“I wasn’t so happy”: Tasmanian transgender law changes get ticks | ABC News

For Francaine Jacques, a 78-year-old Latrobe woman, the morning of September 5th last year was life-changing. It was the day her birth certificate was changed to register her as a woman and was amended under Tasmania’s nationally leading transgender reform. “It only made such a difference in my life. I’ve never been so happy and confident,” she said. “I never thought it was such an important piece of paper until I actually got it.” I always wanted to be buried as an old woman, so I was always afraid that I would be buried as an old man. It was. The controversial law ends the need for sex reassignment surgery to make gender optional with a birth certificate and pass the Tasmanian Parliament in April 2019. Did. Despite government opposition, Labor, Greens, and Parliamentary Speaker Sue Hicky worked together to push them through. The government warned that changes could be sloppy and could have unintended consequences, suggesting that they might try to abolish them. He was tasked with investigating the changes and determined that the lengthy process resulted in no significant, unintended consequences. nder and non-binary Tasmanians are easier. “There are some pretty important changes that have a positive impact on some members of our community, but for most people in Tasmania, they don’t affect their daily lives,” he said. Tasmania. According to the Tasmanian Ministry of Justice, between September 5, 2019, when the law came into force, and May 31, 2019, 63 Tasmanians applied for a gender change with their existing birth certificate, 743. A person has applied for a certificate without gender details. Richards said he hopes other states will see Tasmania’s experience and adopt similar legislation. “Looking at what other jurisdictions are doing in Tasmania and our report, we can be confident that these types of changes are not necessarily so scary and that they can make similar changes themselves. I’m looking forward to it, “he said. Read more: Click here for more information on ABC News: You can see more ABC News content on iview: Subscribe on YouTube: Go deeper on ABC News Details Channel: You can also like us on Facebook: or follow us on Instagram: or even on Twitter :.

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