There has been an increase in number of men undergoing gynecomastia surgery in recent years. It can be a result of an increase in awareness about one’s appearance or health. Surgery is the final option to get rid of gynecomastia and to go for surgery or not is a personal choice which the patient has to make. Men suffering from gynecomastia have two options-whether to go for surgery or wear bras and t shirts to hide their condition. Surgery is not without risks. However it might be the only option available to men who have no choice as the medicines did not work or they have self-esteem issues arising out of gynecomastia. Surgery is not covered under insurance as it comes under cosmetic procedure.

About gynecomastia bras and t-shirts

A lot of men opt for bra because it makes them feel comfortable. There is a lot of pressure on men especially youngsters and teenagers to maintain a good physique and gynecomastia is a hindrance in achieving it. It may give rise to confidence and image issues in the youngsters leading to depression or addiction of some kind. There are a variety of bras and t shirts available in the market for men dealing with gynecomastia. A lot of men may feel awkward buying a bra for their condition as it is not a norm and takes time for them to get accustomed to it.

Before buying a bra, men should do a research as to what would suit their body type. Men with muscular chests due to an increase in testosterone levels should opt for bras with wide wires. A lot of men go for wire free bras as it can get difficult to find wide wired bra. Sports bra also comes in handy for muscular men with wide chests. A lot of men have a protruding sternum. They should go for a low gore bra or a bra with a center connector. Men should always keep the fabric in mind before shopping for bra. They should opt for skin friendly and soft fabrics that will not irritate the skin. Fit and fabric are very important points to be considered before buying any undergarment. The quality and make play an important role and it has to be ensured that the fabric is breathable and will not cause any allergies to the wearer. Always check the wash care instructions.