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Small overview of Elithairtransplant Elithairtransplant is a clinic specialized in the field of hair transplants in Turkey. In this, Turkey and in particular Istanbul are at the forefront of technology and know-how. Elithairtransplant and Dr Balwi have been working hand in hand since 2009, forming one of the most renowned clinics in Europe. Dr. Balwi has years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and has already operated on over 10,000 patients. The course of a hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul with Elithairtransplant On the first day, the patient is picked up at the airport by the Elithairtransplant team and taken to the clinic. The blood test is usually done the day before the hair transplant. After this blood test, the patient is taken directly to the hotel for his check-in. The second day takes place the operation. After his operation, the patient is taken back to his hotel. The next morning, our driver picks him up from the hotel before his departure for the airport to carry out a check and remove his bandage. If the patient chooses to stay longer in Istanbul, the first shampoo can take place at the Elithairtransplant Istanbul clinic. _____________________________________________________________________ 0:00 – 0:06 There is no difference between hair transplants for men and women. Of course, a hair transplant is also possible for women. 0:10 – 0:16 Indeed, the structure of the graft is the same for men and women. 0:16 – 0:23 In women, there are two types of hair loss. The female and male model of hair loss. 0:24 – 0:32 If the women have male pattern baldness, we can do a hair transplant. 0:33 – 0:40 That is, the hair loss starts from the forehead and forms the gulfs. 0:40 -0: 50 This is called a male pattern of hair loss because the hairline is lower in women. 0:50 – 0:55 If this type of hair loss is present in women, we can easily do a hair transplant. 0:56 – 1:03 If a woman wants to make her hair denser, that is also possible. 1:04 – 1:09 Even with scars (or similar) hair transplantation is possible in women. 1:10 – 1:19 If the hair loss occurs locally, that is, in a specific location, a hair transplant is also possible. 1:20 – 1:30 A female hair transplant is unfortunately not possible if the whole head suffers from hair loss. It is the female model of hair loss. 1:31 – 1:41 Of course there are solutions for this type of hair loss as well. Like bio-fiber hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation. 1:42 – 1:49 What we must not forget is that hair loss in women can also have a pathological background. 1:50 – 2:01 It could for example be related to anemia, hormones or others. In such cases, we have to find and deal with the trigger. ____________________________________________________________________ The European champion R. Quaresma at Elithairtransplant – Hair transplant: Contact: Mobil: +33 7 66 58 05 78 E-Mail: WhatsApp: +33 7 66 58 05 78 Social networks: Web: Facebook: Instagram: #greffedecheveux #greffons #elithair.

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