Do you have severe gynecomastia?  Find out more!

Visit to download the new natural method to have a flatter and firmer breast in 30 days! This article will give you 7 steps which, if followed closely, will get rid of the soft mass on your chest and reduce the size of your man boobs. Gynecomastia is a problem that affects millions of men and the majority of them can solve the problem if only they have followed the correct steps. You are not alone in this situation. The key to decreasing the appearance of your man boobs is to take action. Don’t resign yourself to your fate and start looking for a bra. You can certainly help yourself. It may take a little while, but losing your gynecomastia is not impossible. 1. Determine the cause This is the most important step. You need to know why you have gynecomastia. Usually it comes down to two culprits – fat and / or hormonal imbalance. Sometimes it can be one or the other … and in many cases both. Most men who are obese or overweight can find that they have man boobs. This is due to the fat accumulated in the breast tissue. By losing the excess fat, they can lose their man boobs. If it is due to hormonal imbalance, hormone therapy and eating properly will do the trick. 2. Exercise Exercise is one of the cornerstones of successful weight loss. Engage in cardio and resistance training to shed excess pounds. You should focus on your pectoral muscles by doing push-ups, bench presses, inclines, dips, dumbbell spreads, etc. to tone and firm your chest. 3. Eat Clean A lot of the foods that we eat these days are high in estrogen. You should clean up your diet. Eat healthy foods like vegetables and fruits. Try to eat organic meat if you can get it. Most meat contains hormones which have been injected into animals to make them bigger. These hormones are estrogenic in nature and are transmitted to you through meat or dairy products. 4. Stay on the Course Losing weight, eating clean, and trying to live a healthy lifestyle takes effort and time. Anytime you want to give up bad habits and start good ones, you will be faced with resistance. It will be very tempting to say enough is enough and just throw the towel. The fact that results do not come instantly can seriously test your patience and demoralize you. You need to have the discipline and the determination to keep going. Always know that you will achieve your goal and lose your man boobs if you adhere to the plan. 5. Supportive Clothing and Clothing As you try to lose man boobs, you may feel embarrassed about the current condition of your breasts. You can wear dark clothing or get supportive clothing such as compression shirts to help hide your man boobs. This will give you more confidence and you won’t get weird looks or be the butt of jokes while you work on solving the problem. 6. Evaluate Your Results Track your results. Keep a journal and record your weight. Make sure you are making progress with your weight loss. If you are not, watch where you go wrong and fix the mistakes. Measure your chest circumference every 3 weeks to see if you are getting smaller. 7. Is surgery an option? Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you can lose weight, eat clean, feel healthier and more energetic … and yet you still have a pointy chest. If so, know that surgery is still an option and it has permanent results. You may want to talk to a doctor and explore your options. Follow these 7 steps correctly and stick to them closely. You will definitely reduce your breast size and put an end to this humiliating problem. .

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