[GREFFE de CHEVEUX en Turquie] My results 1 year later, the results …

That’s it, it’s been (finally!) A whole year since I performed my hair transplant in Turkey 🎉 In the course of a “transplant”, it’s time to take stock and observe the results BEFORE / AFTER. To get a free diagnosis, contact +90 (542) 244 06 16 on WhatsApp 📱 ▶ ️ ▶ ️ ▶ faire Want to do a hair transplant? ⚠️ Contact me on this e-mail address = jeremy.greffeturquie@gmail.com ✅ Do I regret having had an operation to treat my baldness? Am I still SATISFIED with my results after a full year? How do I FEEL after 1 year post-transplant? Seeing my results one year after my hair transplant, will I do it again? —– I ANSWER ALL THESE QUESTIONS IN THE VIDEO 😉 —– – REMINDERS – I did my hair transplant in Turkey and I chose the FUE-Sapphire hair implantation method. I was implanted 3000 grafts and I paid 2400 euros for the complete package including nights at the hotel, trips with a private driver, post-operation medication, … ALL VIDEOS of my hair transplant (in chronological order):

[J-1] My preoperative consultation ➡️

[Jour J] My Live Hair Surgery! ➡️

[J+1] Post-operation LASER session ➡️

[J+1 bis] My POST-operative consultation ➡️

[J+3] Washing and dressing change at the clinic ➡️

[J+4] 1st shampoo in my apartment in Turkey ➡️

[J+7] Result one week later ➡️

[J+10] I have no more scabs! ➡️ Frequently Asked Questions (Price of a transplant, FUE method, DHI …) ➡️

[J+15] Result of my hair transplant after 15 days ➡️

[J+30] Evolution of my transplant in Istanbul after a whole month ➡️ BE VIGILANT! How to avoid “tourist” clinics ➡️

[3 MOIS] Result of my hair transplant after 3 MONTHS! ➡️

[4 MOIS] Time Lapse of my first 4 months of transplant (one photo PER DAY!) ➡️

[5 MOIS] Evolution of my hair implants after 5 MONTHS ➡️

[6 MOIS] FULL recap of my hair transplant in Turkey ➡️

[7 MOIS] Results of my transplant on WET HAIR ➡️

[8 MOIS] 8 BLUFFING facts about your hair! ➡️

[9 MOIS] 1st appointment with the hairdresser after my hair transplant in Turkey ➡️

[10 MOIS] I SHAKE my head! ➡️

[11 MOIS] I show you my donor area (+ Minoxidil review) ➡️ I did my transplant in this clinic: 📍 Clinic of Dr. Serkan Aygın Merkez Mahallesi, İstiklal Sokak No: 11 / A Key Plaza 34381 Şişli / İstanbul, Turkey —- ———– 🎥 The equipment I use to shoot my videos 🎥 – A GoPro Hero8 Black ➡️ – A battery charger + an additional battery ➡️ – A kit of 50 accessories for my GoPro ➡️ – MicroSD memory card ➡️ Do you like what I do? All donations are welcome ➡ Thank you, thank you and thank you again chickens! 🤗 To subscribe to my channel it’s here = And don’t forget to activate the little bell to be notified immediately when I publish a new video 🔔 😉 Instagram: Facebook: Tipeee (make a donation): #greffedecheveux #greffeturquie #greffavantafter.

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