Abdominoplasty and fat injection into the breast [OPERATION VIDEO] {Patient 2020-1000}

Sculpt abdominoplasty with breast fat injections significantly improves the body of women after pregnancy. This surgery has incredible results for new mothers who want to get rid of belly fat, tighten their tummy skin in a single operation, and increase breast bloating. The best part is to save time and money and reduce downtime. After giving birth, a woman’s body changes significantly. Stretched, loose skin is a common concern as well as loss of chest volume. Many women come for cosmetic surgery to fix these problems. The key to carving the body in this way is to remove excess fat from certain areas and use that fat to strengthen other areas while removing loose tummy skin. In this case, liposuction removes unwanted abdominal fat during the abdominoplasty part of the surgery. The fat is then injected into the breast. This unique procedure allows women to use their natural tissue to increase breast bloating. For patients who oppose breast augmentation, this is a great option for getting a larger breast without breast augmentation. This YouTube video, Dr. At BernardBeldholm, FRACS describes the procedure for performing modern abdominoplasty using VASER liposuction and breast infusion. This 2-in-1 procedure helps post-pregnant women increase breast volume, tighten loose skin on the tummy, carve abdominal fat with fat, and secure separated abdominal muscles after pregnancy. I will. After giving birth to a baby in one surgery, women love it because it corrects all the most common cosmetic concerns. The best part is that you only have to go through one surgery and one recovery period, so you can get back to life and be a fast mom! Click here for more information on how to operate sculpt abdominoplasty with breast fat injection. Dr. Bernard Beldholm MBBS B.Sc (Med) FRACS FACCS is a leading cosmetic surgeon. This YouTube channel aims to educate you and hopefully entertain you. Check out Dr. Beldholm’s website: Subscribe to this channel for all the latest videos. We look forward to your comments! Want to talk? Call: (02) 4934-5700 30 Belmore Rd Lorn, NSW 2320 Australia * Disclaimer: Individual results may vary. All surgeries carry risks. Before we can move on, we need to ask for a second opinion. The opinions expressed in this video are those of Dr. Bernard Beldholm. Dr. Beldholm’s opinion may differ from that of other doctors. ..

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