Male gynecomastia is a very common condition which affects nearly one third of the male population. Although it does not cause any grave danger to the health but it causes other difficulties as a result of enlarged breasts. The biggest problem associated with male breast enlargement is embarrassment and humiliation. Gynecomastia is a very treatable condition and people suffering from it do not have to live with it any more. They can get it treated relatively easily.

About gynecomastia surgery

There are two types of gynecomastia surgery to treat this condition. One is liposuction and the other is mastectomy. In liposuction, breast fat is removed but not the tissue of the breast gland. In mastectomy, tissues are removed underneath the breasts.

Mastectomy is done using endoscopy. In this procedure a small incision is made which is less invasive and involves very less time for recovery. Recovery is quick and hassle free. Mastectomy is not very commonly used though in men.

Another approach towards surgery is mastectomy assisted by liposuction, laser lipolysis (without liposuction), laser assisted liposuction and subcutaneous mastectomy. Mastectomy can have certain complications such as breast asymmetry, contour deformities, noticeable scars and hematoma. It can also lead to infection due to surgical wound. Surgery to get rid of gynecomastia is not very cheap. It is recommended that patients always go to a certified doctors and centers to get treatment and avoid any complications.

The surgical procedure is customized to suit the need and requirement of the patient and keeping the medical history of the patient in mind. Surgery is the only option which can rid of enlarged male breasts permanently. Medication may not yield any or poor results if gynecomastia persists for more than two years.

Financial implications have to be kept in mind before proceeding for the surgery. The doctor will sit with the patient and write down the history as well as discuss about the surgery, its risks and benefits. Surgery is a direct way of treating gynecomastia therefore the results are visible immediately after the surgery. The procedure is very similar to female breast reduction surgery. There is a much reduced likelihood of recurrence. There is no 100 percent guarantee that the disease will not return but chances get fairly reduced of any recurrence. Since it is a major procedure, post-operative care to avoid any complication and infection is very necessary. Everything is explained to the patient once the surgery is over and discharge is done.