures am I expected to take to acquire the best outcomes from this medical procedure?
  • Would you be able to clarify the complexities with respect to this medical procedure exhaustively?
  • Imagine a scenario where I'm unsatisfied with the outcomes later the medical procedure. How might you help me then, at that point?

Preparation before the surgery

Like some other operation, the male gynecomastia medical procedure includes careful assessment and examination of your wellbeing to guarantee most extreme security.

It begins with determined lab tests and general actual wellness assessment. Your clinical history and ongoing medical procedures will likewise be considered.

From your side, you'll be relied upon to get directly to the point about your drinking and smoking propensities as they can essentially hamper the consequences of this medical procedure.

You'll need to quit smoking and drinking, and furthermore keep away from specific blood-diminishing drugs indicated by your surgeon.

Above all, you really want to have a reasonable comprehension of your assumptions versus the outcomes this medical procedure will yield. Share your cravings with your gynecomastia surgeon sincerely and ensure they are practical and attainable.

Request that somebody drive you to and from the centre for the medical procedure and perhaps stay with you for at minimum the night later the medical procedure to assist you with your tasks.


Like female bosom decrease medical procedure, gynecomastia medical procedure normally includes a liposuction strategy also. Be that as it may, it is acted in the accompanying advances:

Stage 1 – Anaesthesia:

You'll be quieted with either broad sedation or intravenous sedation to guarantee that your muscles are loose all through the strategy.

Stage 2 – Incision site:

The area of the entry point is pivotal for eliminating most extreme fat organs and tissues. There are two unique ways to deal with making the entry points:

Assuming that the issue can be tackled with liposuction alone, a couple of little cuts will be made around the chest to move the liposuction gadget.

In the event that glandular bosom tissue or overabundance skin is to be eliminated physically alongside liposuction, a solitary long cut will be produced using the axillary towards the focal point of the chest while saving the areolas.

The place of these entry points might contrast as indicated by your chest shape and your gynecomastia surgeon’s inclination.

Stage 3 – Tissue Removal:

As male bosoms have more stringy tissues, a Power-helped Liposuction or Ultrasonic liposuction is liked for bosom decrease in men.

The liposuction gadget is moved consistently across the chest divider to relax the fat tissues, and a pull gadget is utilized to eliminate them from the chest. The excess glandular fat tissues are taken out physically through the entry point.

On the off chance that important, overabundance skin is cut, the areola is diminished, and the areola is repositioned to a more normal male form.

The entry point/s are shut with stitches and clinical wraps, and the patient is approached to wear a pressure article of clothing.

Expectations after the surgery

There may be swelling and enlarging later in the medical procedure that ought to die down in 3 month and a half. You will have a delicate and happy with dressing around chest for firm help. You will likewise have a cylinder emptying amassed liquids out of each side, on the off chance that extraction is finished. The dressing and cylinders will be taken out all the while when the waste stops. Wounds ordinarily mend in under about fourteen days. Your plastic surgeon and the helping staff will completely take care of your solace and security. You will be encouraged to wear a pressure article of clothing for a very long time later in the medical procedure. This will permit every one of the unfilled spaces to implode, permit the skin to contact and withdraw. The skin will likewise adhere to the chest divider muscles.

Healing process after the surgery

In the vast majority who go through gynecomastia medical procedure in Pune, the join are eliminated in the following seven to ten days as the injury seems to have mended hastily. Notwithstanding, it requires a little while for the whole area to totally recuperate. During this time, the pressure article of clothing will be more useful. Following seven days, you might have the option to perform ordinary developments. You can begin light lower body practices later the second week itself. All things considered, you'll be permitted to lift loads solely after complete recuperation which is no sooner than about a month and a half.

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Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men. It can be congenital or due to a disease, a tumor or the taking of certain medications. Breast reduction is the most common treatment.

Gynecomastia, in brief

Performed as part of a treatment for gynecomastia, breast reduction is a cosmetic surgery procedure for men that reduces the size of the breasts in the event of excessive development of the mammary glands. The correction of gynecomastia focuses on providing a masculine appearance within the patient, while minimizing scarring as much as possible. The gland is reconcentrated to obtain a harmonious shape and the skin suture is performed with absorbable threads. Correcting gynecomastia is a very satisfactory human breast surgery, especially when the scars are inconspicuous.


Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the mammary glands in men. It usually has little or no pain, but sometimes it can be accompanied by tenderness in the chest.

Gynecomastia is very common but often badly experienced, especially at certain periods of life: at the time of puberty when it generally disappears in less than two years. In adult men, gynecomastia occurs in about 30% of cases.

The cause of the abnormal growth of the mammary glands remains mostly unknown, it is then called essential gynecomastia. However, before being able to affirm it, it is necessary to carry out a complete assessment, in search of a possible pathological or medicinal cause. It is necessary to perform a blood test, an ultrasound and / or a mammogram to specify the glandular component and to eliminate a tumor.

Gynecomastia is often dual-component, glandular and fatty.

Among the pathological causes, diseases that are likely to lead to gynecomastia, include:

  • Hormonal pathology.
  • Tumors of the testis, adrenal gland, pituitary gland, lung.
  • A breast tumor.
  • Diseases of the kidney, thyroid.


Your attending physician, working in collaboration with your surgeon, will perform:

  • A palpation of the testicles.
  • A chest x-ray.
  • An abdominal ultrasound.
  • NFS + VS, Glycemia, Lipid balance.
  • ASAT + ALAT + Gamma-GT.
  • T3 T4 TSH.
  • FSH + Testosterone.


The surgical treatment of gynecomastia is particularly aimed at forms that are embarrassing by their volume or their sensitivity, as well as psychologically badly experienced gynecomastia.

In addition to liposuction, the mammary gland is surgically removed. When the skin is elastic, and the gynecomastia is moderate, which is the majority of cases, the entire operation can be performed by a short and discreet, hemicircular incision at the border of the areola. On the other hand, when there is a significant excess of skin, the incisions will be horizontal, more or less long, located at the level of the areolas.

The surgical cure of gynecomastia is an intervention partially covered by social security.

The operation is performed under general anesthesia. It lasts from 1 to 2 hours. A suction drainage as well as a compression bandage are put at the end of the operation.

Postoperative pain is usually minimal. In all cases, it is easily controlled by the usual analgesic drugs.

Edemas and bruises will be better controlled by a compression garment, to be kept for one month. The rare complications are scar disorders, infection and hematoma. The cure for gynecomastia is an effective intervention with a high satisfaction rate.

Definition, objectives and principles:

Gynecomastia is defined as an increase in the size of the mammary gland in men. It corresponds to unilateral or bilateral hyperplasia. Usually it is idiopathic, that is to say that there is no cause for its occurrence; however, in some cases it may be related to abnormal hormonal production, or to taking certain medications. A workup is necessary in order to rule out a possible cause.

Ce bilan aura pour but de doser les différentes hormones connues, de rechercher une tumeur testiculaire ou hypophysaire. Une mammographie ou une échographie peut être demandée afin d’analyser la densité de la glande, ou d’éliminer un cancer du sein chez l’homme plus âgé, notamment en cas de forme unilatérale. Si une cause est retrouvée, elle devra faire l’objet d’un traitement spécifique. En effet, lorsqu’une étiologie est retrouvée, le traitement de celle-ci peut permettre une régression plus ou moins complète de la gynécomastie.

The increase in breast volume in men, especially during adolescence, is often badly experienced and can cause many psychological problems. This physical attack in the adolescent, at the very moment when he is constructing his image as a man, can lead to a withdrawal into himself, or even a real complex. In addition, this gynecomastia can be painful.

From an anatomical and pathophysiological point of view, the mammary gland exists in normal humans, but it is of the infantile type, reduced to a simple breast bud. In a few cases, this mammary gland can develop if the hormonal environment is right. When no cause has been found and if the patient is embarrassed, surgical intervention may be proposed, provided the patient is in good physical and mental condition.

This type of intervention is called a "gynecomastia cure".

The goal of corrective surgery is to restore normal anatomy as much as possible with the following principles:

  • reduce breast volume by direct surgical excision (subcutaneous mastectomy) for glandular forms, or by liposuction for fatty forms. In the case of mixed forms, the surgeon must then combine the two techniques,
  • reduce excess skin: generally, the decrease in glandular volume will allow skin retraction.

This skin retraction is favored by the liposuction but it is all the more clear that it is a young man and that the skin is of good quality (firm, elastic skin, without stretch marks). Certain post-operative actions such as massages can help skin retraction.

In some cases, when the excess skin is too large, the surgeon may have to reduce it, but at the cost of scarring on the skin. This skin reduction plasty can be performed from the first intervention or secondarily.

Before the intervention

The assessment in search of a cause for gynecomastia has been mentioned previously.

In obese or overweight men, a diet associated with physical exercises is introduced because weight loss can regress or even eliminate gynecomastia (adipomastia). Depending on the anatomical context, the preferences and habits of the surgeon, and the wishes expressed by the patient, an operating strategy will have been decided. The operative technique used and the location of the scars will thus be predetermined.

A usual preoperative assessment is carried out in accordance with the prescriptions. The anesthetist will be seen in consultation, at the latest 48 hours before the operation. Your surgeon and the anesthetist will need to be kept informed of all the medications you are taking. Indeed, some of them can interfere with the anesthesia or promote bleeding.
Except in special cases, no medication containing aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs should be taken in the ten days preceding the operation.

Quitting smoking

Stopping smoking is recommended at least one month before and one month after the operation (tobacco can be the cause of delayed healing).

Type of anesthesia:

it is most often a classic general anesthesia, during which you sleep completely. In some cases, “vigil” anesthesia (local anesthesia deepened by tranquilizers administered intravenously) or even simple local anesthesia may however be used (to be discussed with the surgeon and the anesthetist).

Conditions of hospitalization:

the procedure usually requires hospitalization for 24 to 48 hours. The length of hospital stay, however, depends on the surgical technique used. Indeed, a simple liposuction will require a shorter hospital stay than a subcutaneous mastectomy.

Admission is usually in the morning or sometimes the day before in the afternoon. In some cases, the operation can be performed on an "outpatient basis", that is to say with an outing the same day after a few hours of monitoring.

After the intervention

The postoperative effects can sometimes be painful for the first few days. Analgesic treatment, adapted to the intensity of the pain, will be prescribed for a few days. In the event of isolated liposuction, the patient may locally experience pain in the form of "severe stiffness". Edema (swelling), bruising (bruising) and difficulty in raising the arms are common at first.
The first dressing is removed after a few days. It is then replaced by a lighter dressing. Often, the initial dressing is compressive, then quickly a lighter dressing is combined with a compression vest to be worn day and night for a period of time. This retention helps skin retraction and promotes uniform healing.

The total length of time off work varies from five to twenty-one days. It is advisable to wait one to two months before resuming a sporting activity.

The scar is an obligatory sequel to the surgery. The surgeon's goal is to obtain the best scar quality possible. The scars evolve during one or two years after the operation: they are first white and thin the first month, then become pink or red and hard until the fourth month. Then, they gradually whiten. It is imperative to protect them from the sun during the first year.

The length and location of the scars vary depending on the surgical technique. Their quality depends on the surgical technique and factors specific to the patient (age, quality and type of skin, etc.).

The result

The improvement is often clear and immediate. However, a period of two to three months is necessary to assess the final result. This is the time needed for the postoperative edema to disappear and the excess skin to retract. Beyond this period, the tissues will gradually gain flexibility.

The reduction in breast volume brings physical comfort, especially when getting dressed. Finally, the result is often very beneficial on the psychological level because gynecomastia is often considered as a shadow to virility.

As regards the stability of the result, several cases are possible. For pure glandular forms, glandular excision generally prevents recurrence. However, significant weight gain may be accompanied by a further increase in breast volume (adipomastia) and this is all the more common for forms with a predominant fatty component.

Some imperfections can occasionally be encountered:

A residual asymmetry of volume:

it may be due to less resection on one side than on the other, especially when there was already an asymmetry in volume before the operation. In some cases, the asymmetry can be linked to a more important postoperative edema on one side: in this case, wearing a sheath and the action of massages will correct the defect. When the asymmetry persists one year after the operation and if it is troublesome, surgical correction may then be proposed.

An asymmetry in height of the areolas and nipples:

asymmetry is often present before the operation; however, you paid little attention or even didn't notice it. After the operation, even if the surgeon has tried to correct it, the asymmetry can persist and sometimes be "unmasked", ie made more visible.
In other cases, the asymmetry may be related to scarring of the tissues under the skin. Daily massages combined with good hydration will help correct the problem.

cupulation of the areola:

it can be linked to a glandular excision too centered behind the areola without peripheral harmonization. If it is bothersome, surgical retouching may be proposed.
• excess skin: after surgical correction of gynecomastia, excess skin is not uncommon and can take several months to retract. Skin retraction is related to the quality of the skin. Touch-up may be desirable.

The evolution of scars

As for the issue of the evolution of scars, it was mentioned previously.
The tenderness of the nipples is usually not affected, or transiently for a few months. Insensitivity is exceptional. On the other hand, when the surgeon has to graft the areolo-nipple plaque, the latter may become permanently insensitive and may present skin color disorders (dyschromia).

Gynecomastia explained by a surgeon experienced in breast surgery

Gynecomastia, ie breast enlargement in men, is a common pathology.

The medical treatment does not improve the appearance if the breast augmentation is old, only liposuction more or less associated with surgical removal can treat it definitively.

Indeed, the composition of gynecomastia is often mixed: mammary gland and peripheral fat.

This benign breast disease in adolescence is a disease in adulthood . The growth of the breast is most of the time without cause, but the taking of medication, doping products, hormonal pathologies, even tumors will be sought in consultation.

The different forms of Gynecomastia

In adults and adolescents, there are different forms of gynecomastia , ranging from a simple nipple that points to a large and sagging breast.

The surgical technique depends on the contents of the breast but also on the amount of fat or gland present in the breast.

The diagnosis can be made clinically in consultation or by radiological examination.

The operation is offered to adults because it is the only solution, to children only if they are teased.

Breast reduction in men

  • Duration of the operation: 30 to 90 minutes
  • Hospitalization 6 hours to a day without night (evening out)
  • Local or general anesthesia
  • Pain: not very painful
  • Work stoppage: unnecessary except in special cases
  • Discontinuation of sport 1 month
  • Reduction of excess mammary or adipose tissue in the breast in men, sometimes developed during puberty, after weight gain or due to aging.


  • The procedure consists of liposuction to remove the fat, and a small incision around the areola to remove excess remaining tissue.


  • The fat deposits removed do not come back. In case of excess skin, the operation leaves an inconspicuous scar.


  • General anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation.


  • Outpatient or overnight intervention in a clinic.


  • Allow three to four weeks for recovery. Wear the compression night and day for the first three weeks


  • Apply cold compresses to limit edema during the first 48 hours. Try to move as soon as possible to speed up recovery. Be careful not to wet the incisions and keep them clean. If necessary, ultrasound and lymphatic drainage sessions will speed up recovery and further improve the surgical outcome.


  • Temporary change in sensitivity. Irregularities.


The gynecomastia corresponds to the excessive development of the mammary gland in men , which may give an appearance of breast  feminine, camouflaging the pectoral muscles. It can be uni or bilateral, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The association with an excess of skin  of varying importance is possible, which can sometimes give a real breast appearance .

The gynecomastia surgery in humans is a reliable procedure is very effective in giving back to the chest masculine appearance.

The benefits of performing an operation for gynecomastia are as follows:

  • Reduction of excess fat or gland in the breasts.
  • Reduction of excess skin if necessary.
  • Correction of asymmetry.
  • Improvement of the aesthetic aspect of the breast, more masculine , showing the pectoral muscles.
  • Improved self-image and psychological aspect.

Depending on the case, gynecomastia can be predominantly fatty, glandular, or mixed.

Surgical technique for gynecomastia treatment

The objectives of the surgical intervention are:

  • Correction of excess fat and / or glandular.
  • Resection of the excess skin if it is important.
  • Repositioning of the areola.
  • Restore a masculine aspect to the breast .

The intervention includes several operating stages:

  1. The operation begins systematically with liposuctionof the excess fatty and / or glandular. For moderate or only fatty gynecomastia without excess skin, it may be sufficient to treat gynecomastia.
  2. Most often, it will be necessary to resect aresidual glandular nucleus, by a lower hemi-areolar scar (lower part of the areola).
  3. If present, then the excess skin should betreated 
  • Minimal skin excess: no skin resection is performed. Liposuction alone is sufficient, and will cause excess skin to retract.
  • Moderate skin excess: technique with scar around the areola only (round-block).
  • Significant excess skin with true breast appearance: technique with horizontal scar.
  1. The operation ends with a new liposuction inorder to harmonize the result and obtain a breast as masculine as possible.


How is an operation for gynecomastia performed in men?

Preoperative consultation:

The preoperative examination and discussion with the surgeon will have the following objectives:

  • Elimination of a secondary cause of gynecomastia (pharmacological or pathological) by consulting an endocrinologist .
  • Evaluation of the fatty and / or glandular surplus .
  • Assessment of the importance of excess skin .
  • Information on the course of the operation and on rare complications ( hematoma, etc.).

Surgical intervention :

  • The operation is performed under general anesthesia.
  • Duration of the intervention: 1 to 2 hours


  • It is necessary to remain hospitalized one night after the operation.
  • The pain is relieved by the prescription of analgesics the days following the operation.
  • It is necessary to wear a compression garment for 21 days after surgery.
  • Scar care is performed daily for ten days.

Questions answers

What are the benefits of a gynecomastia cure?

  • › Correction of excess fat and / or glandular.
  • › Resection of the excess skin if it is important.
  • › Repositioning of the areola.
  • › Correction of asymmetry of the breasts.
  • › Restore a masculine aspect to the breast.
  • › Improved self-image.

Is the treatment of gynecomastia a painful intervention? Will I be in pain?

  • The moderate postoperative pain is effectively relieved by the prescription of mild analgesics.

After a cure for gynecomastia, when can we return to work? How long is the time off work required?

  • After the procedure, rest or a work stoppage is recommended for a week.
  • A feeling of discomfort may be present for 3-4 weeks
  • Heavy load carrying should be avoided for 21 days following surgery.

Are there any exams to be performed before performing a gynecomastia cure?

  • Before any surgery, it is necessary to eliminate a cause secondary to this gynecomastia.
  • A clinical and paraclinical assessment (biology and ultrasound) is necessary and will be validated by an endocrinologist.

Gynecomastia and tobacco treatment: should you stop smoking before the procedure?

  • Stopping smoking is mandatory before the operation.
  • A minimum of 45 days before surgery is necessary.

Is the realization of a cure for gynecomastia covered by social security?

  • Part of the operating costs can be covered by social security. These are disabling gynecomastias with psychological repercussions and after completion of an endocrine assessment.
  • An additional fee will be requested by the surgeon.




I am 56 years old 173cm and 68kg (note my heart beats at 35/42 / minute).

I've always had this devellopee chest problem.

It was less visible when I played sports.

But I have been storing fat at this level and in the belly too since I was a kid. I am not 68kg fat!

I returned to sport after 30 years of hiatus .. yes I know ...

I recently learned that it is possible to correct this breast problem.

I wonder if at my age, an operation is possible without risk and with a perfect aesthetic result?

Response Doctor:

hello, yes age is not a problem to operate on gynecomastia. If the aesthetic complex is present and has been for a long time, it is time to get rid of that breast. You will then have a firmer and more muscular body, especially if you return to sport cordially.



Hello, What is the delay between a first appointment and a gynecomastia operation? and how quickly can we resume water sports? thank you

Response Doctor:

If the operation is aesthetic (case of half of gynecomastia), there is only liposuction of the breast to be performed.

The legal deadline is 15 days between the consultation and the operation.

If the intervention is classified as plastic and reconstructive surgery, covered by social security (liposuction and removal of the mammary gland) then this period may be shortened depending on the availability of the plastic surgeon and yours. cordially



Hello everyone, I am 21 years old.

I finally had a gynecomastia operation 5 weeks ago.

After the intervention the result was perfect, very flat.

Only here since 2 weeks my nipples have plumped up a lot and have taken on a voluminous and pointed aspect for no apparent reason, I am pretty sure not to have gained weight.

Does this happen? Is it inflammation or a hematoma? Can all of this work out in the next few weeks?

I who thought I got rid of this unbearable thing, I do not hide from you that my morale took a hit.

Thank you in advance for your answers

Response Doctor:

hello, it is very likely that this is late postoperative edema, rest assured that it should disappear after a few sessions of lymphatic drainage. Kindly see your plastic surgeon again



I have heard that an excess mammary gland in men can be removed by liposuction. When is liposuction used to treat gynecomastia?

Response Doctor:

Gynecomastia can be glandular or fatty.

In the case of fatty gynecomastia, liposuction is enough to make the breasts disappear in men.

In cases of glandular gynecomastia, then it is often necessary to remove the mammary gland through a surgical incision.




Can the cause of gynecomastia be breast cancer? Is this type of cancer common in humans? What is the prognosis?

Response Doctor:

breast cancer does not lead to gynecomastia.

Cancers that can lead to gynecomastia are kidney cancer, lung cancer and also testicular cancer.

These cancers should be looked for during the medical assessment of gynecomastia

In addition to hormonal causes.

Nevertheless, breast cancer in men does exist and can be discovered on excisional surgery of the mammary gland during the treatment of gynecomastia. This cancer is rare in men (1% of breast cancers) and its prognosis is the same as in women. cordially




here I expose my problem:

being a teenager, I was overweight, 189 cms for 120 kg.

I was chubby everywhere and of course I had a breast with nipples, that is to say, the mockery and so on this breast which did not belong to me ...

I spoke about it at the time to my parents, but nothing happened, that it was going to pass, but over time, my pounds disappeared, but always this chest in sight… .what a disaster… ..

Now, at the age of 37, and with 30 kg less, I still have this problem of gynecomastia… ”

This chest, I can't take it anymore, both morally and physically, I would like to get rid of it ...

Having discussed with surgeons on forum, and supporting photos, they told me that a solution could be envisaged, that there was a surgical solution.

Liposuction of the volume and resection of the gland by direct approach + skin retension by a scar around the areola (ROUND-BLOCK).

Now my question is should I make an appointment directly with an endocrinologist without going through my attending physician?

Response Doctor:

the easiest now is to actually make yourself

examined by a plastic surgeon when making an appointment.

He will give you his specialist opinion on the right technique and give you blood tests to do as well as a mammogram assessment. then you will choose the operative date to get rid of this problem definitively with full knowledge of the causes. cordially.

How to modify the enlargement of the male breast method

The two gynecomastia surgery options are:  

  1.  This surgery of the breast to remove the fat you , but the mammary gland does not remove the organization itself.
  2.  This type of surgery removes the breast tissue. Surgery is often done using only a small incision. This minimally invasive type of surgery has a shorter recovery time.


How to Fix Enlargement of male Breast

Two gynecomastia surgery options are:

  1. This surgery removes breastfat but not the breast gland tissue itself.
  2. This type of surgery removes the breastgland tissue. The surgery is often done using only small incisions. This less invasive type of surgery involves less recovery time.


How Much Cost For Gynecomastia

The average cost of gynecomastia surgery is 40000 to 55000, according to 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This average cost is only part of the total price – it does not include anesthesia, operating room facilities or other related expenses.

Cost For Gynecomastia Surgery

What is the cost of gynecomastia surgery? In Pune the cost ranges from Rs 45,000 to Rs 65,000 depending on the amount of fat to be removed, sculpting needed, the technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Doctor For Gynecomastia Surgery

Your doctor may suggest seeing an endocrinologist (a doctor who specializes in treating hormone-related problems). Surgery is usually not recommended unless the gynecomastia is causing severe pain and tenderness or embarrassment.

Nipple Pain in Male Child

That small lump with tenderness beneath the nipple is a normal part of puberty. In fact, about half of all boys develop gynecomastia during puberty. It's usually temporary and can happen on just one side or both. Some guys also may feel tenderness in the breast area when they go through puberty.

How to Lose Chest Fat

The first step to getting rid of excess chest fat is to understand how fat loss works overall. There's no way to target chest fat without dropping fat from the rest of your body. The “Forbes equation” states that for you to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories through exercise or dietary restriction.

What Is Gyno

Gynecomastia (guy-nuh-koh-MAS-tee-uh) is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissue in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes unevenly.

Gynecomastia Types

Three types of gynecomastia, florid, fibrous and intermediate, have been identified. The type seen is usually related to the length of the condition. Florid gynecomastia is usually seen in early stages of the condition, four months or less. This type is characterized by an increase in ductal tissue and vascularity.

Gyno Operation Cost

Gynaecomastia Surgery cost ranges from Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 1 lakh. In corporate hospitals it ranges from 1 lakh to 2 lakhs, however Cost of Gynecomastia Surgery in Hyderabad will depend on your particular case. This can only be determined during a consultation with your surgeon, and following that an accurate price can be quoted.

Gynecomastia Dr Indor

Breast Surgery for Men

Breast reduction surgery is an option for men with gynaecomastia. It may also be used to tighten the breast area after significant weight loss that has caused the skin to sag. However, surgery is not suitable for men who have large breasts simply from being overweight.

How to Solve Gynecomastia Problem Teen Age

Gynaecomastia (sometimes referred to as "man boobs") is a common condition that causes boys' and men's breasts to swell and become larger than normal. It is most common in teenage boys and older men.

How to Reduce Breast in Man

Gynecomastia Doctor near Me

Gyno Chest Surgery Cost

In the Pune, breast reduction surgery for men costs 40000 to 50000 INR, plus the cost of any consultations or follow-up care that may not be included in the price.

How to Check For Gynecomastia

The diagnosis of gynecomastia is usually made based on clinical examination by the specialist who will also examine the abdomen and testicles. An ultrasound scan can confirm the diagnosis when the condition is unilateral.

How to Overcome Gynecomastia

There are several benefits of gynecomastia surgery, such as: Increase the self-confidence. Reduce the Male Breast Tissues. Removes the Gynecomastia tissues.
The steps of Gynecomastia procedure such as:

  1. Liposuction Technique.
  2. Excision Technique.
  3. A combo of both Liposuction & Excision Technique.


Gynecomastia Surgery Price in Pune

Reduce Chest Size in Men

No one wants man boobs, but the good news is that they generally don’t pose a risk to your health and usually go away by themselves. However, if you do have moobs, that might be cold comfort, because it’s a condition that can be embarrassing even if you’re not experiencing any physical discomfort.

How Much Time It Take To Normal Chest after Gyno Surgery

Initial male breast reduction recovery time takes about 1-2 weeks on average. During this time, patients will want to take it easy, and must avoid strenuous activity to facilitate healing and prevent complications.

What Is the Cost Of Gynecomastia Surgery In Pune

Gynecomastia in Army Medical

During medical examination if a candidate is found gynecomastia which is of grade 2 or more .the medical board tell the candidate to get rid of gynecomastia.

The point of rejection or selection depends upon the grade, severity of Gynecomastia. A fit candidate should be free of Gynecomastia, but in case one has, it is upon the Medical Board to take next course of Action.

The only definitive form of treatment of gynecomastia is vaser liposuction and gland excision. We at clinic, having pan Pune branches performing the gynecomastia surgery on such candidate and after complete healing the entire patient has been successfully joined army. The candidate has not faced any problem during the medical board examination because of the surgery.


How to Fix Gynecomastia

Men Breast Problem

The male breast is much smaller than its female counterpart, and it cannot produce milk. Because of this smaller size and simpler structure, breast disease is much less common in men than women. Still, men can develop important breast problems, both benign and malignant. Early detection is the key to a successful outcome, so every man should understand the basic elements of male breast disease.

Jogger's nipple

Irritation of the nipple is more common than enlargement of the breast itself. Pain, redness, and even bleeding of the male nipple are fairly common complications of intense, prolonged exercise — hence the common names "jogger's" and "marathoner's" nipple. The cause is not running itself but the mechanical irritation of the runner's shirt rubbing up and down against his chest, especially in hot, humid weather.

You don't have to give up running to cure jogger's nipple. Instead, apply some petroleum jelly to your nipples before you run. Plastic Band-Aids are even better; round "spots" are particularly handy. Or simply run without a shirt when it's hot or humid.

How to Overcome Lose Breast for Man

Try activities like walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling. You can get a decent chest workout at home by doing push-ups. Or, you can head to your local gym. There are many different weight machines that are often available at a gym.

Gynecomastia after Surgery Recovery

Gynecomastia surgery typically has a relatively gentle recovery period. You may feel sore during the first three days of at-home rest, but pain is usually minimal. Most men who use medication to improve their overall comfort find that over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient.

Mens Boobs Surgery in Hospital

How to Cure Gyno without Surgery

Nonsurgical treatments may work by freezing fat cells, or by using radiofrequency technology or lasers. Recovery time varies, but usually it lasts only a few days. Tissue excision. This technique is used to remove glandular breast tissue or excess skin in order to correct more severe cases of gynecomastia.

How much does type 1 gynecomastia surgery cost and whats the procedure and recovery process like?

From the description, the procedure can be performed under local.  Find a board certified plastic surgeon who performs hundreds of body contouring procedures and male breast reductions each year. Then look at the plastic surgeon's website before and after photo galleries to get a sense of who can deliver the results.


Researches on Soya Bean Regarding Gynecomastia

There seems to be a widespread belief out there that drinking soy milk or eating tofu will lead to gynecomastia, the medical term for "man boobs." ... And that's because there's no good medical evidence that consuming soy will cause men's breast tissue to grow.

Best Gynecomastia Surgeon in Pune

Male Nipple Reduction Surgery

In most cases, male nipples are usually smaller in both diameter and projection than female. The purpose of nipple reduction is to reduce the diameter and height of the nipple by removing part of the tissue. ... It is more difficult to perform such complex surgical operations on a male nipple with a relatively small size.

Gyno Surgery Cost In Pune

How to Get Rid Of Men Boobs

If you're looking to lose weight, getting regular cardiovascular exercise can help. Try activities like walking, jogging, swimming, or cycling. You can get a decent chest workout at home by doing push-ups.

Best Way to Remove Gynomastacia

Get Rid Gyno Naturally

One of the most common myths associated with gynecomastia is that exercise reduces gynecomastia. There are videos and articles telling you how to reduce man-boobs by performing lower chest exercises, push-ups and dips. But if you have read my book(Gynecomastia (Man Boobs): What you Really need to Know about Gynecomastia and How Most People are Wrong ) carefully, gynecomastia is the enlargement of glandular tissue, not fat tissue. If you are fat, and have fat deposits in the chest area, then overall fat reduction through exercise will help. But exercise does nothing to gynecomastia. You cannot burn glandular tissue. No chest exercise will do anything in such a case. Stop reading articles titled “5 Best Exercises for Gynecomastia”, or “Best Workout to Reduce Man-Boobs”. Worse, hypertrophy in your pectorals, will make gynecomastia appear more prominent.

Large Gynecomastia Surgery

Surgery to remove the breast tissues usually involves liposuction of the excess fat, surgical removal of the excess glandular breast tissue through an incision in the margin of the nipple-areolar complex and/or skin excision (in very large male breasts).

Men's Health Nipple Treatment

Medical treatment of gynecomastia can definitely be effective, but it's important that you start treatment in the first 1-2 years once noted in a physical. “If drugs are not effective after 6-12 months, or if gynecomastia is more long standing, breast reduction surgery is another option,” he says.

How to Reduce Man Breast Size

Bodyweight training is amazing because a lot of the exercises recruit multiple muscle groups, resulting in more calories burned. So, don’t just focus on chest exercises, alone! Yes, push-ups are an excellent example of a bodyweight exercise for the chest! But did you know that push-ups also work your arms, shoulders, back, core and require activation from the glutes and legs as well?

Treatment Of Gynecomastia

Two gynecomastia surgery options are: Liposuction. This surgery removes breast fat but not the breast gland tissue itself. Mastectomy. This type of surgery removes the breast gland tissue. The surgery is often done using only small incisions. This less invasive type of surgery involves less recovery time.

Menboobs Or Gynecomastia

In reality, gynecomastia, man boobs are simply an enlargement of the breast tissue. It is most common in men who are overweight and although it isn't a direct threat to your health. According to experts, gynecomastia, manboobs, develop when there is more estrogen present in your body instead of testosterone.

Gyno Remove Food

7 Foods for Lowering Estrogen Levels in Men

  • Cruciferous vegetables.
  • Red grapes.
  • Whole grains.
  • Green tea.
  • Talk to your doctor.


Purusho Ke Stano Ki Surgery Price Pune

Best Dr for Gynecomastia Treatment

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Male Breast Reduction

Cost of male breast reduction surgery in Pune ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000. Breast enlargement in men is usually treated with medicines that restricts estrogen effects in your body.

Way to Reduce Chest Fat

Diet · eating a diet of whole foods with plenty of vegetables · avoiding highly processed foods · avoiding sugary foods and drinks · balancing meals.

Gynecomastia Specialist in Pune

Men Breast Reduction Operation

A male breast reduction is the most effective known treatment for gynecomastia, or enlarged male breasts. This cosmetic surgery procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter, firmer and more masculine contour to the chest.

Due to genetics, use of certain medications, or other unspecified reasons, some men develop the appearance of enlarged breasts. It is estimated that up to 50% of men in the United States experience some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetime. Gynecomastia can present at any age, and male breast reduction can be performed safely and successfully on teenagers and adult men alike.


Pain in Gynecomastia Operation

Gynecomastia surgery typically has a relatively gentle recovery period. You may feel sore during the first three days of at-home rest, but pain is usually minimal. Most men who use medication to improve their overall comfort find that over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient.

Gynocomestia Treatment in Pune

Is It Possible To Cure Gynecomastia without Surgery

Gynecomastia often goes away without treatment in less than two years. Treatment may be necessary if gynecomastia doesn't improve on its own or if it causes significant pain, tenderness or embarrassment.

How Much Percentage of Man Having Gynecomastia in Pune

This abnormality medically known as Gynecomastia, comes from Greek words 'Women-like-breasts', it is a disorder that affects physical structure of boys and men and it is estimated that it affects about 40 to 60 per cent Punen menGynecomastia is a condition in which firm breast tissues develop in males.

Gynecomastia Causes in Males

Gynecomastia is triggered by a decrease in the amount of the hormone testosterone compared with estrogen. The decrease can be caused by conditions that block the effects of testosterone, reduce testosterone or increase your estrogen level. Several things can upset the hormone balance, including the following.

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Gynocomastia Cost By Fat Size

When a man has bulge in chest with >4.0 cm in size it is considered as a case of Gynaecomastia or Male breast. If you pinch chest skin at nipple and feel a hard mass then it may be enlarged breast gland or gynaecomastia.

What Age Gynaecomastia Appears at?

In most of cases it appear nearly at age of puberty i,e 13-14 yrs.

Various hormonal changes which appear at this age are responsible for gynaecomastia.

Some of middle aged men of late 40,s also notice chest enlargement.

When will gynecomastia go away which appear at puberty?

In 60-70% of boys who develop breast changes at age of puberty, these changes are temporary and disappear in couple of years. But Approximately 30-40% of men notice male breast enlargement of 4.0 cm or more in size and it does not reduce even after many years.


How Much Time Take To Gyno Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis. The procedure usually takes about an hour or two to complete, depending on the amount of tissue to be removed.

How To Loose Men Chest Fat

The first step to getting rid of excess chest fat is to understand how fat loss works overall. There's no way to target chest fat without dropping fat from the rest of your body. The “Forbes equation” states that for you to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories through exercise or dietary restriction.

Unilateral Gynecomastia Fees

What You Need to Know About Unilateral Gynecomastia, or “One-Sided” Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia is defined as the appearance of a female like breast in a male. It is related to excess proliferation of breast tissue due to an imbalance of the sex hormones estrogen and testosterone. While it is a benign condition that will not physically harm the individual, it can have a profound negative impact mentally. It’s important for men with gynecomastia to seek treatment in the form of gynecomastia surgery. Gynecomastia typically presents as two-sided or “bilateral” growth, but in small percentage of men (less than 5-10%), it can present as single-sided “unilateral” or asymmetrical gynecomastia. Like bilateral gynecomastia, unilateral gynecomastia is a benign condition that is no different in terms of diagnosis and treatment. Unilateral gynecomastia is harder for men to deal with compared to the symmetrical or bilateral type.


For Losing Chest Fat What Is Better Bulk Up Or Cutting

Key Takeaways. If you're a man with more than 15% body fat or a woman with more than 25% body fat, then you should cut. If you're a man with 10% body fat or less or a woman with 20% body fat or less, then you should bulk.

How Many Rupee For Gyno Surgery

Doctor explains you affordable cost of safe gynaecomastia surgery in Mumbai Pune. ... Extent of gynaecomastia surgery, only gland removal, how much fat removal, fat removal ... Liposuction Plus Gland Excision, INR 50000 to 80000.

Male Breast Can Remove With Medicine

No drugs have been approved by the FDA for the treatment of gynecomastia; however, medications that have been used to treat the condition include: Testosterone replacement has been effective in older men with low levels of testosterone, but it is not effective for men who have normal levels of the male hormone.

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The Maximum Price for Gynecomastia Surgery

Gynecomastia surgery usually involves cutting through areas around nipple and then removing extra breast tissues to resume a flat shape. Nipples are then repositioned and stitched. Loss of sensation persists for several weeks after operation, that gets better with time.

Cost of male breast reduction surgery in Pune ranges from INR 50,000 to INR 1,50,000.

Breast enlargement in men is usually treated with medicines that restricts estrogen effects in your body. When Gynecomastia surgeries are conducted, they mostly serve as permanent solution to this problem. However, poor diet, lack of exercise and use of certain drugs may lead to recurring issues.

Best Advanced Treatment for Gynecomastia in Pune

One Sided Gynecomastia

How to Decrease Man Boobs

Weight loss tips to reduce chest fat

Jones offers the following tips to lose weight and ultimately reduce chest fat:

  • Eat better. From a nutritional standpoint, it’s important to make healthy choices. Eating a salad is far better than munching on hot dogs, but you don’t want to make a drastic change. Start off by making small changes that you can maintain for the rest of your life.

“The general rule that I like to tell people is to aim for about 80/20,” says Jones. “Eighty percent of the time you should make healthy choices for yourself. And then maybe 10 to 20 percent of the time you might indulge so that you don’t feel totally restricted.”

  • Reduce your alcohol intake. Alcohol is high in calories, and excessive drinking can lead to weight gain.  Research has also shown that alcohol consumption may suppress testosterone levels, which could consequently lead to gynecomastia.
  • Use exercise to supplement your weight loss efforts.  Exercise at least five days per week for 45 minutes. Keep a consistent pace and make sure your workout is moderately challenging.

Jones recommends the following exercise techniques to lose weight:

  • Weights:Free weights are good, because they engage a lot more of your muscle.

“Try a bench press or dumbbell press if you have a gym membership or weights at home,” says Jones.

  • Push-ups:Do variations of pushups with your feet elevated, or with your arms elevated up on a counter or a chair. Use wide grip, close grip, or different variations if you don’t have much equipment.
  • Gym equipment:“There’s a variety of machines you can use in a gym setting,” says Jones. “You can use a chest fly machine or an assisted dip machine to engage those muscles. You just want to make sure you have the proper intensity and that you’re being consistent.
  • Cardio: Cardio is an exercise you should enjoy doing. Try spinning, running or use a rowing machine, and determine what works best for you.


Abnormal Breast Growth in Males

Surgery of Male Breast and Puff Nipples Cost

How Long To Recover After Gynecomastia Surgery

Immediately following your procedure, you’ll be bandaged and given a compression garment to help minimize swelling and support your new chest contour as you heal. Depending on the extent of your procedure, you may also have a surgical drain to facilitate the removal of excess blood and fluid.

Gynecomastia surgery typically has a relatively gentle recovery period. You may feel sore during the first three days of at-home rest, but pain is usually minimal. Most men who use medication to improve their overall comfort find that over-the-counter pain relievers are sufficient.

While some men do experience a temporary loss of sensation in the treated area, in most cases, full sensation is gradually restored over the course of a few weeks or months.

Although your own recovery process depends on the extent of your procedure, your body’s rate of healing, and how closely you follow your postsurgical instructions, the average man who has a combination of liposuction and minimally invasive endoscopic gland tissue excision is able to return to work in about a week, depending on the nature of his job.


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Gynaecomastia Symptoms

Gynecomastia is not normally a serious problem, but research shows that it can affect self-confidence and cause embarrassment.

This can lead to “Significant deficits in general health, social functioning, mental health, self-esteem, and eating behaviors and attitudes compared with controls,” according to Brian Labow and colleagues from Boston Children’s Hospital in Boston, MA.

If gynecomastia persists, treatments are available.

Symptoms include swelling and tenderness in the breast gland tissue of one or both breasts.

The areola, the area of pigmented skin that surrounds the nipple, may increase in diameter, and the chest tissue may appear asymmetrical.

If there is unusual and persistent swelling, tenderness, pain, or nipple discharge, or a combination of these, it is important to see a physician.


Gland Excision Gynecomastia

Gynecomastia Gland Removal:

Excision of the Male Breast Gland (Gynecomastia) in Pune

Are you considering gynecomastia gland removal? Many adolescent and adult males living on Pune communities experience Gynecomastia, “women-like breasts” or puffy nipples. Male enlarged breasts are caused by dense glandular tissue beneath the nipple itself and/or excess fat in the chest area. Such appearance can result despite hours spent at the gym and healthy eating, making many males feel self-conscience and frustrated while wearing form-fitted t-shirts and sporting bathing-suites on the beaches during the summer months.

Do you feel as though your chest area does not demonstrate your “true” fitness, making you appear flabby despite those long hours working out your chest? Do you desire a flatter, firmer, and toned chest with a youthful masculine contour? Doctor Plastic Surgery has the answer: Excision of the Male Breast Gland (Gynecomastia) in Pune. Following this procedure, your youthful, tight, and shapely chest area will be observed!

The Gynecomastia Gland Removal Procedure

For the male patient with dense glandular tissue causing an enlarged breast appearance and puffy nipples, a direct excision of the gland will be required. Doctor Plastic Surgery in Pune will place a discreet incision in a small area around the nipple-areola region of each breast, resulting in an inconspicuous scar.

A combination of Laser Smart Liposuction and a direct glandular excision may be required if a combination of excess fat and dense glandular breast tissue is noted during your initial consultation and examination.

For the individual with excess fat in the chest area, Laser Smart Liposuction will be performed. Using laser technology, Doctor will remove, reshape, and tighten unwanted fat and skin in the chest area, while sculpting this region into the smooth, tight, toned, and contoured chest that you have always wanted.


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Do Medicine Works in Gynecomastia

ANSWER While gynecomastia is a physiologic phenomenon in most newborns and adolescents, it is important to consider pathologic conditions and medications that can cause breast enlargement. Antibiotics and chemotherapy have been reported to induce gynecomastia.

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How to eat To Reduce Chest Fat

The first step to getting rid of excess chest fat is to understand how fat loss works overall. There's no way to target chest fat without dropping fat from the rest of your body. The “Forbes equation” states that for you to lose one pound of fat, you need to burn 3,500 calories through exercise or dietary restriction.

What to Do If You Have Gynecomastia

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Gynecomastia Operation Done On Local Anesthesia

The procedure can be done under local anaesthetic or general anaesthetic. When the gynecomastia surgery is done under local anaesthetic, patients will feel a small sting as the local anaesthetic is infiltrated into the breast tissue; this takes about five or ten minutes.

Reason Of Gynecomastia

Gynaecomastia can be caused by an imbalance between the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Oestrogen causes breast tissue to grow. While all men produce some oestrogen, they usually have much higher levels of testosterone, which stops the oestrogen from causing breast tissue to grow.

Gynecomastia Can Be Cured By Weight Loss

Occasionally, an overly large male chest can be worsened by being overweight or obese. While maintaining a healthy weight is desirable for both cosmetic and overall health benefits, most cases of true gynecomastia cannot be resolved with weight loss and exercise.

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How To Remove Chest Fat Quickly

General dietary tips for managing weight include:

  • eating a diet of whole foods with plenty of vegetables
  • avoiding highly processed foods
  • avoiding sugary foods and drinks
  • balancing meals to include protein, complex carbohydrates, and healthful fats
  • being careful to avoid large portion sizes
  • limiting alcohol intake
  • using a food journal to track the diet
  • setting achievable goals for weight loss


High intensity interval training (HIIT) can be an effective way to lose fat.

A 2017 review comparing HIIT with moderate intensity continuous training found that both types of physical activity reduce body fat but that HIIT takes up 40% less of a person’s time than the continuous training plan.

The pectoralis major and pectoralis minor are the muscles in the chest. Weighted exercises can target these muscles and improve muscle tone.

Some exercises for targeting the chest muscles include the bench press and pushup. It is possible to perform these exercises with or without weights.