Male breast reduction is one way to treat gynecomastia. Male nipples can be reduced without gynecomastia surgery. This problem falls under general gynecomastia category but its treatment is much simpler as compared to gynecomastia. Reducing the diameter of male areolas by half is possible without much scarring and is not very complicated. The average size for male areola is 20-25 centimeters. This procedure requires a scar to be made circumferentially around the area of areola. A permanent and buried circular suture is used to reduce the tension on the skin closure. It helps in lessening the scar.

A person planning to undergo male areola reduction should always go to a certified surgeon and get the procedure done in certified clinics. A surgeon will determine if a patient is a suitable candidate for areola reduction by glandular excision or liposuction. Experience of the surgeon in dealing with such cases is important to get best results without any complication. Anyone planning to undergo areola reduction should keep in mind the scarring aspect. This procedure is not without scars. Some scarring is there which will be discussed by the surgeon before the procedure. In most cases, scars are very small and not very visible.

Puffy nipple areola complex: it is one of the commonest forms of gynecomastia present in males. The gland or adipose tissue which is accumulated can be located under the areola or can be extended slightly outside the areola. It gives a dome shaped structure to the areola. It is found in all age groups but more common in teenage boys. This surgery takes one or two hours and the recovery is quite quick. A patient recovers in less than a week. There is minimal scarring and the success rate is very high. A lot of people suffer from body image issues as a result of puffy nipples. Getting it reduced surgically is a good option for them and in most of the cases, only option.

Risks of areola reduction

In some cases, scars maybe visible or there may be painful keloide scars. It makes it difficult for body builders and athletes to undergo this procedure. There is a chance of permanent loss of sensation. There are some chances of areola nipple loss as a result of this procedure. The results may not always be 100 percent. It is best to undergo a thorough examination before going for any surgery.