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Achieving good body contour results requires a combination of professionals, artists, and visionary people. Body contouring is a meticulous procedure and many doctors cannot succeed without complications. Dr. Jason Emer MD is a human anatomy expert and savvy physician, producing the global results that many people around the world are trying to reproduce. What distinguishes him from his peers is the combination of treatments that Dr. Emmer uses to achieve the visually compelling results that many are trying to achieve (most of his peers). .. In this case, Dr. Emmer has a patient who wants to be more contoured. This patient had previously had liposuction performed by another doctor. Unfortunately, the previous doctor took too much fat from her buttocks and legs, and her buttocks hung down. Dr. Emmer uses his combined approach to work with internal heating and fat transplantation from the stomach to tighten the buttock area. He uses Hi-Def Lipo to help her achieve a little more contour by shaping the centerlines of her stomach, sides, and hips. Dr. Emmer begins with Vaser ultrasonography, which breaks down scars and steams fat. With the Vaser device, Dr. Emmer can get a tighter, smoother look and get the best results for lean people who have had previous surgery on scar tissue. In the second part of HD Lipo, Dr. Emer liposuctions fat with Power Assist Lipo. Dr. Emmer can get rid of healthy fat by allowing Vaser to break down fat and make it easier to extract. Dr. Emmer does not believe that every procedure requires the same “template”, but believes that each procedure will be tailored to the individual and his wishes. The third part of the procedure requires a radio frequency device named Revunion. The Renuvion device is an internal helium plasma (J-Plasma) radio frequency device that tightens the skin. This device shrinks and wraps the skin internally, helping lean patients get tighter results. In general, this gives a tighter than Lipo alone. This device does not replace abdominoplasty as needed, but it does provide more tightening. Dr. Emmer begins to build a beautiful plane and you can see Reunvion tightening the skin in the buttocks and injecting fat. This is called the “extended BBL”. Body Tite is required for the fourth part of the combination therapy. Dr. Emmer calls Body Tite a “finishing touch.” This is because everything after power-assisted liposuction is uniform and the contours of the body are improved. Unlike Renuvion, this device focuses on specific areas of the body that Dr. Emmer likes to target. BodyTite can tighten shrink wrap and bottom roll at the same time. Together with this technique, this device shrinks the wrap to melt the fat and produce excellent results. The last part of the procedure is a fat transplant. Use a filtration system infused with growth factors. Dr. Emmer uses PureGraft filtration to help produce healthier fats. Blood vessels supply fat and allow fat cells to survive over the next few weeks. Dr. Emmer begins creating curves (aka Emmer Hourglass) and injects fat to create a small volume at the top of the buttocks for a beautifully rounded look. The amount of fat left is permanent. Dr. Jason Emmer proposes highly intensive postoperative care for all patients to increase results and speed up the healing process. This postoperative protocol includes lymphatic drainage massage, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, IV therapy, and radio frequency. The patient immediately begins the healing process, where the midline of the abdomen is immediately visible where high frequency heating is applied. After 4 weeks, the contours of her upper buttocks are visible and her abdomen looks flat and smooth as she requested. ————————————————– ———————————————- Dr. Jason Emmer A board-certified dermatologist specializing in beauty, laser, and procedural dermatology, including facial sculptures and high-definition body contour deformities using fillers in West Hollywood, California. Dr. Emmer is behind Hollywood’s most distinctive body, impeccable skin, and deeply carved facial features. He is an aestheticly visionary person who dares to do different things. To schedule a consultation or appointment, please email appointments@jasonemermd.com or call (310) 439-5190. ————————————————– ———————————————- Previous and photo, After information about my technique, validated reviews from patients. Reality: Yelp: Facebook: Instagram: Snapchat: Twitter: LinkedIn: Patient Voice: Service Menu: Details :.

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