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DENTAL CARE = ​​CLICK HERE: BEAUTY TREATMENT = CLICK HERE: Sabrina, our Parisian patient, did a full facial beauty treatment. A new smile, jawline contouring, filler, injections on the cheekbones and dark circles, new eyebrows, a radical change is good! Want to make yourself beautiful or beautiful? Contact us via private messaging to get your free quote! ———————— 00:01: How I got to know Body Expert. Hello my name is Sabrina I come from Paris and I decided to give myself a smile and for that I went through a body expert. I discovered them via Instagram on the networks through different instagramers who went through Bodyexpert. 00:32: I chose Body Expert and Turkey to rebuild my teeth. I met Rania who explained everything to me and reassured me a lot, particularly about the current situation of covid and which really allowed me to get started and take charge of this project that I had and that’s what that I did and therefore I organized myself to go to Turkey and prepare my new smile project. 00:59: Faced with covid 19, the level of hygiene is very good in Istanbul in Turkey. My departure from Paris everything went very well, in terms of the organization of the flight no cancellation, in terms of monitoring at the level of control in relation to the covid, in relation to the mask, in relation to hygiene, you should know that in Istanbul they are much more secure than in Paris, in any case that’s what I found, in terms of hygiene, where you go you have temperature measurements it’s really very clean in tracking term. 1:36: Arrived in Turkey, Bodyexpert organizes a perfect welcome. Arriving in Istanbul super a driver picked me up directly from the airport and dropped me off at the hotel. Rania accompanied me and also allowed me to discover lots of places in Istanbul. It was very pleasant it’s a little bit like a vacation. 1:58: Dental treatment in Istanbul by Body Expert; quality, listening and know-how. Then an appointment with the dentist at the doctor Omer who took care from A to Z of what I needed, my desires, and he was able to set up the new project on smile with a quality follow-up. 3:04: Tired face! I trusted the good advice of Body Expert. I also took advantage of it, because I realized that it was really nice, to do a few small injections on the face. I had a face that was a little tired, dark circles, and I had the opportunity to do a jawline contouring with injections on the dark circles and cheekbones and sincerely I am super satisfied. 4:27: With Body Expert you are fulfilled; service, advice and kindness. It must be said because it is very sincere, I had the right to a small gift on the spot. They made me the eyebrows. I had my eyebrows completely redesigned because they were very ugly and here I am very happy because I will be returning to Paris with a beautiful smile and a more radiant face so I am very happy and I highly recommend body experts. Go through Rania because frankly she is top in terms of advice and support with little messages of the little touches that really make the difference when you are in a country other than yours in terms of follow-up. 5:07: I recommend Body Expert for aesthetic tourism in Turkey I will come back, I have plans with them including liposuction and maybe new injections thank you very much body expert and thank you Rania. 5:20: Body Expert, the expert in medical tourism in Turkey ———————— Enhance Your Natural, the expert agency in medical tourism in Turkey! offers you its services for: hair and beard transplants, dental treatments and implants, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery as well as eye care and surgery. The best surgeons and the best clinics. Our rates are 50% to 80% lower than most other countries, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. Quality: Bring you the best guarantees of quality, hygiene and medical assistance, and personalized services. Efficiency: We deliver a detailed and tailor-made response to your requirements, as quickly as possible and in your own language, from the first contact. With you 7/24: From the first contact, until your support during your treatment in Istanbul. Travel Expert: Authorized travel agency, Body Expert can organize your trip and your stay from A to Z. Our Experts are at your service! #Bodyexpert #SoinsdentairesTurquie #CarebeautyTurkey.

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