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CLICK HERE: The Vaser Lipo is a liposuction by vibration of ultrasound. It is a technology that will allow liposuction to be performed without scars or inflammation. Thanks to this procedure it is possible to eliminate fat but also to bring a better definition of the silhouette. This procedure therefore deals with two important points: – Withdrawal of fatty deposits. -Skin firming. Warning: This technique is not recommended for overweight people but simply for people wishing to get rid of the fat that persists despite a healthy lifestyle. Do not hesitate ! Improve the appearance of your figure in the blink of an eye! Video: 00:02: Vaser: Ultrasonic liposuction. 00:07: Vaser lipo is an alternative to traditional liposuction. 00:13: This is the same surgery but with a different technique. 00:19: This technology uses the vibration of ultrasound to loosen the fat. 00:23: It has several advantages: No scars, smoother result, less invasive. 00:45: Improve the appearance of your figure! 00:50: BodyExpert, the expert in medical tourism in Turkey ____________ Links to our content: ———————— Enhance Your Natural, the expert agency in medical tourism in Turkey! offers you its services for: hair and beard transplants, dental treatments and implants, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery as well as eye care and surgery. The best surgeons and the best clinics. Our rates are 50% to 80% lower than most other countries, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. Quality: Bring you the best guarantees of quality, hygiene and medical assistance, and personalized services. Efficiency: We deliver a detailed and tailor-made response to your requirements, as quickly as possible and in your own language, from the first contact. With you 7/24: From the first contact, until your support during your treatment in Istanbul. Travel Expert: Authorized travel agency, Body Expert can organize your trip and your stay from A to Z. Our Experts are at your service! #Bodyexpert #Vaser # AestheticSurgery.

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