Hair Transplant: The result on D + 1

In this Video Jérémy explains to us WHY GREECE ?! to perform her hair transplant. ⚠️ IF YOU ALSO WANT TO DO A HAIR TRANSPLANT WITH SPECIALISTS, Preserve your donor area, and Be accompanied by a hair transplant consultant? ▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ Book a Free 20-minute Advice Interview: ✅ Jérémy spent time looking for the clinic, the doctor he would trust to perform his hair transplant. He had also made inquiries with other clinics in France and abroad, but he chose to do his transplant in Greece. After watching several of our videos, he decided to take a counseling phone call with one of the team members. The telephone contact went very well, he was reassured by the analysis of his transplant project and he decided to trust us and join us in Athens. His main criterion in choosing his intervention was SAFETY. Security for him was TO HAVE A SPECIALIST, A UNIQUE PERSON WHO WOULD CARRY OUT ALL OF HIS INTERVENTION. He also wanted the person who performs his intervention to have an artistic fiber, because it is a work of precision, finesse to choose the right frontal line and respect the proportions of the face. He was also reassured to be accompanied on site for advice. The pre-consultation carried out on his arrival at the clinic also confirmed that he had made the right choice, and the first contact with us and his medical team confirmed this idea. Everything was in accordance with what he had been told during his first telephone interview. On the day of the operation, we consulted with the doctor and followed his wishes for the frontal line drawing. We did an initial preoperative drawing that was pretty much the same as the one he had ten years ago before his surgery, which surprised him. For him it was a priority, to have a frontal line that matches his face. We also made the choice to keep a gulf shape that it already had before, and the specialist created irregularities on the frontal line, by implanting in a sawtooth so as not to have a too straight frontal line or static. He was implanted 2431 follicles on the day of the session to restore the 1st third of the scalp, which corresponds to the frontal area. We did not implant 4000 or 5000 follicles because firstly it is not useful in his case. The fact of implanting the right number of follicles with a good angle and a good direction allows to find a natural and dense result. Then it was important to preserve the donor area because there is a history of loss in his family. Her daddy has lost all of the top of her hair. It was therefore necessary to intervene strategically to preserve its hair transplant capital in case a second or third intervention is necessary in the future. What surprised Jérémy was that the day after his intervention, he could already observe the modifications of the intervention on his face. His face already looks younger because he has regained a frontal line and density – despite the redness which is quite normal the day after his procedure. He is therefore delighted with these changes and looks forward to the end result. But this result overnight augurs well for a final result and dense and natural hair. He is impatient! ⚠️ IF YOU ALSO WANT TO DO A HAIR TRANSPLANT WITH SPECIALISTS, Preserve your donor area, and Be accompanied by a hair transplant consultant? ▶ ︎ ▶ ︎ Book an Interview Free 20 min tip: ✅ To subscribe to my channel, click here: Activate notifications by clicking on the little bell 🔔 to be notified of the release of my new videos! .

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