Cosmetic surgery Tunisia for the Swiss

Marie and Mégane are Swiss. They are mother and daughter. They come from Switzerland to perform their cosmetic surgery operations in Tunisia with Medespoir. Why did they choose Medespoir, the cosmetic surgery agency in Tunisia for Swiss and French-speaking patients? Mégane, the girl, came to Tunisia to see Dr Mezhoud for a breast augmentation. After losing weight, she went from a C cup to a smaller cup, so she wants her breasts to increase in size. In this video, we discover his preoperative consultation with doctor Sami Mezhoud at the Clinique de L’espoir. Professor Mezhoud gives her an exhaustive overview of the types of prostheses available (round implants or anatomical implants) in order to allow her patient to choose the prostheses that will suit her expectations. Marie, the mother, came with her daughter to Tunisia for liposuction. Like Mégane, she chose to undergo her liposuction with the cosmetic surgeon, Sami Mezhoud. In this report shot at the clinic, you can also see Marie’s preoperative consultation. Doctor Mezhoud explains well and with care that liposuction is not a miracle intervention to lose weight, but an operation which allows to permanently erase localized fat. For Mégane and Marie who come from Switzerland to Tunisia, Doctor Mezhoud is a trusted plastic surgeon. The word trust comes up many times, they also emphasize its ability to tell the truth. What is important for Doctor Mezhoud and the Medespoir teams is that Swiss patients hear clear, transparent language which carefully describes the program of the medical stay and the program of the chosen cosmetic surgery intervention. Marie and Mégane in this video also discuss the prices of their interventions in Tunisia. They recall that with Medespoir, they were able to take advantage of prices much lower than the prices of their interventions in Switzerland. ————————————————– —————————————– Resources mentioned in this video The website of the Hope Clinic: Dr Mezhoud’s website: Liposuction explained: Breast augmentation in detail: ————————— ————————————————– ———– In this video, Mégane refers to reports produced by W9 and NRJ 12 on Doctor Mezhoud. Here are the videos of these reports W9) ========================== Tel 1: 033 (0) 1 84 800 400 Tel 2: 00 216 29 902 919 Tel 3: 00 216 29 902 019.

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