✔️ What is the link between body fat and testosterone levels? Obesity is on the rise and is associated with multiple pathologies such as diabetes and high blood pressure. It has recently been shown that testosterone deficiency syndrome is also linked to obesity. ⇩⇩⇩ Roll up the bar to get more info ⇩⇩⇩ ==================================== ========== 🎁 The video on “How to Lose Visceral Fat” is available here: ========================= ==================== Adequate levels of # testosterone are a sign of good health. Testosterone helps maintain muscle mass, increase the number of calories you burn, and can keep you motivated to stay physically active. The main role of testosterone is to promote masculine characteristics like a deeper voice, increased muscle mass, stronger bones and the growth of facial and body hair. Normal levels are also essential for sperm maturation and the maintenance of male fertility. All of these factors are associated with a lower risk of #weight gain and obesity. Indeed, on average, men with a high level of visceral fat have 30% lower testosterone levels than those with a normal level. Abdominal fat contains high levels of the aromatase enzyme, which converts testosterone into estrogen, the female hormone. This explains why obese men have higher estrogen levels than men of normal weight. How to increase / boost your testosterone naturally? A healthy lifestyle is strongly involved in a normal testosterone level. We know that a lack of sleep greatly influences testosterone levels, sleeping little (less than 5 hours), going to bed well beyond midnight (therefore not respecting your biological clock) all this harms testosterone. Physical activity is essential for overall health and for this hormone in particular. You should do a little exercise every day, 20 to 45 minutes a day is enough. Aerobic exercise is favorable to the general effects and the secretion of testosterone, anaerobic exercise promotes the production and maintenance of our muscle fibers by testosterone. The ideal is therefore to combine these 2 activities. The role of food is also central. Like all steroid hormones, testosterone comes from cholesterol. You must therefore have enough to be able to manufacture it. Video sources: ============================================== Get your other welcome GIFTS now ============================================ == 🎁 FREE book: 20 delicious Paleo recipes Click here ► 🎁 FREE book: 10 Paleo breakfast ideas Click here ► 🎁 23 SIMPLE methods to BOOST your health Click here ► ============ ================================= 🎓 OUR SUPPORT PROGRAMS step by step 🚀 To have QUICK and CONCRETE RESULTS ============================================== 🤖 The machine to LOSE KILOS: 1 Kg less per week Click here ► 🍽 PALEO COOKING: masters Paleo cooking in 5 weeks Click here ► 🍰 Get definitively off SUGAR in 5 steps Click here ► ❤️ The ATHÉNA program for WOMEN 3 months to redesign the SILHOUETTE DE YOUR DREAMS Click here ► 💪 The GLADIATOR program for MEN 3 months to BURN FAT and TAKE MUSCLE Click here ► 🏆 Individual and Tailor-made Support Click here ► ============= ======= ========================= 👨‍👦‍👦 HOW TO FOLLOW US ================== ============================ ★ Our book: ★ Subscribe to our YouTube channel: ★ Like our Facebook page: ★ Follow us on Instagram: ============================================== Sharing this video with this link:.

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