Live-Mythical Permanent Hair Removal

#facialfeminization #facialfeminisation #facialteam Live interview with directors of two clinics specializing in permanent hair removal from two continents, Peach Clinic in Australia and Beverly Hills Hair Free in California. A myth about hair removal methods and tips for transsexuals. Visit the expert site featured in this live stream: Bronwyn Connolly-FACIAL TEAM, CEO of BH HairFree, founder of Alana Dzurek Peach Clinics Excellence in Facial Gender Surgery (FFS Surgery). Watch more videos on our channel! Sign up for our newsletter: Join the Patient Peer Group on Facebook: Alana Dzurek is the founder and CEO of Beverly Hills and an electrician with over 20 years of experience. An expert in her field, Alana is a contributor to, an instructor, and a member of the Summit Surgery Team, a network of medical professionals who promote a variety of medical conditions. Alana has devoted her entire career to finding the most effective, low-cost, painless hair loss treatments. Her extensive research has led to the birth of the Beverly Hills Hair Free System for Permanent Hair Removal, which is now globally recognized as the gold standard. Alana is currently offering an advanced educational series, developing a state-of-the-art next-generation galvanic multi-needle device to be launched worldwide in early 2021. —- Bronwyn Connolly has entered the world of electrolysis. The ultimate answer to getting rid of her own facial hair. She left her career in the corporate world and qualified for electrolysis in New York. Bronwin and her partner Alice launched the Peach Clinic in 2017 to provide galvanic electrolysis in Australia. From their own personal experience, it became clear that there was a need for a more practical and reliable market for treatment. Founded in Sydney’s CBD and Melbourne, Peach Clinic has a strong relationship between healthcare professionals who support the transgender communities of Australia and New Zealand. Peach Clinic provides transwomen with effective permanent hair removal services by providing intensive sessions utilizing IV sedation for LED phototherapy to promote pain management, local anesthesia, and healing. I will. ..

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