How do I know if I have gynecomastia?  Here are 5 signs to help you

How do I know if I have gynecomastia? Here are 5 signs to help you

Visit to download the new natural method to have a flatter and firmer breast in 30 days! No man wants to walk around with an upper body that looks like his breasts. It is humiliating and emasculating. You cannot wear a tight shirt and God will help you if you take your shirt off at the beach. It is a “24/7” problem. It means you think about it all the time. You may be constantly blaming the condition, feeling angry or sorry for yourself (depending on your mood), depressed, etc. These feelings are perfectly normal. While breasts look great on a woman, they look unnatural and out of place on a man. The truth of the matter is that all men have breast tissue on their breasts. But what differentiates men from women is the amount of breast tissue. Women have a lot more breast tissue than men. Gynecomastia (man boobs) occurs when there is weight gain or hormonal imbalance in the body which causes the man to have more breast tissue than normal. While this can be a huge blow to your confidence level and ego, rest assured that there is a lot you can do to help yourself. Once the man boobs are gone, you will automatically regain your confidence. The first step will be to ask yourself why you even have gynecomastia in the first place. Are you overweight? Most overweight men have excess breast tissue. If you are overweight or obese, the first thing you should do is get on a weight loss program. You have to shed the excess fat and once your body starts to burn the fat, it will target the fatty tissue in your breast and use it for fuel. The fatty tissue in your chest will slowly shrink and your man boobs will be greatly reduced. You can engage in strength training and target your pectoral muscles twice a week. By firming up your chest muscles, you will stimulate blood circulation in your chest which aids in fat loss. Your pecs will also take on a more muscular shape and reduce the appearance of man boobs. Eat a clean diet that is rich in vegetables and fruits. Avoid processed foods, junk food, soy products, and hydrogenated oils. All of these are high in estrogen which causes man boobs. Our diets are atrocious these days and are responsible for the obesity epidemic and skyrocketing statistics on health issues. You can wear dark clothing and / or supportive clothing such as compression shirts which you can find on to hide your problem as you try to get rid of your gynecomastia. This will make the transition period less embarrassing and give you more confidence. The more you focus on your diet and exercise, the better you will be. It can take a while and it will take effort, discipline and determination to lose weight … but to lose weight you have to. It is the best way to get rid of your man boobs. Take a close look at your diet and see how you can make changes to make it healthier. Do your research and see which foods help with fat loss and also reduce the harmful effects of estrogen in your body. If you manage to lose fat and achieve ideal weight, your breasts will be reduced considerably and you will regain your confidence. If despite your best efforts, your breasts are still pointy or not small enough to make you feel secure and confident, you can still get surgery to get rid of the problem permanently. Talk to your doctor and supportive family members. Make an informed decision. Man boobs are a problem that can be solved and once they are gone your confidence will jump back. Stay positive and do your best to get rid of them. It can be done. .

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Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant (DHI + FUE + PRP) |  Hair Transplant |  Dr. Emrah Cinik

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant (DHI + FUE + PRP) | Hair Transplant | Dr. Emrah Cinik

Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant (DHI + FUE + PRP) | Hair Transplant | Dr. Emrah Cinik In this video, we present some of our patients’ hair transplantation results from Dr. Emrah Cinik. Our patient tells us about her hair transplantation experiences. An effective result was achieved in our patient with the technique applied. In this way, S / he has received all the information needed afterwards. You can see other patients or those who are suffering from hair loss in our channel. You can reach us at the following contact addresses. ® ✉ [email protected] ☏ +90 555 879 00 44 ✆ +90 542 234 00 34 INSTAGRAM ➤ FACEBOOK ➤ Do not skip the following playlists! Μεταμόσχευση μαλλιών στην Τουρκία – Dr. Cinik קליניקה להשתלת שיער – Dr. Cinik Hair Transplant Turkey – Dr. Cinik Transplante Capilar Turquia – Dr. Cinik Haartransplantatie Türkije – Dr. Cinik Trasplante is Capilar Turquish treatment primary hair loss and baldness problems. For those who desire to have hair transplantation, FUE and DHI techniques are the best methods in the hair transplantation process. FUE hair transplantation technique is a surgical type of follicular micro-technique. It’s applied by taking the follicles of the donor area on a single basis without the need for stitches and without leaving any traces. These follicular units are divided to 1, 2, 3 or 4 hair groups are removed and carefully prepared in their natural groups. In principle, it is a better technique than the other because the follicles are taken naturally from the donor area. The DHI method is the same as the extraction fue method. They use micro-motors get the graft, but the implantation process is different. They use the implanted (choi) pen in the Implant process, this is the choi technique. Therefore, sometimes this method is called choi method. With DHI (Direct Hair Implantation), hair roots are placed one by one in the planting area, which must be covered in the same way. Each hair follicle DHI patented tool is placed in a specific direction, angle and depth due to the DHI implant. Dr. Cinic Hair Transplantation and Plastic Surgery Hospital (Hair Hospital?) Has been treating patients around the world for over 15 years, with more than 10000 hair transplants (FUE, DHI) performed and numerous experienced medical staff with a professional services. Hair transplantation, beard and eyebrow transplantation, synthetic hair transplantation, hair pigmentation and PRP treatments are offered at the Hair Transplantation Hospital. We have implanted 2500 grafts with DHI method for more dense hair line fix and top baldness coverage and implanted another 1000 grafts next day with FUE method in order to cover the crown area with 100% coverage and a one session PRP. Our French stopped by to visit us during our visit in Paris after 4 months .———————————- ————————————————– ————————————————– ————– We implanted 2500 grafts with the DHI method for a denser coverage of the forehead line and upper baldness. Then implanted 1000 other grafts with the FUE method, the next day, in order to cover the crown area with 100% coverage as well as an injection of PRP. Our French patient came to visit us in Paris after 6 months. whatsapp: +905322049702.

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Benign Breast Tumors

Benign Breast Tumors

Benign Breast Tumors: synonym mammary tumor are benign affections in women with adenofibromas or mammary fibroadenomas, phyllodes tumor intracanal papillomas, fibrocystic mastopathy, hamartoma, cytosteatonecrosis, mammary pathology, fibrocystic breast dystrophy bilaterally. ACR classification, processing. Action to be taken according to the results of the ACR Classification of mammograms ACR Classification (American College of Radiology) of mammograms, Action to be taken: ACR 0 To be compared with previous documents / “waiting” classification Additional investigations. ACR 1 No anomaly To be validated by a 2nd reading during the organized screening. ACR 2 Benign images: ❚ Round opacity corresponding to a typical cyst, image of lipoma-type fat density, benign-looking macrocalcification (s), 2nd reading if screening organized, If ACR2 confirmed, no monitoring or additional examination, follow-up at 2 years. ACR 3 ❚ Round or punctiform microcalcifications, regular, few in number, in isolated round clusters ❚ Well circumscribed opacity, round, non-calcified, no liquid on ultrasound, No 2nd reading Ultrasound if necessary Specific follow-up: new mammogram at 6 months ACR 4 ❚ Regular punctiform microcalcifications, numerous and / or grouped in clusters with neither round nor oval outlines. ❚ Irregular, polymorphic microcalcifications. ❚ Spiculated image without a dense center. ❚ Round non-liquid opacity with lobulated contours. ❚ Architectural distortion. No 2nd rereading, Suspicious image requiring ultrasound and histological verification: ACR 5 diagnostic biopsy ❚ Arborescent, irregular, polymorphic, numerous and grouped microcalcifications ❚ Grouped microcalcifications of galactophoric topography ❚ Poorly circumscribed opacity with blurred and irregular contours ❚ Spiculated opacity in the center dense No second proofreading Image suggestive of cancer: ultrasound, diagnostic biopsy. PDF documentation:.

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Rhinoplasty Tunisia: cosmetic surgery of the nose to reshape position shape & volume

Rhinoplasty Tunisia: cosmetic surgery of the nose to reshape position shape & volume

#rhinoplastie #chirurgie_esthetique_nez #chirurgie_correctrice_nez Rhinoplastie Tunisia is cosmetic surgery of the nose which allows to modify the size and position and correct aesthetic asymmetry. To consider reshaping the appearance of the nose in order to obtain a result in harmony with the face, it is essential to discuss with your surgeon who will identify the right morphology for your future nose. For the youngest, this operation may be possible from the age of 16 or 18, because you have to wait until the nose has finished growing. It is also the most popular plastic surgery operation among adolescents, since a nose considered “unsightly” can have a negative impact on the psychology of the young individual. There are three types of rhinoplasty: Corrective: purely aesthetic, this rhinoplasty aims to modify the morphology of the nasal bone pyramid to improve the appearance of the nose. Functional: purely medical, with the aim of treating breathing difficulties caused by a deviation, a deformation of the nasal septum or swelling of the turbinates. Restorative or reconstructive, following a trauma with fractured nose or a congenital malformation. Before the operation: One and sometimes two preoperative consultations are essential before carrying out the intervention and this to study the request and the motivations of the patient while talking about the advantages and the risks of this intervention. During the operation: Under local or general anesthesia, the operation lasts between 60 minutes and 2 hours, depending on the surgical procedures performed. If the operation is aimed at remodeling the nose on its tip, then to refine it the surgeon will either reduce the alar cartilage or add cartilage grafts to redraw the shape of the nose according to the patient’s requirements. If the goal is to correct an annoying bump on the nose, then the surgeon will remove the excess bone, making the nose both straighter and slimmer in profile. The surgeon, depending on the case and the patient’s morphology, may consider cosmetic chin surgery which will modify the shape of the latter for an ideal result and to maintain the right balance between the different parts of the face. After the operation: Once the operation is completed, a splint is placed to protect and secure the nose. Wicks (absorbent dressings) are installed in the nasal passages. These devices will be kept in place for several days (3 or 4 days). Complications: Even they are very rare, complications following rhinoplasty must be taken into consideration: the nose remains fragile for four weeks, hence it is necessary to avoid any physical activity. The patient may suffer from headaches and breathing difficulties, as well as infections which signify persistent pain, and which require immediate consultation. Some bruises may appear but will fade quickly. Operative follow-up and result: Following cosmetic surgery of the nose, the patient will feel some pain with the presence of discomfort in nasal breathing which will quickly disappear within a few days. The nose remains swollen for another ten days. The patient must be off work for at least 10 days while forbidding any physical effort. A rhinoplasty in Tunisia gives a new shape to the nose, the final appearance of which is appreciated after 6 months. What is a functional rhinoplasty? The purpose of functional rhinoplasty is to improve the physical role of the nose. Indeed, it makes it possible to remedy nasal obstruction by reorganizing the morphological structures of the nose. What is a medical rhinoplasty? Also called non-surgical, medical rhinoplasty, is a new technique that consists of modifying the appearance of the nose to give it the desired appearance without resorting to surgery. What is ethnic rhinoplasty? It is cosmetic surgery of the nose in Asian or black-skinned patients. Generally, the existence of nasal specificities specific to individuals of Asian or African origin such as a flat nose or large nostrils justify the use of ethnic rhinoplasty which will make it possible to refine and reshape the nose. For more information on rhinoplasty: To directly contact Ms. Faiza Amouri, medical and cosmetic surgery consultant in Tunisia: Email: [email protected] Phone: +216 54 025 402 (WhatsApp) Phone: +33 7 60 577 477 Website : .

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Cosmetic surgery – buttocks liposuction and lipofilling Tunisia ChirurgieDirect

Cosmetic surgery – buttocks liposuction and lipofilling Tunisia ChirurgieDirect

Testimonial from a Direct Surgery patient on her liposuction surgery and buttock volume augmentation by fat transfer (or lipofilling) All our videos on liposuction: Other information on our site: On postoperative advice: Lipofilling or transfer fat (adipocyte grafting) is a revolutionary technique that is taking an increasingly important place in the arsenal of cosmetic surgery. It is a very effective way to sculpt a face, a silhouette, a complex work of adding and removing volume, in search of the most beautiful curve, the most perfect harmony. Certain factors such as the age of the patient, smoking, the quality of the fat and the hygiene of life as well as postoperative behavior can alter the result of lipofilling. It is therefore not guaranteed. Warning on buttock lipofilling The main danger of this technique is to overfill the buttock during the operation. This creates excess pressure which can drive out the fat that is injected into small veins located in the gluteus maximus muscle. The fat is said to embolize the vein. The fat then passes into the vena cava before going to block the pulmonary vessels. We talk about pulmonary fat embolism, which, if it is important, is often fatal. Cosmetic surgery Tunisia. Silhouette surgery Tunisia – Facial surgery Tunisia – Chest surgery – Breast surgery – Bariatric surgery Tunisia. Cosmetic surgery prices or prices – Liposuction prices or prices – Breast augmentation prices or prices. Liposuction Tunisia- Lipo aspiration- Lipofilling- Buttocks lipofilling- Buttocks augmentation. Abdominoplasty Tunisia- Abdominal minilift Tunisia- Arm lift- Thigh lift. Breast augmentation Tunisia – Breast lift Tunisia – Breastplasty – Correction of breast ptosis. Facelift Tunisia- Cervico-facial facelift- Blepharoplasty- Rhinoplasty Tunisia- Genioplasty Tunisia- Profiloplasty Tunisia. Aesthetic clinic Tunisia- Best Tunisian surgeons- Notice of cosmetic surgery- Before After cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism – Beauty stay – Dr Michau- Dr Chaibi- Dr Mezhoud. Lose weight- Bypass Tunisia- Sleeve- Weight loss method.

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6 Effective Ways To Treat Gynecomastia Without Surgery

6 Effective Ways To Treat Gynecomastia Without Surgery

Visit to download the new natural method to have a flatter and firmer breast in 30 days! For men who are plagued by gynecomastia or the abnormal growth of female-like breasts, finding the best way to get rid of it is tedious. Especially when they are faced with having to decide whether or not to have surgery, and finding other ways if surgery is not among the choices. What are the non-surgical ways to treat gynecomastia? Breast reduction pills Probably the first non-surgical treatment for gynecomastia is the breast reduction pills that are commercially available to the public. These are drugs which are either in capsule form or in tablet form which contain substances which can reduce the size of the breast within a period. Noticeable results are seen after a few weeks of taking them, and full satisfactory results are guaranteed within six months. As most of these pills are made with natural ingredients, the negative effects are not common to absolutely nothing. Certain ingredients could well cause allergies in some people so care should be taken in consulting the doctor before deciding to take this type of medication. Gynecomastia Exercises Gynecomastia is sometimes caused by an excess of fatty tissue in the breast area. Since these are the fat deposits, they can get rid of by doing specific exercises that target the excess fat and will ultimately make the waist smaller. An example of an exercise that targets the chest area is the classic push up. It will not speed up fat loss, but at the same time will help strengthen the pectoral muscles which in turn give you a sculpted chest wall instead of the dreaded female breasts. Aside from breast exercises, it is also necessary to do cardiovascular exercises so that your body is ready for specific breast exercises. It is important that you get used to the intensity of your workout by increasing your oxygen supply and improving heart rate. These can be done through a good cardio routine. Diet Another way to reduce male large breasts without having surgery is by eating the right foods. Since an important factor in gynecomastia is the accumulation of fat in the chest area, it is best to avoid foods that are high in fat and high in calories as they will add to the size of the breast. Instead, foods low in calories, high in protein, and high in fiber should be a staple in your diet to build muscle and keep it firmer instead of having flaps. Clothing As simple as it may sound, wearing the appropriate clothing can make dramatic changes with the appearance of large man boobs. A vest that can compress excess fatty tissue is an example of a gynecomastia garment. There are a variety of vests to choose from which can provide the best support and minimize breast size. What you need to remember is to have the correct size and shape so that only the best look is achieved. These are four ways to resolve gynecomastia without having to go through painful, traumatic, and not to mention expensive surgery. .

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Hair Transplant for Women Elithairtransplant Dr Balwi

Hair Transplant for Women Elithairtransplant Dr Balwi

Small overview of Elithairtransplant Elithairtransplant is a clinic specialized in the field of hair transplants in Turkey. In this, Turkey and in particular Istanbul are at the forefront of technology and know-how. Elithairtransplant and Dr Balwi have been working hand in hand since 2009, forming one of the most renowned clinics in Europe. Dr. Balwi has years of experience in the field of hair transplantation and has already operated on over 10,000 patients. The course of a hair transplant in Turkey in Istanbul with Elithairtransplant On the first day, the patient is picked up at the airport by the Elithairtransplant team and taken to the clinic. The blood test is usually done the day before the hair transplant. After this blood test, the patient is taken directly to the hotel for his check-in. The second day takes place the operation. After his operation, the patient is taken back to his hotel. The next morning, our driver picks him up from the hotel before his departure for the airport to carry out a check and remove his bandage. If the patient chooses to stay longer in Istanbul, the first shampoo can take place at the Elithairtransplant Istanbul clinic. _____________________________________________________________________ 0:00 – 0:06 There is no difference between hair transplants for men and women. Of course, a hair transplant is also possible for women. 0:10 – 0:16 Indeed, the structure of the graft is the same for men and women. 0:16 – 0:23 In women, there are two types of hair loss. The female and male model of hair loss. 0:24 – 0:32 If the women have male pattern baldness, we can do a hair transplant. 0:33 – 0:40 That is, the hair loss starts from the forehead and forms the gulfs. 0:40 -0: 50 This is called a male pattern of hair loss because the hairline is lower in women. 0:50 – 0:55 If this type of hair loss is present in women, we can easily do a hair transplant. 0:56 – 1:03 If a woman wants to make her hair denser, that is also possible. 1:04 – 1:09 Even with scars (or similar) hair transplantation is possible in women. 1:10 – 1:19 If the hair loss occurs locally, that is, in a specific location, a hair transplant is also possible. 1:20 – 1:30 A female hair transplant is unfortunately not possible if the whole head suffers from hair loss. It is the female model of hair loss. 1:31 – 1:41 Of course there are solutions for this type of hair loss as well. Like bio-fiber hair transplant or scalp micropigmentation. 1:42 – 1:49 What we must not forget is that hair loss in women can also have a pathological background. 1:50 – 2:01 It could for example be related to anemia, hormones or others. In such cases, we have to find and deal with the trigger. ____________________________________________________________________ The European champion R. Quaresma at Elithairtransplant – Hair transplant: Contact: Mobil: +33 7 66 58 05 78 E-Mail: [email protected] WhatsApp: +33 7 66 58 05 78 Social networks: Web: Facebook: Instagram: #greffedecheveux #greffons #elithair.

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Lipoma Surgery and Recovery for best results

Lipoma Surgery and Recovery for best results

Lipomas can occur anywhere on the body. But they tend to appear mainly on the shoulders, chest, trunk, neck, thighs, and armpits. So, the parts of the body where there is more concentration fo fat cells, lipomas tend to appear there. Lipomas feel soft and may move. They are typically around 2–3 centimeters (cm). Occasionally, people have big lipomas that are as big as 10 cm. These projections on the body do not harm the body. They just stay there. These become a matter of concern when they end up hurting you.

It can be removed with lipoma surgery. One method is to make a small cut in the skin and then squeeze out the lipoma. This is a one day affair. Another way of getting rid of a lipoma is by the liposuction method. In this method a think tube called cannula is inserted into the lipoma. Then with the help of a suction tool, the excessive fat is then sucked out. It is done by making tiny incisions on the lipoma.

Lipomas are harmless, fatty tumors and are usually painless. Most of the time they and require treatment.

Fatty tumors can be benign or cancerous. There have been instances when lipomas have turned cancerous. So, do not take a lipoma lightly. Go seek a doctor will any outgrowth on the body starts showing troublesome symptoms.

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Choosing a surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery in India

Choosing a surgeon for Cosmetic Surgery in India

In present times, looking good has become a necessity. People around the world are busy following influencers. It is not just limited to clothes now. Getting the exact body shape like our favourite celebrities is the new hype now. This has become possible due to cosmetic surgery and its various applications. Cosmetic surgery is an umbrella term which imbibes a whole world of surgeries for different parts of the body.

The growing figures of this industry is really very promising. From Kardashians to various top notch celebrities, all have undergone this very surgery. But it is not as simple as it sounds. It does involve its fair share of risks and complication. It is a surgical procedure so risks to one’s health is always there.

These procedures are available for every part of the body. So, one must think properly before taking a decision. This surgery is permanent in nature and thus one must makes up one’s mind about these permanent changes that one would undergo after this very surgery.

The surgeon many a time sends an indivisual to a counsellor if in case the surgery isn’t the solution for correcting a particular body part of a patient.

This type of surgery is another type of plastic surgery. It aims to improve to give a normal appearance to a particular part of the person’s body that has undergone trauma or any other underlying condition.

Types and uses

Different types of cosmetic surgeries are available concerning different parts of a person’s body.

Breast surgery

Breast implant in India is used either for cosmetic reasons or for reconstruction after they have underwent a medical condition. The cosmetic type of breast surgery aims at increasing the very size of the breasts. Women who are not satisfied by the shape and contour of their breasts undergo this very surgery.

Women typically undergo breast augmentation surgery for the following reasons-

Breast augmentation, or enlargement, traditionally performed using saline or silicone gel prosthetics, and now occasionally with fat grafting.

It may be carried out due to a number of reasons like-

  • breasts are too small
  • one breast larger than the other
  • if breasts have changed after pregnancy
  • change in breasts after breastfeeding
  • Drooping breasts as a result of old age

In some women, this surgery can boost self-esteem and their overall morale. They start feeling comfortable in their own bodies and their perspective towards life improves.

Breast reduction in India can help provide relief to women. Women get rid of physical discomfort after undergoing this type of surgery.This surgery may also reduce ones risk of having breast cancer.

Mastopexy, or a breast lift in India, involves removing skin and glandular tissue to pull the breasts upright. After this the drooping breasts get all upright. Depending on how much volume a patient has lost or desires, mastopexyis carried out. It varies from patient to patient or person to person.

Gynecomastia Surgery in India – Male breast reduction surgery is used in treating gynecomastia. It is a condition in which an enlargement of the mammary tissue in men occurs. This surgery is generally carried out by the help of liposuction procedure in which the excessive fats are sucked out of the breasts of men to give them a manly appearance.


Liposuction is process of sucking out excessive fats from the body. It is carried out by the help of thin tubes called cannulas. These are hollow metal tubes that are used to vacuum fat from various parts of the body. This procedure is mostly done on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, hips, backs of the arms, and neck. Tools used in liposuction include standard, mechanical, and laser devices to suck out the fats. They all tend to involve suction of fat with the help of cannula. Before removal of fat, the fat is loosened up by moving it back and forth.

But one must not confuse liposuction surgery in India with a weight loss alternative. It should be treated as the last resort. If in case fat from a certain part of the body does not go away by dieting or exercise then liposuction should be carried out.

It is not typical for patients to get an infection after this procedure. But the complications are always there. So, one must stay vigilant after this very procedure.

Vulvovaginal surgery

Surgeries related to the female vagina like labiaplasty, labioplasty, labia minor reduction, or labial comes under this type of surgery. It is common termed as vaginoplasty. These procedures are kind of risky in their own way. So, one must consult a doctor nicely before undergoing this very surgical procedure.

Body procedures

Abdominoplasty, or “tummy tuck” makes the abdomen region of women firm. Many women go for this very surgery after their pregnancy.

Other body contouring procedures

Buttock augmentation makes the butts larger by enhancing their appearance.The “Brazilian Butt lift” is a common butt augmentation procedure.In this procedure fat from another part of the bosy if taken and inserted in the buttocks. Silicone implants are also used in the buttocks.

This surgery tightens the buttocks and lifts it. As a result of which the buttocks get a firmer and a larger look.

Lipoma Surgery

They often require no treatment as they do not bother one. But many a time people go out and get them removed. Lipomas are small outgrowths on the body. They are like masses of muscles present on one’s body.

Facial cosmetic surgery

Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is done to lift the eyelids. With age eyelids tend to droop or bend. This surgery can change the shape of the face. It also tightens the skin. Thus, it gives the skin an enhanced and younger look. This surgery is mostly done for cosmetic reasons.

In rhinoplasty, also known as a “nose job,” is done to reshape the nose. It should be done after a person is 15 or above. It is mostly done to get rid of the bony tip of the nose.

Otoplasty, or ear surgery, treats prominent or misshapen ears. Children who are born with ear deformities undergo this very surgery. It should be done after a child is 5 or above. Several types of otoplasty exists.

Rhytidectomy, also known as a facelift. It is done to remove wrinkles and get a youthful tinge to the skin. Typically, the incision is placed in front of the ears extending into the hairline. The skin is then lifted off the deeper facial tissue. Then the excess skin is removed. The deeper tissues of the face and neck are also tightened by this very procedure.

brow lift, browplasty, is also known as a forehead lift. It aims to remove signs of aging by raising drooping eyebrows. As a result of which a person’s worry lines and forehead wrinkles go away with this procedure.


Microtia is a deformity that is present from a child’s birth. In this deformity the pinna (external ear) is underdeveloped. Microtia can exist in one ear or both the ears. One can correct this deformity by surgical means. One can even use moulds when the child is little. This eliminates the need of a surgery afterwards.

Chin augmentation is done to make the chin more prominent thus providing a better balance of facial features.

Malar, or cheek, augmentation makes the cheekbones more prominent. High cheek bones are considered a sign of beauty.

Fat injections and fat grafting are used in cosmetic surgical procedures to augment certain parts of the body. They are usually applied to the face, including the lips, the hands, and depressions in skin contour.

The results of this procedure are safe and long lasting. It removes fat from unwanted regions and this very fat is used to insert in the desired part of the body that needs augmentation.

Stem-cell enriched fat grafts have positive results. These procedures are considered reliable, safe, and effective.

Lasers and light-based facial treatment is also known as facial laser resurfacing.It helps in reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and abnormal pigmentation, such as sunspots. But this procedure may take several sessions before one starts noticing the results for real..

Dimple Creation Surgery

A Dimpleplasty is a type of plastic surgery that is used for creating dimple indentations. Dimples are considered as a mark of beauty. Many females long for this facial feature. But now one can get natural looking dimples by surgery itself.

Hair transplantation

People who undergo balding can rely on hair transplantation techniques to get the desired hair cover. Patients may need several sessions to achieve. After three months of the surgery new hair starts growing. In this surgery hair from the dense portions of the scalp are taken and implanted on the bald regions. For more details visit – Hair Transplant in Indore

Sex Reassignment Surgery

Sex reassignment surgery in India is also known as gender reassignment surgery. It is used by trans people to transform into another gender. A number of procedures go into it in order to achieve the desired results.


In a male to female sex reassignment surgery, surgeries including vaginoplasty, facial feminization surgery, breast augmentation and are included. These surgeries give birth to female body parts.


In a female to male sex reassignment surgery several surgeries are done such as male chest reconstruction, hysterectomy, or oophorectomy.

It is usually preceded by hormone therapy with testosterone.

Choosing a surgeon

Choosing the best fit surgeon for cosmetic surgery is a very important step. This step ensures that the surgery will yield good results. One must make sure that the surgeon is certified by the America Board of Plastic Surgery. One must beware of medical spas. Their code of conduct is not very well known. So, the status of these spas is debatable. So, do your research properly before going for a particular surgeon.

Drinking Water with Meals: Good or Bad?

While water comes with a number of health benefits, it should not be taken immediately after meals. It can hinder your digestion process, increasing insulin levels.

Some claim that drinking beverages with meals is bad for your digestion. Others say it can cause toxins to build up, leading to a variety of health problems. Naturally, you may wonder if a simple glass of water with your food could have any negative effects, or if that’s just another myth.

The basics of healthy digestion

To understand why water is believed to disturb digestion, it is helpful to first understand the normal digestive process.

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