Liposuction: a serious risk associated with this cosmetic surgery

Liposuction Can Be Dangerous Every operation carries a number of risks, and the same goes for Liposuction. It is no accident that the patient is asked to sign a document. The consent indicates the possible complications. Learn about phlebitis and pulmonary embolism, especially if you smoke a lot! WHAT DOES THE SURGEON DO DURING THE OPERATION? He describes the areas to be operated on, then makes micro incisions to introduce thin cannulas connected to a vacuum cleaner that sucks up the fat. In the traditional version, the tubes are inserted to crush the fat cells, which are emulsified and aspirated. Many specialists also use ultrasound which breaks down the walls of adipocytes, thus promoting the release of liquefied fats. Others use cannulas that come and go, dissolving fatty tissue. WHAT HAPPENS AFTER LIPOSUCCION PROCEDURE In areas where cannulas are inserted, bruising appears and disappears within a few days. The effect of the remodeling is immediate, but to appreciate it in its entirety, it is necessary to wait between 03 and 06 months. It is also necessary to wear a compression sleeve or pantyhose for two or three weeks. Is Liposuction Painful? Usually the pain is minimal. Eliminate with analgesics to be taken in the first five days after the operation. Work can be resumed after a week, but you must wait at least a month before returning to sport. DELAY LIPOSUCCION TO 40 YEARS? Absolutely not. What matters is the state of health, the weight and the quality of the skin. If the epidermis is not toned, there may be unsightly relaxations in the area where the cannula has sucked the fat. Important! Lipo is taboo for teenagers. In fact, up to the age of 20, fat masses should not be touched because they are growing. LOCAL ANESTHESIA OR GENERAL ANESTHESIA Many people think that local anesthesia is less dangerous. In fact, it is only indicated for very small surfaces. , general anesthesia is safer: It is the anesthesiologist who performs it and the control system is protected. Only the cosmetic surgeon can determine what is best, by evaluating the areas to be treated and the amount of fat to be eliminated. THE RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED FOR HOW LONG? First of all, we must clarify that the result of liposuction does not last a lifetime if you do not follow good dietary hygiene and do not practice sports. Liposuction cannot remove more than three liters of fat. The operation has a very high success rate. Of course, there may be times when you create a little depression because of a poor scar: but if the procedure was performed correctly, the error can be corrected after 6 months. .

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