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Best liposuction technique Morocco At the IRAQI aesthetic clinic Morocco – Casablanca, all aesthetic surgery and medicine operations are performed: liposuction (liposuction of fat bumps), tummy tuck (aesthetic surgery of the belly), liposculpture (harmonization of the silhouette ), wrinkle treatment, botox, laser, lipofilling, facelift (cosmetic surgery of the face), rhinoplasty (nose surgery), eyelids, lips, ears, mammoplasty (breast surgery), suspension threads, penoplasty (penis enlargement) , vaginoplasty (vaginal narrowing), hymenoplasty (repair of the hymen)…. Best cosmetic surgeon in Morocco | Best clinic for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic medicine Morocco – Casablanca | Breast reduction operation by liposuction Breast enlargement is characterized by excessive heaviness of the breasts due to abnormal development of the mammary gland. This excess breast volume can appear at puberty or appear after pregnancy or significant weight gain. The natural aging process also induces a modification of the breast content: exclusively glandular content in young girls; age results in a gradual infiltration of fat into the breast tissue. This hypertrophy is often accompanied by breast ptosis (sagging breasts) by sagging skin tissue, sometimes asymmetrical, pain in the neck, shoulders and back and functional discomfort (difficulty in dressing or playing sports) . Psychological disturbances are sometimes observed. Breast reduction falls within the scope of cosmetic surgery when its purpose is to beautify the breasts, but it falls within the scope of reconstructive surgery when the purpose is to provide relief from back pain by relieving the excess volume of the breast. Chest. Breast reduction is a frequent reason for consultation and is the second reconstructive surgery performed after the abdominoplasty. Some recommendations should be observed before the operation: It is recommended to stop smoking at least one month before and after the surgery so as not to hamper the healing Taking aspirin is prohibited during the 10 days preceding the operation L stopping oral contraception may be requested in the event of other risk factors for phlebitis (obesity, poor venous condition, coagulation disorders). It is recommended not to eat or drink anything 6 hours before the operation. A preoperative assessment is carried out according to the prescriptions. A radiographic assessment (mammography and ultrasound) is systematically prescribed in order to rule out a possible cancerous tumor (or benign) that a clinical examination could not have detected. In cases where there is a significant excess weight, it is advisable, as far as possible, to perform the operation after weight loss. At the IRAQI aesthetic surgery and medicine clinic, the operations performed: Lifting, Rhinoplasty, eyelids, Mammoplasty, Lipofilling, Liposuction, Tummy tuck, Protruding ears, Filler, Suspension threads or tensor threads, Botox, Laser, Cosmetic surgery of the genitals, Hymenoplasty, Penoplasty … The IRAQI CLINIC is located in a residential area in the heart of the city of Casablanca. The largest metropolis in the Maghreb, the economic capital of the Kingdom which embodies modern Morocco. The IRAQI D’ESTHETIQUE CLINIC meets the international security standards imposed by our supervisory authorities. The setting is pleasant, friendly and aesthetic. Dr. KAMAL IRAQI HOUSSAINI Specialist graduated from the Universities of Paris Specialist qualified in Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery by the National Order of Physicians since 1988 Graduated in Maxillofacial Surgery and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery of the Face Graduated in Nutrition Graduated in Biology and Medicine du Sport Ex. President of the Moroccan Society of Reconstructive and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Member of the French Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons Sworn Expert by the Courts in Restorative and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Speaker at many national and international congresses Author of the book: PRACTICAL GUIDE OF LIPOSUCCION OR LIPOASPIRATION IRAQI AESTHETIC CLINICAL 89 boulevard IBN SINA Casablanca – MOROCCO Tel: 00212 (0) 522360771/00212 (0) 522360777 E-mail: Website:.

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