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Testimonial from a Direct Surgery patient on her liposuction surgery and buttock volume augmentation by fat transfer (or lipofilling) All our videos on liposuction: Other information on our site: On postoperative advice: Lipofilling or transfer fat (adipocyte grafting) is a revolutionary technique that is taking an increasingly important place in the arsenal of cosmetic surgery. It is a very effective way to sculpt a face, a silhouette, a complex work of adding and removing volume, in search of the most beautiful curve, the most perfect harmony. Certain factors such as the age of the patient, smoking, the quality of the fat and the hygiene of life as well as postoperative behavior can alter the result of lipofilling. It is therefore not guaranteed. Warning on buttock lipofilling The main danger of this technique is to overfill the buttock during the operation. This creates excess pressure which can drive out the fat that is injected into small veins located in the gluteus maximus muscle. The fat is said to embolize the vein. The fat then passes into the vena cava before going to block the pulmonary vessels. We talk about pulmonary fat embolism, which, if it is important, is often fatal. Cosmetic surgery Tunisia. Silhouette surgery Tunisia – Facial surgery Tunisia – Chest surgery – Breast surgery – Bariatric surgery Tunisia. Cosmetic surgery prices or prices – Liposuction prices or prices – Breast augmentation prices or prices. Liposuction Tunisia- Lipo aspiration- Lipofilling- Buttocks lipofilling- Buttocks augmentation. Abdominoplasty Tunisia- Abdominal minilift Tunisia- Arm lift- Thigh lift. Breast augmentation Tunisia – Breast lift Tunisia – Breastplasty – Correction of breast ptosis. Facelift Tunisia- Cervico-facial facelift- Blepharoplasty- Rhinoplasty Tunisia- Genioplasty Tunisia- Profiloplasty Tunisia. Aesthetic clinic Tunisia- Best Tunisian surgeons- Notice of cosmetic surgery- Before After cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism – Beauty stay – Dr Michau- Dr Chaibi- Dr Mezhoud. Lose weight- Bypass Tunisia- Sleeve- Weight loss method.

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