Liposuction in Tunisia: Meline’s confession

Liposuction in Tunisia by Méline at the Clinique de L’espoir: the testimony of a young woman with complexities who will regain confidence after this procedure which removes the bulges of fat. Indications for liposuction The intimate confession cameras have followed Méline and Frank, a couple who suffers from Méline’s complexes who want to go through cosmetic surgery in order to find the motivation to lose weight following the intervention. Frank being rather resentful at the beginning, he ends up supporting his companion who decides to consult Dr. Mezhoud, plastic surgeon at the clinic of hope for a liposuction intervention in Tunisia. The couple therefore went to Tunis, to the clinic to consult Dr Mezhoud, in charge of Méline’s operation. The Doctor informs the couple about the limits and objectives of liposuction, he also recalls that it is not a weight loss intervention but a reshaping of the silhouette and the contours of the body. The couple meet in the recovery room after the success of the operation, which will bring more calm and serenity to their household. The liposuction intervention that Méline has undergone is relatively simple: it consists of making very short incisions that do not leave scars in order to insert a suction cannula. This cannula is manipulated by the surgeon in a back and forth motion via the various incisions in order to break the fat cells which, once dislodged, are sucked by the suction cannula. ========================== Resources mentioned in this video: The site of the Hope clinic: ======== ================== Make sure you don’t miss a single video from the Hope clinic! Click here to subscribe to the Youtube channel. Cosmetic surgery Tunisia: =========================== Discover the prices of the different interventions by clicking on =========== =============== What are the specificities of belly liposuction? Here: ================================================ =================================================== Find all our videos cosmetic surgery tunisia:.

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