Effective trick to overcome localized fatty deposits in just 30 minutes (yes, yes). – The intro of my video was a collab ‘with “Best Fiends”: it is a FREE app so I am not selling you anything XD lol. #WHERE TO FOLLOW ME? My VLOG channel: My FACEBOOK page: My INSTAGRAM account: PROFESSIONAL contact only: kelly.angelini@live.fr #INFOS ON THE VIDEO?
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– I haven’t tried this trick because I don’t have localized fat – I get my internet sources from popular and serious English-speaking sites (LINKS →) – I don’t know how long it takes for the results to be visible – I don’t know how many times you have to repeat the operation to see the result – Ice can damage skin tissue, wrap your ice cream with a cloth and leave for 30 min no more – Apply this trick to the stomach, love handles and buttocks only – Never forget that I am a person giving advice to other people, always check my sources #WHAT I WEAR IN THE VIDEO? ☆ MAKEUP ☆ – Warm ivory DERMABLEND PROFESSIONAL tinted foundation – Super White BEN NYE tinted powder – 100% PURE Healthy tinted blush – ALIEXPRESS false eyelashes – Vice 4 palette eyeshadows URBAN DECAY – KIKO Liner – RAL NEVE COSMETICS ☆ TENUE ☆ – PRIMARK Tshirt .

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