Dr. Oben in the OR practicing liposuction

cosmetic surgery is a reality in Cameroon. in this video you see the brilliant Dr. Oben plastic surgeon, restorative in full session of liposuction of the belly. DESCRIPTION OF THE AREAS OF THE BODY THAT CAN SUBJECT LIPOSUCCION The face The fat is preferably lodged in the double chin, cheeks, jowls and neck. With facial liposuction, the features are refined and the profile is lighter and the person immediately appears rejuvenated. The arms The skin of the arms is very fragile and tends to sag with age, especially in women. When the surgeon does liposuction of the arms, he must avoid removing too much fat so as not to aggravate the sagging skin. The hips Liposuction of the hips removes love handles. To completely slim the waist, the surgeon treats, along with the hips, the stomach and the posterior sides of the back. The hips are easy to treat because the skin is thick and firm and retracts easily. The Belly Liposuction of the stomach only sucks up subcutaneous fat (the fat on the surface) and is not suitable for removing visceral fat that lodges inside around the organs of the abdomen. The buttocks Liposuction of the buttocks removes the fat from an overdeveloped or sagging buttocks, redraws its plumpness or removes the buttock banana located just under the fold of the buttocks. The legs Liposuction of the legs treats the thighs, knees and ankles in one go to restore lightness and elegance to the lower part of the silhouette. The thighs Liposuction of the thighs removes the saddlebags that have the appearance of a visible ball of fat and slims the inner thighs. The Knees The hump on the inner side of the knee gives the leg a heavy and ungracious appearance. Liposuction of the knees is a very good indication because the skin is very resistant and not stretched. Calves Liposuction of the calves is a precision procedure. On the calves, the layer of fat is not very thick and the surgeon must take care to vacuum gently. On the other hand, if the calf is too muscular without excess fat, the operation is unnecessary. Cosmetic surgery in Cameroon, beauty made in Cameroon. find out more via whatsapp: +237697032037.

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