Benign Breast Tumors

Benign Breast Tumors: synonym mammary tumor are benign affections in women with adenofibromas or mammary fibroadenomas, phyllodes tumor intracanal papillomas, fibrocystic mastopathy, hamartoma, cytosteatonecrosis, mammary pathology, fibrocystic breast dystrophy bilaterally. ACR classification, processing. Action to be taken according to the results of the ACR Classification of mammograms ACR Classification (American College of Radiology) of mammograms, Action to be taken: ACR 0 To be compared with previous documents / “waiting” classification Additional investigations. ACR 1 No anomaly To be validated by a 2nd reading during the organized screening. ACR 2 Benign images: ❚ Round opacity corresponding to a typical cyst, image of lipoma-type fat density, benign-looking macrocalcification (s), 2nd reading if screening organized, If ACR2 confirmed, no monitoring or additional examination, follow-up at 2 years. ACR 3 ❚ Round or punctiform microcalcifications, regular, few in number, in isolated round clusters ❚ Well circumscribed opacity, round, non-calcified, no liquid on ultrasound, No 2nd reading Ultrasound if necessary Specific follow-up: new mammogram at 6 months ACR 4 ❚ Regular punctiform microcalcifications, numerous and / or grouped in clusters with neither round nor oval outlines. ❚ Irregular, polymorphic microcalcifications. ❚ Spiculated image without a dense center. ❚ Round non-liquid opacity with lobulated contours. ❚ Architectural distortion. No 2nd rereading, Suspicious image requiring ultrasound and histological verification: ACR 5 diagnostic biopsy ❚ Arborescent, irregular, polymorphic, numerous and grouped microcalcifications ❚ Grouped microcalcifications of galactophoric topography ❚ Poorly circumscribed opacity with blurred and irregular contours ❚ Spiculated opacity in the center dense No second proofreading Image suggestive of cancer: ultrasound, diagnostic biopsy. PDF documentation:.

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