I present to you in this video DOUBLE CHIN WHAT TO DO TO LOSE IT? LIPOSUCCION OR WITHOUT COLD SURGERY CRYO ULTRASONIC KYBELLA Doctor Jacques BUIS Paris what are the solutions against, what to do, the new techniques, treatments to lose, remedy, eliminate, remove, remove in men or women, young or old, this double chin whether you are thin or overweight or even obese for a complete, fast and natural result. Liposuction or liposuction is the only one that removes 100% of the volume in one go with certainty and safety. It is well developed in its technical aspects, most often carried out on an outpatient basis without hospitalization and under local anesthesia. The different cases are explained and many before and after photos illustrate the quality of the results obtained in a single session. The suites are also presented with the local aspect and the possible treatments to be carried out. The case of people with sagging facial skin at the level of the oval, jowls and neck is also presented with cervico-facial lifting or even minilifiting to remove the excess skin once the fat of the double chin has been removed. Other aesthetic medicine solutions are cited because although they are in great demand, none can compete in the opinion of those who have been able to compare with liposuction whether it is the price or the quality of the result with a single gesture. (CONTINUED AFTER THE LINKS) USEFUL LINKS My BLOG for the text and the photos of the video: MY SITE: Management of double chins: Technical neck liposuction: Neck liposuction photo gallery: ESTHETICON FORUM DISCUSSION: Testimonials SOFCPRE Société Française de Chirurgie Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic .: Liposuction information sheet At the top of the list of trendy non-surgical techniques, Injectable products including Kybella, Belkyra, Ultrasound with Ulthera and ultherapy, Cold with cryolipolysis. It is three techniques the result is perfectly hazardous because during the treatment nothing makes it possible to control the parameters which make it possible to deliver in a homogeneous way on the whole of the double chin either the right amount of injectable products or the right amount of ultrasound or the right amount of cold while with liposuction as the fat is sucked we see the area take shape. For other techniques, it is necessary to wait several days or even weeks or months to see the appearance, either of insufficient results, this is the most frequent case, or of hollows and bumps due to irregularity in the execution of the treatment. Then come Yoga, slimming creams for double chin, makeup suitable for double chin, various devices and machines sold on the internet, lasers, masks, exercises, facial gymnastics and even the choice of hairstyle with the double chin. Finally, we find aroma zone, wellbox, wikihow approach, suction cups, slimming patches, radiofrequency and essential oils and other natural treatments, Anti double chin care, Slimming face mask, Perfect man chin, Face lifting band, Electrostimulation, Remodeling cure, Firming lifting mask, Slimming mask, LPG, Double chin reducer and Electric double chin… All of this is puzzling !!! .

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