How do I know if I have gynecomastia?  Here are 5 signs to help you

Visit to download the new natural method to have a flatter and firmer breast in 30 days! No man wants to walk around with an upper body that looks like his breasts. It is humiliating and emasculating. You cannot wear a tight shirt and God will help you if you take your shirt off at the beach. It is a “24/7” problem. It means you think about it all the time. You may be constantly blaming the condition, feeling angry or sorry for yourself (depending on your mood), depressed, etc. These feelings are perfectly normal. While breasts look great on a woman, they look unnatural and out of place on a man. The truth of the matter is that all men have breast tissue on their breasts. But what differentiates men from women is the amount of breast tissue. Women have a lot more breast tissue than men. Gynecomastia (man boobs) occurs when there is weight gain or hormonal imbalance in the body which causes the man to have more breast tissue than normal. While this can be a huge blow to your confidence level and ego, rest assured that there is a lot you can do to help yourself. Once the man boobs are gone, you will automatically regain your confidence. The first step will be to ask yourself why you even have gynecomastia in the first place. Are you overweight? Most overweight men have excess breast tissue. If you are overweight or obese, the first thing you should do is get on a weight loss program. You have to shed the excess fat and once your body starts to burn the fat, it will target the fatty tissue in your breast and use it for fuel. The fatty tissue in your chest will slowly shrink and your man boobs will be greatly reduced. You can engage in strength training and target your pectoral muscles twice a week. By firming up your chest muscles, you will stimulate blood circulation in your chest which aids in fat loss. Your pecs will also take on a more muscular shape and reduce the appearance of man boobs. Eat a clean diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed foods, junk food, soy products, and hydrogenated oils. All of these are high in estrogen which causes man boobs. Our diets are atrocious these days and are responsible for the obesity epidemic and skyrocketing statistics on health issues. You can wear dark clothing and / or supportive clothing such as compression shirts which you can find on to hide your problem as you try to get rid of your gynecomastia. This will make the transition period less embarrassing and give you more confidence. The more you focus on your diet and exercise, the better you will be. It can take a while and it will take effort, discipline and determination to lose weight … but to lose weight you have to. It is the best way to get rid of your man boobs. Take a close look at your diet and see how you can make changes to make it healthier. Do your research and see which foods help with fat loss and also reduce the harmful effects of estrogen in your body. If you manage to lose fat and achieve ideal weight, your breasts will be reduced considerably and you will regain your confidence. If despite your best efforts, your breasts are still pointy or not small enough to make you feel secure and confident, you can still get surgery to get rid of the problem permanently. Talk to your doctor and supportive family members. Make an informed decision. Man boobs are a problem that can be solved and once they are gone your confidence will jump back. Stay positive and do your best to get rid of them. It can be done. .

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