Allo Europe 1 – “Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery” with Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo

In August 2017, Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo was invited to the program “Allo Europe 1” with Guillaume Genton to give information and advice on medicine and cosmetic surgery. A few figures to start the show: – 40% of French people plan to undergo cosmetic surgery – 19% want to undergo liposuction – 17% of French people plan to use a facelift or injections to reduce facial wrinkles. Cosmetic surgery is democratizing in France, with interventions with discreet and natural results. What is the difference between cosmetic surgery and reconstructive surgery? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Cosmetic surgery is anything that is not therapeutic. What are the operations most requested by women and men? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: For women, breast surgery is in great demand. In men, body contouring surgery and gynecomastia (men who have “breasts”) are the most requested. How to choose your cosmetic surgeon? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: You have to choose a plastic surgeon, reliable and qualified. The quality of his diplomas, his experience and word of mouth are the best ways to choose your cosmetic surgeon. Case of a patient (Marie) on the phone about an excess of fat in the belly: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: At menopause, the hormonal upheaval causes stagnation of fat (often in the abdomen). Two possibilities are possible depending on the quality of the patient’s skin: if the skin is toned, liposuction can be performed, if the skin is not very elastic, the abdominoplasty removes fat and excess skin. From what age can we do cosmetic surgery? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: We usually wait 18 years to perform cosmetic surgery. Case of a patient (Dominique) on the phone about a rhinoplasty: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Rhinoplasty is the intervention on which there are the most surgical revisions. Each recovery is more complicated than the previous intervention, which is why you must be very precise for the first intervention. Case of a patient (Jean-louis) on the phone about a facelift: Choosing a trusted surgeon is the key to a successful intervention. Can you become “addicted” to cosmetic surgery? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Addiction is extremely rare. Generally, patients have very specific and justified problems. Do you do 3D simulations? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: I can perform simulations for rhinoplasties, but the result will not be quite the same depending on the skin, the scarring, the evolution of the nose afterwards. For breast augmentation, the simulations are not sufficiently faithful to reality, the simulation is not a tool that will provide reliable information to the patient. Case of a patient (Violette, 81 years old) on the phone on the “abdominal apron”: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: an operation at 81 years old is very risky. The abdominal intervention is a rather heavy intervention. How to manage the entourage during a cosmetic surgery intervention? Should we tell everyone? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Everyone is free to say it or not. It takes courage to do these operations. Those around you can also be “jealous” so you have to be careful about what each other says. Case of a patient (Karine) on the phone on a complex on a “falling” neck: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: a “cervical” neck lift allows working locally. These are the same scars for the neck, the oval of the face and the cheeks. Cosmetic surgery makes it possible to harmonize the face. After 2 pregnancies are there any solutions to remove stretch marks? Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: by removing the skin, stretch marks disappear, especially with abdominoplasty. If you don’t need a tummy tuck, laser solutions can alleviate stretch marks. Case of a patient (Chantal) on the phone about breast cancer: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: breast reconstructive surgery must be followed to the end to have an optimal result. Find out more about Dr Rajaonarivelo: Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo is specialized in breast reconstruction and breast surgery: Site of Dr Natalie Rajaonarivelo: Contact Dr Rajaonarivelo’s assistants: 01 42 89 00 39 Find Dr Rajaonarivelo on the networks social: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:.

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