liposuction Tunisia: fat liposuction, silhouette liposculpture

The video above describes the procedure for liposuction performed in one of the clinics in Tunisia. Here in this page you will find everything you need to know about this cosmetic surgery of the silhouette is mentioned: type of anesthesia, areas to be liposuction, main surgical procedures, characteristics of postoperative operations,… Liposculpture in Tunisia It is about ‘a technique which aims to reshape the various regions of the body by sucking up fatty masses resistant to the usual slimming methods. Principle: It consists, by one or two puncture orifices of 3 to 10 mm maximum (therefore without real scar), to introduce a cannula in the whole of the fatty zone. This cannula, connected to a very powerful suction system and handled with great precision, will suck the excess fat cells; as these have disappeared and cannot regenerate, the fats (lipids) can no longer be stored in these regions. The result is therefore definitive and there is no risk of “relapse”. It is not a treatment for superficial cellulite (orange peel), the origin of which remains poorly understood and which is independent of the underlying excess fat while often being associated with the latter. It is not a slimming method (the weight loss is minimal, the fat being very light) but a slimming technique. It is particularly well indicated on localized fatty deposits without loss of the skin. It often helps patients to lose weight afterwards. The results will be all the better when the skin is elastic, so they vary depending on the age and on each person. On the face: The double chin infiltrated with fat. It is then a question of “micro liposuction” made with very fine cannulas. At the level of the abdomen: This is the famous “abdominal butterfly” under and above the umbilical; the puncture buttonhole is made in the pubis and umbilicus. At the level of the hips: Liposuction is very common on large lateral fatty deposits At the level of the lower limbs: The outer face of the thighs is the “saddlebags”, fatty deposits very resistant to weight loss attempts, the buttonhole is hidden in the gluteal fold. ü But also the posterior face and the inner face of the thighs when the excess fat is clear. ü At the level of the knees “micro liposuction”: above the knee and / or on the internal face of this one. Finally in certain special cases, calves, ankles, arms can be the subject of liposuction. (regions more difficult to treat). Which anesthesia to choose? Local anesthesia (painless) is recommended for micro liposuction (face, chin, saddlebags, knees) or other small limited excess. Same day outing is the rule. For larger liposuction: general anesthesia is indicated. A complete pre-operative assessment is then performed. General anesthesia: It retains all its value for those who do not want “to see anything, to hear anything”. Hospitalization is 24 hours. The consequences are simple: The dressing is changed two or three days later, the patient will then wear varicose vein tights or a special sheath for a month. Some very bearable pains are frequent the first 4 days Massages with or without lymphatic drainage are advised. The result: It can not really be appreciated until the 3rd month (period of 1 to 4 months) after the residual secondary fat loss. He can improve during the whole first year. A pre and post operative photo study allows you to appreciate its quality. To optimize the result, it will be necessary to maintain good dietary hygiene in the postoperative follow-up of liposuction. In addition, you can get a general idea of ​​the price of liposuction depending on the area to be treated and the length of the medical stay. Through functional diagrams and real video sequences, you can observe the progress of the operation which will last approximately between 30 and 90 minutes depending on the amount of fat to be sucked. .

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