Cancer – Amazing Science # 43

Cancer is now the leading cause of death in France. But what is this disease really, and why does it resist us? In this episode, I talk to you about the mechanisms of appearance of cancerous tumors, risk factors and treatments, with a particular focus on immunotherapies. Written by David Louapre © Science Astonishing The portfolio of Raphaël Thiollier, who voluntarily directed the episode: Merci pour tout, Raphaël! The blog post that accompanies the video, for some additional information and sources: Thanks to Élodie Grellier and Antoine Crouan from the School of Cancer Sciences for the support and benevolent rereading of the script: Thanks to Professor Caroline Robert for the interview, to Ken Olaussen and Catherine Hill for script proofreading. Thanks to the communications department of the Gustave Roussy Institute for the few additional images and shots. * MY BOOKS: – “But who caught the Higgs bison?” – “Insoluble, but true!” * SUPPORT ME: * ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: Facebook: Twitter: * THE BLOG:.

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