From day 0 to month 12-Comparison of flocked Turkey

Day 0 to 12 months-Comparison of flocked Turkey My selected clinic: * This video shows the results for the year after the second flocking. Mostly as a review or before after comparison. If you are also suffering from hair loss and #hairtransplant is an option for you, subscribe to my channel and don’t miss another video to ideally prepare yourself. Enjoy from Day 0 to 12 Months-Flocking Turkish Comparative Hair Removal Care Products: MSM + Vitamin C for Healthy and Fast-Growing Hair: * Https: // Biotion + Selenium + Zinc for strong hair: * Https: // Hair shampoo from the 15th day after surgery: * https: // * Affiliate link. That is, the revenue generated through the link is paid according to a measurable success commission. Where you want to buy the item is up to you! Day 0-12 Months-Flocking Turkey Comparison Instagram Profile: On my channel you can see everything about my flocking from the pickup of the conversation with Dr. med. Balwi loses hair and eventually dressing is reduced. You can also see flocking from other people I accompanied on this channel. As a result of more flocking, it’s probably nowhere else. I always try to show an absolutely neutral picture, because you should make decisions for you and not be influenced. So people take the time to watch my video and see unique pre- and post-transplant insights from different providers. From Day 0 to Day 12-Flocking Turkey Comparison My Hair Thickening # Istanbul Expiration Date: Picked up by a transfer driver and it goes to a hair clinic. First, blood is taken for a blood test. Then there is a preliminary story. The preliminary lecture will be given in front of a German interpreter and a doctor. Balwi. Before the hair transplant surgery, I have the last question to clarify and draw the hairline. You can now start the operation. How many grafts do you want to transplant? Dr. Barwi told me to transplant 2.400-2600 grafts with flocking! In addition, Dr. med. Balwi recommends waiting at least 3-4 weeks before doing physical activity, as it can increase sweating and does not promote the healing phase. For example, an expert at the First hair clinic in Frankfurt confirmed this to me. Dr. Valen is the doctor in charge of hair transplantation. Flocking OP: First, shorten the hair. Then get the anesthetic by the comfort-in method. This comfort-in method works with compressed air. That is, no needles are used. Therefore, the anesthesia is “shot” just below the skin. This will minimize the pain of flocking. The comfort-in system is used as a type of preanesthetic administration, so a real syringe can be injected painlessly. In my first flocking Turkey, there was no comfort-in method. I have to say that thickening hair is much less painful. After anesthesia, the flocked Istanbul Elithair transplant graft is loosened using a micromotor and then removed. These grafts are placed in a special nutrient solution to ensure that the graft is constantly supplied with nutrients. After the graft collection channel is opened in the area to be transplanted, the graft is also used here. From Day 0 to Day 12-Flocking Turkey Comparison This method of flocking is sometimes referred to as FUE flocking. This is the full procedure for flocking at the #Elithairtransplant clinic. The bandages are removed 2 days after FUE flocking. Now you can already start your journey home. How it gets home and what to consider with the first shampoo you find on my channel. Comparison of your Mr Flocking-Flocking Turkey from Day 0 to Day 12.

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