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Gynecomastia-Treatment Options for Men with Excess Breast Tissue

Gynecomastia which is an endocrine system disorder in which the breast size of a male increases as compared to the normal breast size, Lets discussed the treatment options available for the patients.

Male patients suffering from gynecomastia encounter a development of overabundance fat, skin, or potentially glandular tissue in the breasts, giving them an expanded appearance. This physical condition is significantly more typical than most men might suspect and, much of the time, treatable.

To decide whether a male patient has gynecomastia, Doctor checks feeling the skin and tissue and searching for additional glandular tissue, extra fat and overabundance skin. Patients with gynecomastia can experience the ill effects of nervousness and low confidence. Doctor takes note of that the glandular tissue in male breasts is typically not influenced by exercise and eating routine. Frequently patients have a go at counting calories and thorough exercise schedules that may help marginally; in any case, a large number of these people may at present think that it’s hard to accomplish their specific objectives. Various elements may perhaps add to the condition, including weight vacillation, the utilization of specific kinds of solution, a family history of gynecomastia, and different issues. It now and again prompts men being uneasy with wearing tight fitting shirts or notwithstanding going shirtless at the shoreline and so forth.

By fortune the option of male breast reduction adequately addresses the problems associated with gynecomastia. To acquire a firmer and a flatter appearance of their chest male breast reduction surgery is very effective on a typical basis. Utilizesation of liposuction alone in situations where overabundance fat in the breasts is the fundamental wellspring of gynecomastia, while careful breast tissue evacuation is utilized for men who have abundance glandular tissue or potentially skin in the chest region. At times, blend of the two methods might be fundamental for the best outcomes. Instances of gynecomastia differ from patient to patient, and doctor alters his male breast decrease medical procedure to address the issues of the person. Patients who have been dealt with for gynecomastia are extremely fulfilled and have accomplished their objectives with characteristic looking outcomes, and regularly encounter a lift in fearlessness after the system.

Doctor takes note of that guys who are worried about gynecomastia ought to counsel with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to examine their treatment alternatives.

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What are the causes of gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is the excessive development of the breast in men. It is very often at the origin of a real complex, disturbing the private and social life. Some patients refrain from going to the pool or the beach because of the discomfort caused by their gynecomastia. It can also be the source of hurtful mockery. A medical check-up (hormonal assessment, mammography, etc.) is carried out in order to determine its origin. If no disease or drug treatment explains its appearance, gynecomastia is said to be "essential". This is most often the case.
The existence of a mammary protuberance in men is not always of glandular origin.

The existence of a breast protuberance in men does not
always mean that there is an abnormally developed mammary gland. Most often gynecomastia is of fatty origin. This is called adipomastia. The diagnosis of fatty gynecomastia is made after a clinical examination supplemented by mammography.
This is a well-localized fat overload in the mammary region, which is resistant to diet and physical exercise.

Like all lipodystrophies, this fat located in the mammary region is resistant to diet because it is a  genetically determined “storage area” of fat .

For the same reason, fatty gynecomastia  persists despite sports activity.  Often the patients have made weight training soliciting the pectoral muscles, in order to "melt" the fat localized at the level of gynecomastia. It is ineffective, moreover it risks accentuating the protuberance of the mammary region.

Fat gynecomastia is quite often accompanied by a fatty overload in the stomach or / and hips (love handles).

In some cases fatty gynecomastia appears in a context of generalized fat overload which requires above all a weight loss.

To make gynecomastia go away, there are two different treatments  depending on the cause of it.

If the gynecomastia is of glandular origin, treatment consists of removing the mammary gland.

When the gynecomastia is small, the scar is discreet, located inside the areola (intraareolar).
If it is large, requiring the removal of the skin around the areola, the scar is located around the areola (periareolar).
The loss of volume is visible the day after the operation. The skin that has been stretched by gynecomastia tightens after one to three months depending on the amount of gland removed.
The person leaves the clinic the same day as the operation.

If the gynecomastia is of fatty origin (adipomastia) the treatment is liposuction (liposuction).

The liposuction of adipomastia consists of sucking the fat using a small cannula that passes through a 5 mm incision located 1 cm under each inframammary groove.
The amount of fat sucked in usually varies between 100 ml and 300 ml.
This volume may seem small, but it is sufficient to create a breast.
The liposuction of gynecomastia makes it possible to permanently remove the fat located in the mammary region. 

The scar measures 5mm and is located 1cm under each breast region.

The result is visible after a week, after removing the first dressing. At this stage the patient can already see a marked change. He is often surprised to be already “all flat” only after a week. He also feels this well-being in terms of clothing. He can once again put on fitted shirts or t-shirts without any fear. The skin will take about 3 months to regain its suppleness.  The result obtained is final. There will be no recurrence of fatty gynecomastia because the fat will no longer be able to accumulate in the mammary region.

The other beneficial effect of treating gynecomastia is the  decrease in the size of the areola. Patients with gynecomastia are often complexed not only by the size of their breasts but also by the size of the areola which they find too large. Decreasing the size of the breast causes the areola to retract which is no longer distended by the protuberance of the breast. Thus the size of the areola decreases without it being necessary to remove part of it and therefore without scar.

The anesthesia used for adipomastia liposuction is general. The patient can go home the same day as the operation.

Gynecomastia is defined as enlarged breasts in men. It can affect one or both breasts. It is possible to remedy this by minimally invasive techniques: liposuction or surgical removal of the glandular excess.
Gynecomastia may be due to the excessive development of the mammary gland. In this case, it is necessary to exclude any hormonal disturbance. The hypertrophy can also be fatty, often related to being overweight and accompanied by sagging breasts.
The techniques practiced constitute an effective solution to reduce the volume of a breast, correct any asymmetry and harmonize the silhouette. They eliminate possible pain in the chest caused by the hard mass of the nipples. The treatment of gynecomastia contributes to restore self-esteem, a too marked chest being able to be at the origin of psychological suffering.
The final result is assessed after two to three months.

The liposuction which intervenes in the event of fatty hypertrophy takes place on an outpatient basis, under partial anesthesia (deep sedation and local anesthesia). In general, two scars of less than 1 cm are made, the first located in the periphery of the areola and the second in a natural fold of skin towards the armpit. In the case of a hypertrophy of the gland, the latter, very rigid, can not be removed by liposuction. It will be surgically removed by a scar along the lower edge of the areola. The operation is also performed on an outpatient basis, under partial anesthesia.
What to do before the operation?
A complete endocrine assessment (clinical examination and blood tests) and an ultrasound are performed in order to exclude any hormonal disturbance that could explain the appearance of gynecomastia.
What to do after the operation?
The scars are covered with waterproof dressings for a period of 7 to 10 days. The shower is thus authorized from the first days. Some possible bruises go away spontaneously after 2 to 3 weeks. A compression garment will be worn for 4 to 6 weeks. A gradual resumption of sport is possible after 15 to 20 days. Manual lymphatic drainage is recommended from the first postoperative days, to accelerate the absorption of the edema and ensure good healing. Sun exposure will be avoided during the first year.
Associated treatments
Lifting of the breast with a scar around the areola or in a T-shape if the breast is drooping.

Gynecomastia intervention

Breast reduction in men

Breast reduction in men is a very effective operation. The operation to reduce the breasts in case of hypertrophy (gynecomastia) allows to remove the volume of gland and excess fat in the breasts, thanks to limited and discreet scars hidden at the areola level or laterally on the breast. thorax level.

The success of the surgical cure of gynecomastia of the breasts depends mainly on the surgical strategy implemented by the surgeon and the rigor of execution. With more than 200 gynecomastia operations performed per year, Dr. Smarrito has expertise in the field, which allows you to approach your gynecomastia operation with confidence and safety.

Type of anesthesia for gynecomastia treatment

The intervention of gynecomastia cure is done for areola turgor under local anesthesia and under general anesthesia for larger gynecomastia .

In the case of general anesthesia, entry into the clinic takes place the morning of the operation and discharge takes place the same evening, provided that you remain hospitalized for a minimum of 6 hours after the operation.

Details of the gynecomastia operation

After a disinfectant shower (betadine red the day before and in the morning), the patient went down to the operating room. An infusion is placed. General anesthesia is performed by the anesthesiologist, except in cases of local anesthesia.

After tissue infiltration with a product that reduces post-operative pain and bleeding, liposuction is performed. The liposuction openings are a few millimeters. Sometimes a few grams of fat are removed, but it happens to remove half a liter per side.

If a gland is to be removed , a semi-circle is made at the lower part of the areola to access the gland. Using an electric scalpel helps prevent bleeding. The entire gland is removed and sent for analysis. Cautherization is performed to prevent bleeding.

resection of the skin is sometimes necessary either in the shape of a circle around the areola, or as in the woman wishing to raise their breasts by a vertical scar or in marine anchor.

The closure of the liposuction scars and the approach to the gland is carried out by thread which does not protrude from the wound and which resolves in 3 weeks.

waterproof dressing is put in place, it is to be removed 8 to 10 days later in the shower. No treatment is to be carried out during the first week. A special compression garment is prescribed to compress the operated area. This garment can be worn for 3 weeks.

After one to two hours of monitoring in the recovery room, the patient returns to his room. The outing may be authorized the same evening, on condition of living within 50 km and being accompanied.