A gastric sleeve in Tunisia – part 3 – the right choice of Chirurgiedirect

What are the reasons for choosing Chirurgiedirect for obesity surgery or cosmetic surgery. Seriousness, advice and follow-up. Losing a lot of weight can be a person’s goal when they are overweight or obese. If the diets or other methods followed by a specialist or dietitian have not given result, we can go to obesity surgery. There are eligibility criteria for bariatric surgeries and before any surgery, there is a series of exams to be done (digestive endoscopy, ECG and blood test). We must not confuse bariatric surgery (obesity) and cosmetic or reconstructive surgery. Risks of obesity: Mechanical risks on the joints, spine Cardiovascular risk Risk of diabetes and its consequences Risk of severe form in the event of Covid 19 and in general all infections Weakened respiratory system Risk of a new form of hepatitis known as Nash (English acronym for non-alcoholic steatohepatitis) with 200,000 cases in France to date Against obesity, there are well-defined surgeries when other non-surgical methods followed by a specialist to lose weight have failed. We can offer you the installation of a gastric band or a sleeve gastrectomy and in some cases a bypass. or by phone at +33183819063 (non-surcharged number) or on Whatsapp you can contact Fran├žois at +33652479208. All the details on the page Silhouette surgery Tunisia – Facial surgery Tunisia – Breast surgery – Breast surgery – Bariatric surgery Tunisia. Cosmetic surgery prices or prices – Liposuction prices or prices – Breast augmentation prices or prices. Liposuction Tunisia- Lipo aspiration- Lipofilling- Buttocks lipofilling- Buttocks augmentation. Abdominoplasty Tunisia- Abdominal minilift Tunisia- Arm lift- Thigh lift. Breast augmentation Tunisia – Breast lift Tunisia – Breastplasty – Correction of breast ptosis. Facelift Tunisia – Cervico facial facelift – Blepharoplasty – Rhinoplasty Tunisia – Genioplasty Tunisia – Profiloplasty Tunisia. Aesthetic clinic Tunisia- Best Tunisian surgeons- Notice of cosmetic surgery- Before After cosmetic surgery. Medical tourism – Beauty stay – Lose weight – Bypass Tunisia – Sleeve – Weight loss method.

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