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CLICK HERE: Abdominoplasty is indicated for aesthetic or functional reasons. One can have recourse to the abdominoplasty for a sagging skin following multiple pregnancies, for the aging of the skin, significant variations in weight but also for an umbilical hernia. If you want to get rid of excess fat located in the abdomen, without showing sagging skin or muscle, liposuction is sufficient. Otherwise if you have a fatty overload by having distended skin (folds, stretched skin, …) and / or a significant relaxation of the abdominal strap, liposuction is no longer sufficient it will then be necessary to resort to an abdominoplasty . You should also know that there are three types of abdominoplasty: – Isolated abdominal liposuction – Mini-abdominoplasty – Complete abdominoplasty or with umbilical transposition Concerning the scar it is located in the lower abdomen, most often at the level of the pubic hairs. If you have the full tummy tuck, a second scar is added around the umbilicus. Video: 00:02: Abdominoplasty following liposuction. 00:06: The abdominoplasty is a surgery that aims to beautify the belly. 00:10: It can be done for aesthetic or functional reasons. 00:16: Sometimes liposuction alone is not enough. 00:22: It is after this that an abdominoplasty is necessary. 00:29: Want to know more? Contact us through our social networks. 00:34: BodyExpert, the expert in medical tourism in Turkey ____________ Links to our contents: ———————— Enhance Your Natural, the expert agency in medical tourism in Turkey! offers you its services for: hair and beard transplants, dental treatments and implants, beauty treatments, cosmetic surgery as well as eye care and surgery. The best surgeons and the best clinics. Our rates are 50% to 80% lower than most other countries, with unbeatable satisfaction rates. Quality: Bring you the best guarantees of quality, hygiene and medical assistance, and personalized services. Efficiency: We deliver a detailed and tailor-made response to your requirements, as quickly as possible and in your own language, from the first contact. With you 7/24: From the first contact, until your support during your treatment in Istanbul. Travel Expert: Authorized travel agency, Body Expert can organize your trip and your stay from A to Z. Our Experts are at your service! #Bodyexpert #Abdominoplasty # AestheticSurgery.

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