Hair transplant in Turkey / Damien – 4000 grafts – Elithairtransplant Istanbul

Abonniere kostenlos diesen Kanal: Wie viele Grafts benötigst du für eine Haartransplantation? Kostenloser Haarkalkulator: ___________________________________________________________________ Hair transplant in Turkey In this video, Damien shares his experience with us: from the day before his departure until the last day of his stay in Istanbul. ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hair Transplant in Turkey: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ He ​​explains step by step the progress of his hair transplant which took place in March 2018. FOLLOW THE EVOLUTION OF HIS TRANSPLANT ON HIS CHAIN: Hello, I’m Damien. I’ll show you my baldness. So I’ve been losing them on top for a few years, as you can see. So I made the decision to go to Istanbul to get implanted. I normally leave tomorrow at the beginning of the afternoon and I will arrive at the end of the afternoon in Istanbul. The technique used will be the FUE, to follow to see what it will give. So I just arrived at the hotel, we went to the clinic to take a blood test. As they do to everyone, this is the usual process. I will show you my room, the bed and the bathroom. Very nice in addition to the reception. So to follow, they come to pick me up tomorrow morning at 8:30 am at the reception to see the doctor and take the steps for the operation that will follow. Well let’s go today it’s the big day, we’re going to the clinic. There I go down but am a bit in a hurry, they will pick me up at the hotel and here we go for the operation. Last time with hair for today. So there they just shaved my hair from the recipient area above. So I am ready to be operated, and here is the clinic and the nurses. This time we are at half-time. What they did there was they removed the recipient area from me and they made the places for the grafts. They removed the grafts from the donor area that they kept and that they are going to reimplant me later. For the moment I am at the meal. What is nice is that the meal takes place in the room with a really great view. There I will eat and we will leave for an anesthesia above the head for the reimplantation and then it will be over. I have already done two-thirds of the operation. Here it is finished, here is the provisional result. The last part is quite long but it is not the most painful. I found it rather nice, they put the anesthesia back as soon as needed. So everything went well for me. There I wait for the last visit with the doctor before being able to return to the hotel. There, that’s the view from the clinic. It’s really huge Istanbul. Well here it is, it’s the last day. I’m going to go to the clinic where they’ll take all these bandages off me. I slept pretty well last night, the pills will have calmed things down. Last time at the clinic for the bandages. Here I was at the clinic, there they just brought me back to the hotel. So they took the bandage off me, it doesn’t change much. It’s mostly behind where my donor area is now in the open. So it’s quite swollen, we can see that the skull is very swollen. The band is made to limit swelling, I was advised to massage a little around the implants. This to evacuate the water, there one sees a little that it is swollen. So this is the last time I went to the clinic and I’m leaving tomorrow morning for Lyon. I still had to show you that. They gave me a Bob to put on top of the band to protect the implants and then the donor area at the back. The goal is to put it on if it’s raining or snowing, it’s funny. .

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