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Often men are conscious about the shape and build of their body, to fit in the norms of the present societal standard for male appearance. There are a number of men across the world who have bulged-out chests or male breasts, and they often have to face embarrassment among their peers. Though, there shouldn’t be any stigma associated with any kind of outer appearance, men with male breasts or gynecomastia have been through real struggle regarding their bodies. Often been bullied or mocked among their circles, those with gynecomastia have a shaken-up confidence level.

However, you need not worry any more as the permanent solution to gynecomastia is now available in your city. In all over India, including places like Indore, surgery is emerging as a trusted means of getting rid of unwanted male-breasts permanently. Many young men are turning up for gynecomastia surgery in Indore.

What is Gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is a condition in which the quantity of breast gland tissue in boys and men increases due to a hormonal imbalance between oestrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, and it can impact them in different ways. It is also called as breast hypertrophy.

Pseudogynecomastia is a condition in which a man's breasts gain fat but not glandular tissue.

Gynecomastia can occur in newborns, boys going through puberty, and older men as a result of natural hormonal changes, though there are other causes as well.

It becomes pertinent to note that gynecomastia is not a serious medical disorder but can be difficult for the patients as they can be painful at times.

What causes Gynecomastia in men?

Hormone imbalance is one the prime conditions that causes swollen male breast tissue.

Reduced male hormones (testosterone) or increased female hormones cause male breast tissue to bulge (oestrogen). Puberty, ageing, medicine, and health issues that influence hormones are also some of the causes.

It has been pointed out by the experts that most of the dairy and meat animals are injected with  for quicker and better production of meat and milk, the ingestion of such products also causes hormonal imbalance.

Even the nutritional supplements which are taken by the gym-goers are laced with steroids which can hamper the production of androgens. The increased relative activity of oestrogens then give rise to enlarged breasts in the men consuming such steroid-laced supplements.

Gynecomastia in Indore

Gynecomastia is a condition in which firm breast tissues develop in males, giving them a bulged out chest which is often termed as man boobs or mobs. As per news reports, it is estimated that around 40 to 60% of Indian men are affected by Gynecomastia. It may be present either on one side of the chest or both.

This breast enlargement condition among men has increased among men in the country and it is more prevalent among boys who fall in the 19-25 years of age bracket, studies claim. However, there are some cases of gynecomastia even in the middle-aged population.

The problem persists even more in teenage boys. As per the recent studies, almost 80% of teen-aged boys suffer from gynecomastia, but since in most of these cases it is a developmental problem, it subsides on its own later. However, in about 10 to 20 per cent of the cases, it stays, because of various factors.

In some of the cases, it develops at a later stage, mostly because of the factors mentioned earlier.

Understanding the hormonal imbalance of gynecomastia:

It must be known that men have both male and female hormones inside them, as against the common notion that men do not have female hormones. Female hormones are also present inside men, though in a little amount. The hormonal imbalance may be triggered naturally when a man’s body is more receptive to female hormones, but in most cases , there are external factors behind it. Certain factors like deficiency of certain nutrients, an unhealthy or deficient diet, use of steroid and lack of physical activity can be a cause triggering enlargement of breast tissues in men.

Gynecomastia Symptoms:

Often the patients who are suffering gynecomastia do not complain of any specific symptoms. The general signs and symptoms of the condition may include pain in the chest area. This symptom is seen particularly in adolescents. Other symptoms include swollen breast tissue, breast tenderness, sensitive feeling in the nipples even to slight stimuli like rubbing against clothes.

Gynecomastia psycho-social effects:

Though medically gynecomastia is not a very serious condition, however, the problem is more psycho-social than medical. Often the young men and teenage boys have to bear social outcast because of their breast anomaly. Often in school, colleges and among peer groups, they are made a subject of ridicule and mockery. All of this adversely impacts the self-esteem of the person. Their confidence is affected and so are their social interaction skills. Because of the fear of ridicule, the person largely isolates himself and avoids social meet.

Gynecomastia solution:

Removing gynecomastia will have a significant impact on the  lives of the patients, allowing them to feel more at ease and secure in their own skin.

Male breast reduction removes fat and glandular tissue from the breasts, as well as superfluous skin in extreme situations, resulting in a flatter, firmer, and better shaped chest. Asymmetry, dimpling, wrinkling, unevenness, and surface irregularities can occur after liposuction, which can be prevented with VASER (Vibration Amplification of Sound Energy at Resonance), making it the treatment of choice for gynecomastia. Male breast reduction is frequently paired with VASER lipo of the abdomen, flanks, and back in order to achieve total body contouring in men.

Gynecomastia surgery procedure:

The procedure generally involves liposuction (which is referred to a fat reduction process used in plastic surgery) which is done through a small stab incision in the axilla. Through this, the excess fatty and glandular tissues are removed.  A small incision may be required in the periareolar area, to excise a Glandular tissue in case it is firm. A skin excision may also be required, but in post Bariatric cases.

As per the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the areola (which is the dark skin surrounding the nipple) of the breasts may be stretched and breasts may even be sagged due to the weight of excess breast tissue in severe cases of gynecomastia. In such cases as well surgery can be used to improve the position and size of the areola and to remove the excess skin as well.

The plastic surgery procedure which is undertaken to correct gynecomastia is called as reduction mammaplasty and is mostly a day-care procedure after which the patient may be discharged once he feels good to go.

Depending upon the amount of tissue to be removed the process of Gynecomastia surgery may take about an hour or two to complete. Generally, it is performed under general anesthesia on an outpatient basis and the male breast reduction recovery time extends from about 1 week to 2 weeks on average.

Patients who have had gynecomastia surgery recently need to avoid strenuous activity for proper healing and to avoid any post-surgical complications.

In the initial weeks a compression vest may be given to the patients which will support the skin and will also work to prevent any accumulation of fluid. Swelling and bruising may be there during the initial healing process. The medication provided will help in any kind of pain post the surgery.

The bruising and swelling will take some time to subside and will gradually become normal over the months. Patients may have to wait for at least two weeks before they can begin to resume their normal activities. However, this may include easy traveling (like from home to work and back) and some mild exercises may be taken up. In case of severe gynecomastia surgery, the instruction of the surgeon may differ depending upon how major was the surgery.  The Final results should be noticeable by 6 months after the surgery.

Gynecomastia Surgery in Indore:

In the pursuit of good-looks and perfection, cosmetic surgery is becoming a fad in the urban areas of the country. Not only the celebrities, but even the students and working class are now increasingly particular about their appearance and are ready to go under the knife even for minute asymmetry in their face. In such a scenario, gynecomastia surgery is also growing as a preferred solution for getting rid of male breasts. Those with severe or even slight gynecomastia are now opting for a permanent solution  for it.

World over, more and more men are now willing to opt for the gynecomastia surgery as it permanently gets rid of male breasts. There has been a significant increase in men opting for cosmetic surgery in India as well. In cities like Indore as well, there are world-class facility for the removal of male breasts through surgical method. The doctors who perform the surgery as experts in the field and a number of clients have got satisfactory results from it. It has helped a large number of men who were living an under-confident life in gaining back a positive outlook.

Indore is a place that has top-notch medical and healthcare facilities. There are a number of cosmetic surgery clinics and several reputed plastic surgeons in Indore who provide reliable and safe gynecomastia surgery in Indore. However, it is advised to pick nothing but the best as it is going to be a significant process and the success of the surgery would directly impact the kind of life the patient will have afterwards.

Although any male person who is above 18 years of age and is medically fit can opt for this surgery, however, only after proper consultation and counseling by the field experts, should a patient decide to opt for surgical method to remove male breasts. Only if your surgeons affirm that you’re a good candidate for the procedure, you should opt for it. During the initial consultations, the patients may be allowed the opportunity to ask any questions, he may have about the surgery.

The patient is given a detailed insight about how the surgery will be conducted, what will be its effects, how long will it take and how much time will be taken in full recovery. The experts will ascertain that you are a fit candidate for the procedure and will brief you about the benefits and risks of the procedure before you reach any decision in this regard.

The cost of this surgical procedure may vary depending upon the amount of fat that needs to be culled, the kind of sculpting needed, the type of technology used, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Some points need to be kept in mind before the surgery. All the pre-surgery tests mandated by your surgeon should be completed. The surgery requires the chest and under-arms area to be completely shaved. It is advised that the patient does not eat or drink 6 hours before the surgery. Wearing comfortable clothes is a must.  It is also important to have a responsible person accompany you, especially for the post-surgery formalities and for your assistance in going back home.

The side effects of this procedure may include numbness in chest area. There may be swelling or bruising at some part of the chest. It may involve some level of pain and discomfort. These effects however may be eased down with the help of post-operative medications prescribed by the doctors. Such effects are temporary in nature and may subside within seven to fourteen days of surgery. Till then the patient is advised to take proper rest and avoid any activity that would cause strain on the pectorals and the chest area muscles. Regular medication and rest is an important part of the recovery process.

Gynecomastia surgery is a reliable solution if performed by expert surgeons. Though it is considered as a permanent solution, there may be some cases of recurrence. The fat and the glandular tissues, which are the main causes are removed, chances of recurrence is quite low.

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Gynecomastia is a situation of enlargement of male breast due to glandular and fatty tissues .This is also called as “Man Boobs”. This is one of the most common and fastest growing surgery in cosmetic treatments. The persons who are facing this problems are more aware of their problems as they know very well that their concerns can be corrected and the surgical technique is very simple and safe . There is no other option other then surgical procedure .Men at any age probably may face a problem of gynecomastia and this is very embarrassing situation which can affect the self-esteem or self confidence of a person.

Causes of gynecomastia :

Following are the some of the causes due to which the mens are facing this problem due to the following reasons :

  • Result of heredity, disease
  • Side effect of drugs
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Estrogen-containing medicine
  • Obesity

Gynecomastia surgery will help the person to discharged the problem permanently.


Gynecomastia also called as reduction of mammoplasty which is the procedure of liposuction to reduce excess fatty tissues and glandular tissues by making small incision underneath or on the side of the chest. This tissues can be removed either by making these small incision or ,a through a separate incision just inside the edge of the areola. In most men, the overlying skin is elastic enough to shrink back down to create a flatter appearance to the chest. Rarely, the excess skin can be removed in a second procedure if the skin does not shrink sufficiently.

Today’s most common cosmetic surgery which is occurring in most of the men is gynecomastia. For the increasing man boobs no other treatment is available other then surgical procedure. Thus man who is facing this situation he has to go through the surgical procedure. There is no need to afraid of this as this is very simple and safe procedure. The choice to have a surgery is a personal choice .


A good candidate for surgery would require the patient should be in good health who have normal and stable weight and the breast development would have stabilized.


The time required to performed the surgery is 1-2 hours under local or general anesthestia and 3-4 hours rest he need to take. There is no need to stay at the hospital as the patient can walk and travel after the surgery.The compression garments are provided by the clinic to wear it atleast 2-3 months as suggested by the doctor which help to reduce the swelling and tenderness.This will help to contour the body. Pateint are able to resume light activities after the surgery but the heavy workouts can be resumed after a couple of weeks. Follow-up appointments will be arranged for the patient at 1 weeks, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 month, 6 month and 1 year. Follow up care is extremely important to achieve optimum results.

Myths vs. Facts When it comes to Man Boobs

When we talk about Man Boobs or gynecomastia simply a one hour procedure can remove them with a quick recovery. Doctor insists that now there is no need for men to suffer any embarrassment, un-confidence, or live with the same.

With regards to therapeutic conditions such a gynecomastia or "man boobs", numerous men hushed up about their worries, as opposed to searching out assistance from a specialist because of humiliation. Living with gynecomastia regularly prompts low confidence and evading any exercises that include evacuating their shirt, for example, swimming and the shoreline. Doctor, a specialist of gynecomastia clarifies its state as the basic causes and how effortlessly and easily this can be redressed with a one hour medical procedure.

Gynecomastia is the state of expanded breasts or puffy areolas in men and this can occur at any phase of a male's life. Frequently it starts amid pubescence where there is an awkwardness of testosterone and ESTROGEN with more ESTROGEN prompting advancement of glandular breast tissue which is called gynecomastia. Sadly, once this breast tissue creates, it will in all likelihood not leave as you get more established and numerous men start to look for treatment in their mid 20's to dispose of their "man boobs". Men experience the ill effects of a sentiment not looking typical and the breasts might be delicate. Note that eating regimen and exercise won't dispose of "man boobs" yet may in certainty aggravate it look as the pectorals muscle tones and abundance fat is shed.

Other than hormonal awkwardness amid pubescence, there are different conditions that may cause a man's ESTROGEN levels to rise, which may prompt the state of gynecomastia. A typical reason seen by Doctor, is a male taking exogenous testosterone, for example, anabolic steroids and professional hormones and different protein supplements which can be changed over into ESTROGEN in the body. Taking these medications will frequently cause gynecomastia regardless of taking ESTROGEN blockers.

Endorsed pharmaceuticals for hypertension, prostate drugs, antidepressants and numerous others can likewise cause "man boobs". Over the top liquor utilization may prompt gynecomastia by harming the liver. Liver harm can meddle with the organ's capacity to change over hormones starting with one frame then onto the next, prompting the advancement of breast tissue. There is additionally a relationship between over the top utilization of weed and gynecomastia.

When it comes to medical conditions such a gynecomastia or "man boobs", many men chose to keep their concerns to themselves, rather than seeking out help from a doctor due to embarrassment. Living with gynecomastia usually leads to low self-confidence and running away from any activities that involve removing their shirt such as swimming and the beach. Doctor, a gynecomastia surgeon explains the condition of gynecomastia, the common causes and how easily and painlessly this can be corrected with an one hour surgery.

Gynecomastia is the situation of enlarged breasts or puffy nipples in men and this can be caused at any stage of a male's life. Most often it begins during puberty where there is an imbalance of testosterone and estrogen with more ESTROGEN leading to development of glandular breast tissue which is called gynecomastia.  Regrettably, once this breast tissue develops, it will most probably not go away as your age moves on and many men begin to seek treatment in their early 20's to get rid of their "man boobs". Men suffer from a feeling of not looking normal and the breasts may be tender. It is critical to note that diet and exercise will not get rid of "man boobs" but may in fact make it look even worse at times as the pectoralis muscle tones and excess fat is shed.

Besides hormonal imbalance during puberty, there are other conditions that may cause a man’s estrogen levels to rise, which may lead to the condition of gynecomastia. A common cause seen by Doctor, is a male taking exogenous testosterone for example anabolic steroids and pro hormones and different protein supplements which is converted into estrogen in the body. Taking these drugs will often cause gynecomastia despite taking estrogen blockers.

Prescribed medications for high blood pressure, prostate medications, anti-depressants and many others can also cause "man boobs". Excessive alcohol consumption may cause gynecomastia as it damages the liver. Liver damage can interfere with the organ’s ability to convert hormones from one form to another, leading to the development of breast tissue. There is also an association between excessive utilisation of marijuana and gynecomastia.

Once in a while, endocrine issues in a man can likewise prompt the improvement of breast tissue, for example, thyroid or pituitary issues. The revision of gynecomastia and expulsion of man boobs includes medical procedure to remove the breast tissue or organ. This is finished by making a crescent cut around the areola and expelling the breast organs between the skin and pectoralis muscle. Doctor likewise performs liposuction to evacuate any encompassing fat and to shape and form the chest. In this short one. hour methodology, the "man boobs" are expelled and the outcome is an ordinary looking chest.

Legend #1: The medical procedure is agonizing and the recuperation is long.

Most patients take next to no or no agony drug amid the few days after medical procedure. Driving might be continued in 2-3 days and most men are back to work in 2-3 days. On the off chance that truly difficult work is required at work, Doctor ask that the men take 1-2 weeks off work.

Fantasy #2, If I have the medical procedure, I won't have the capacity to work out for quite a long time.

The greater part of Doctor's patients are back in the rec center at 10 days to begin working out their chest and forming the chest.

Fantasy #3:Only overweight men get "man boobs".

Being overweight can cause fat gathering in the breast causing pseudogynecomastia , however most gynecomastia is the aftereffect of hormonal awkwardness. Anyway even obese men with pseudogynecomastia will be benefiting through medical processes to remove the "man boobs" since eating regimen and exercise won't totally rectify the condition. Normally liposuction is fruitful however now and then the additional breast tissue still should be evacuated or removed.

Legend #4 Exercises will influence this to leave, simply continue pumping iron!

Once the glandular tissue creates in a man's chest, lamentably it won't leave. The glandular tissue is frequently firmer or hard and might be delicate. On the off chance that there is fat, at that point a portion of that may shrivel as a man gets thinner or works out however the organ tissue will continue as before.

For most men, practice does not dispose of a genuine instance of gynecomastia. Eating fewer carbs won't dispose of gynecomastia. Truth be told, eating routine and exercise may shape and tone the chest and make the glandular tissue more discernible with the goal that the chest really looks more terrible. Medical procedure is the main alternative, and if done legitimately by a board affirmed plastic specialist who represents considerable authority in gynecomastia, it likely will be gone, until the end of time.

Actuality #1

Evacuating the genuine breast tissue is the best way to totally adjust "man boobs" and to keep the organs from becoming back. Regularly patients treated by different specialists with just liposuction will be miserable with the outcomes as there is still some breast tissue abandoned. This is the reason Doctor dependably makes the slice around the areola to expel the breasts organs in conjunction with liposuction for a total expulsion of the man boobs leaving a level chest.

Actuality #2

I have an extreme instance of Man boobs, I have more breast tissue than generally ladies. In the more extreme instances of gynecomastia where men appear as though they have a B cup or C cup breasts, Doctor plays out a more unpredictable medical procedure, which typically consolidates evacuation of the breast tissue and expulsion of the overabundance or free skin. This is called Male Breast Reduction Surgery and is like a breast diminishment medical procedure in a female.

In spite of the fact that Gynecomastia can be humiliating for a man, he doesn't have to live with it. This is generally a one hour medical procedure with a brisk recuperation. Men treated by Doctor routinely express that they "wish they had done this sooner, it didn't hurt, and they simply adore the outcomes!"

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Gynecomastia (type- Nuh - Koh -Mas-te-uh) is an increase in the amount of breast gland tissues in boys or men, caused by an imbalance of the hormones estrogen and testosterone. Gynecomastia can affect one or both breasts, sometimes unevenly.

Newborns, boys going through puberty, and older men can develop gynecomastia as a result of normal changes in hormone levels, although there are other causes as well.

Gynecomastia is generally not a serious problem, but the condition can be difficult to deal with. Men and boys with gynecomastia sometimes have breast pain and may feel embarrassed.

Gynecomastia can go away on its own. If it persists, medication or surgery can help.


The signs and symptoms of gynecomastia include:

  • Swollen breast tissue
  • Tender breasts

When to see a doctor

See your doctor if you have:

  • swelling
  • Pain or tenderness
  • Nipple discharge in one or both breasts


Gynecomastia is triggered by a decrease in the amount of the hormone testosterone compared to estrogen. The decline can be caused by conditions that block the effects of testosterone, lower testosterone, or increase your level of estrogen.

Several things can upset your hormonal balance, including the following.

Natural hormonal changes

The hormones testosterone and estrogen control sexual characteristics in both men and women. Testosterone controls male traits, such as muscle mass and body hair. Estrogen controls female features, including breast growth.

Most people think of estrogen as an exclusively female hormone, but men produce it too, although usually in small amounts. Male estrogen levels that are too high or out of balance with testosterone levels can cause gynecomastia.

  • Gynecomastia in infants. More than half of male babies are born with enlarged breasts due to the effects of their mother's estrogen. Generally, the inflamed breast tissue goes away within two to three weeks after birth.
  • Gynecomastia during puberty. Gynecomastia caused by hormonal changes during puberty is relatively common. In most cases, the inflamed breast tissue will go away without treatment within six months to two years.
  • Gynecomastia in adults. The prevalence of gynecomastia peaks again between the ages of 50 and 69. At least 1 in 4 men in this age group is affected.

Healthy conditions

Several health conditions can cause gynecomastia by affecting the normal balance of hormones. These include:

  • Hypogonadism. Conditions that interfere with normal testosterone production, such as Klinefelter syndrome or pituitary insufficiency, may be associated with gynecomastia.
  • Aging. Hormonal changes that occur with normal aging can cause gynecomastia, especially in overweight men.
  • Tumors Some tumors, such as those that affect the testes, adrenal glands, or pituitary gland, can produce hormones that alter the male-female hormonal balance.
  • Hyperthyroidism In this condition, the thyroid gland produces too much thyroxine hormone.
  • Renal insufficiency. About half of the people who receive dialysis treatment experience gynecomastia due to hormonal changes.
  • Liver failure and cirrhosis. Changes in hormone levels related to liver problems and cirrhosis medications are associated with gynecomastia.
  • Malnutrition and hunger. When your body is deprived of proper nutrition, testosterone levels drop while estrogen levels remain the same, causing a hormonal imbalance. Gynecomastia can also occur when normal nutrition is resumed.

Herbal products

Vegetable oils, such as tea tree or lavender, used in shampoos, soaps, or lotions have been associated with gynecomastia. This is probably due to its weak estrogenic activity.

Risk factor's

Risk factors for gynecomastia include:

  • Adolescence
  • Advanced age
  • Use of anabolic or androgen steroids to improve athletic performance.
  • Certain health conditions, including liver and kidney disease, thyroid disease, hormonally active tumors, and Klinefelter syndrome


Gynecomastia has few physical complications, but it can cause psychological or emotional problems caused by appearance.


There are some factors that you can control that can reduce your risk of gynecomastia:

  • Do not do drugs. Examples include steroids and androgens, heroin, and marijuana.
  • Avoid alcohol. Don't drink alcohol. If you drink, do so in moderation.
  • Review your medications. If you are taking medications known to cause gynecomastia, ask your doctor about other options.


Your doctor will ask you questions about your medical and drug history and the health conditions that run in your family. The doctor will also perform a physical exam that may include a careful evaluation of the breast tissue, abdomen, and genitals.


Initial tests to determine the cause of your gynecomastia may include:

  • Blood test
  • Mammograms

You may need more tests based on the results of your initial test, including:

  • Computed tomography (CT) scans
  • Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans
  • Testicular ultrasounds
  • Tissue biopsies

Conditions that cause similar symptoms

Your doctor will want to make sure your breast swelling is gynecomastia and not another condition. Other conditions that can cause similar symptoms include:

  • Fatty breast tissue. Some men and boys have breast fat that looks like gynecomastia. This is not the same as gynecomastia and does not need further evaluation.
  • Breast cancer. This is rare in men, but it can happen. An enlarged breast or the presence of a firm nodule raises concern for male breast cancer.
  • A breast abscess. This is an infection of the breast tissue.


Most cases of gynecomastia resolve over time without treatment. However, if gynecomastia is caused by an underlying condition, such as hypogonadism, malnutrition, or cirrhosis, that condition may need treatment.

If you are taking medications that can cause gynecomastia, your doctor may recommend stopping them or replacing them with other medications.

In adolescents with no apparent cause of gynecomastia other than normal hormonal changes during puberty, the doctor may recommend periodic re-evaluations every three to six months to see if the condition improves on its own. Gynecomastia usually goes away without treatment in less than two years.

Treatment may be necessary if gynecomastia does not get better on its own or if it causes significant pain, tenderness, or embarrassment.


Medications used to treat breast cancer and other conditions may be helpful for some men with gynecomastia.

Although these drugs are approved by the Food and Drug Administration, they have not been specifically approved for use in people with gynecomastia.

Surgery to remove excess breast tissue

If the breasts ag Ranges are important and bothersome even after initial treatment or observation, your doctor may recommend surgery.

Two gynecomastia surgery options are:

  • Liposuction. This surgery removes breast fat, but not the tissue of the mammary gland itself.
  • Mastectomy. This type of surgery removes tissue from the mammary gland. The surgery is often done using only small incisions. This less invasive type of surgery involves less recovery time.

Coping and support

For men, enlarged breasts can be stressful and embarrassing. Gynecomastia can be difficult to hide and a challenge for romantic relationships. During puberty, gynecomastia can cause boys to tease their peers. It can make activities like swimming or changing in your locker room traumatic.

Whatever your age, you may feel like your body has betrayed you, and you may feel unhappy with yourself. These feelings are normal, but to help you cope, you can:

  • Get advice. Psychotherapy can help you avoid anxiety and depression caused by gynecomastia. It can also help you communicate with your partner or family so they understand what you are going through.
  • Communicate with your family and friends. You may be embarrassed to talk about gynecomastia with the people you care about. But explaining your situation and asking for support will likely strengthen your relationships and reduce stress.
  • Connect with other people who have gynecomastia. Talking to men who have had a similar experience can help you cope. Websites like Gynecomastia.org provide a forum to connect with others who have the condition.


What is gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery reduces the size of the breasts in men, flattening and improving the contour of the chest.

In severe cases of gynecomastia, the weight of excess breast tissue can cause the breasts to sag and stretch the areola (the dark skin around the nipple). In these cases, the position and size of the areola can be surgically improved and excess skin can be reduced.

Plastic surgery to correct gynecomastia is technically called reduction mammoplasty.

What is gynecomastia?

Gynecomastia is an overdeveloped or enlarged breast condition in men that can occur at any age. The condition can be the result of hormonal changes, heredity, obesity, or the use of certain medications.

Gynecomastia can cause emotional distress and affect your self-confidence. Some men may even avoid certain physical activities and intimacy simply to hide their condition.

Gynecomastia is characterized by:

  • Excess localized fat
  • Excess development of glandular tissue
  • Sometimes excess skin on the breasts
  • Presence unilateral (one breast) or bilateral (both breasts)

What is Male Breast Reduction?

Male breast reduction is the most effective known treatment for gynecomastia, or male breast enlargement. This cosmetic surgery procedure removes excess fat and glandular tissue to restore a flatter, firmer and more masculine contour to the chest.

Due to genetics, the use of certain medications, or other unspecified reasons, some men develop the appearance of enlarged breasts. It is estimated that up to 50% of men in the United States experience some degree of gynecomastia during their lifetime. Gynecomastia can occur at any age, and male breast reduction can be performed safely and successfully in both teenagers and adult men.

Why have a man breast reduction?

While weight loss can help reduce the appearance of man boobs in some men, there is often excess glandular tissue as well, causing even very thin patients to notice breast enlargement. Currently, male breast reduction is the only consistently effective gynecomastia treatment that has long-lasting, if not permanent, results. After this surgery, patients commonly say they feel comfortable shirtless for the first time in years and report an increased sense of self-confidence.

If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about the appearance of your chest, or if you find yourself avoiding certain activities because you are afraid to show your chest, male breast reduction is an option to consider. With the help of a qualified cosmetic surgeon, the procedure offers dramatic, almost immediate improvements, with minimal scarring.

Choosing a qualified cosmetic surgeon

Male breast reduction is one of the simplest cosmetic surgery procedures, But excellent results require a specialized approach that can only come from specialized training and experience. You should carefully screen prospective doctors to find a plastic surgeon who can safely perform the procedure and achieve the results you want. Pay attention to 3 key factors when choosing a plastic surgeon for your male breast reduction procedure:

  • Skill and Experience - Make sure your cosmetic surgeon regularly performs male breast reduction as part of their practice. Ask how many procedures they have done, ask to see photos of past patients, and make sure you like what you see; This indicates that the cosmetic style of a cosmetic surgeon aligns well with yours.
  • Board Certification in Cosmetic Surgery: ABCS board certified cosmetic surgeons are scholarship-trained in all areas of cosmetic surgery, including liposuction and breast contouring, which may not be covered in plastic surgery or others surgical residences. Additionally, by choosing a board certified cosmetic surgeon, you can rest easy knowing that your procedure will be performed at an accredited surgical center.
  • Your relationship with a cosmetic surgeon - You should feel comfortable being honest with a cosmetic surgeon about your concerns and medical history.

Gynecomastia treatment with liposuction

Today, cosmetic surgeons can treat a growing number of gynecomastia patients with liposuction. This is due in part to advances in liposuction technology, which have resulted in a wider selection of less invasive techniques. However, the skill of the surgeon also plays an important role, and it is important to choose a cosmetic surgeon who is trained in liposuction and has specific experience in performing male breast reduction using liposuction. Learn more about liposuction surgery and techniques.

The procedure to treat gynecomastia with liposuction is typically performed under local anesthesia with sedation or general anesthesia and involves a small incision on each side of the chest. Depending on your needs and the preferred technique of your plastic surgeon, the incisions may be located along a portion of the edge of the areola or within the armpit. Through these incisions, your cosmetic surgeon will remove excess fat and / or glandular tissue, at the same time sculpting a new breast contour that looks natural to your body.


This patient underwent liposuction to treat gynecomastia and reduce love handles.

The recovery process after liposuction is usually quite tolerable. Patients are often given a compression garment to wear for the first few weeks after surgery; This helps minimize swelling and offers support for healing tissues. While vigorous exercise is generally prohibited for about 3 weeks, many men return to work or school several days after their procedures. However, it is important to understand that everyone heals at a unique rate; Your cosmetic surgeon will give you individualized instructions for recovery.

Male breast reduction with tissue excision

More severe cases of gynecomastia may require surgical removal of tissue to achieve optimal results. Also, patients who have stretched and flabby skin around the breasts will generally require this approach. Tissue excision allows the cosmetic surgeon to remove a greater amount of glandular tissue and / or skin that cannot be successfully treated with liposuction alone.

The location and length of the incisions depend on the extent of the surgery required, but they are generally located around the edge of the areola (peri-areolar incision) or within the natural folds of the chest. A trained and qualified cosmetic surgeon will make the incisions so that the resulting scars are as discreet as possible.

Male breast reduction with tissue excision is typically performed as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. The recovery process is similar to that of liposuction; however, it is common for patients to experience pain and some swelling. Typically, patients feel ready to return to work within a week after surgery, and a gradual return to exercise is generally allowed after the first few weeks.

Life after male breast reduction

After gynecomastia surgery, you should notice an immediate improvement in the shape and ap arience of his chest. While you may feel sore for a few days, the pain is usually minimal. While your plastic surgeon will likely prescribe some pain reliever, many men find that over-the-counter options, such as Tylenol, are sufficient. If you are given a compression garment, wear it. This will improve your comfort and help your chest heal optimally.

While each patient's healing process is unique, most patients feel ready to return to work only a few days after a man breast reduction, depending on the nature of their work. Some men experience a loss of sensation in the treated areas after male breast reduction, but this is almost always temporary. Any loss of sensation should gradually return over the months after your procedure.

Maintain your improved chest contour

The results of male breast reduction are meant to be permanent - the excess fat, glandular tissue and skin removed are gone forever. However, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Significant weight gain, steroid use, or certain medical conditions can lead to a recurrence of gynecomastia. Additionally, medications that influence testosterone levels could also affect your results. An experienced board-certified cosmetic surgeon can help you learn what to do to maintain your long-term results.

If you suffer from gynecomastia, male breast reduction could be the right solution to correct this condition and help you feel more confident about your appearance. The best way to learn about your options is to consult with a qualified cosmetic surgeon. Our ABCS Find-a-Surgeon tool will help you locate board certified cosmetic surgeons in your area.